12 Customer Service Email Response Samples to Delight Your Customers

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Providing excellent customer service is crucial for any business. According to a study by American Express, 78% of consumers have abandoned a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. That means providing prompt, friendly, and helpful responses to customer inquiries should be a top priority.

One of the most common ways customers reach out is through email. While phone or live chat conversations allow you to have real-time discussions email gives customers time to clearly explain issues and make requests. It also gives your support team the ability to carefully craft responses.

To make sure you delight customers and provide top-notch service through email, it’s important to have examples of effective responses on hand. In this article, I’ll provide 12 customer service email response samples covering common scenarios like addressing complaints, answering questions, and more.

Why Sample Responses Are Valuable

Having sample responses available makes it easy for customer service reps to quickly reference best practices. Samples help ensure you:

  • Maintain consistent tones and messaging across your team
  • Avoid unprofessional or unsuitable language
  • Save time drafting personalized replies from scratch

I recommend keeping an updated list of sample responses organized by topic or scenario. This gives reps a helpful starting point when faced with common customer inquiries. They can easily personalize the samples by inserting customer names, details about orders or accounts, and specifics about the issue mentioned.

Let’s look at sample email responses you can use for various customer service situations,

Responding to Complaints

Receiving customer complaints via email gives you time to calmly craft an appropriate response. Here are two examples for common complaints:

1. Product or Service Issue

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I sincerely apologize that our [product/service] did not meet your expectations and for the poor experience you described.

At [Company], we strive to provide top-quality products and services to all of our customers. I want to assure you that your feedback helps us identify areas where we can improve. I will make sure to pass along your comments to our product team/customer service manager [or appropriate department] so we can prevent issues like this going forward.

[Your Name]

2. Delivery or Fulfillment Issue

Dear [Customer Name],

I’m very sorry to hear that you did not receive the order you placed with us on [date]. I can certainly understand how frustrating this experience must be.

I have looked into this issue, and it appears there was a problem with delivery that caused your order to be returned to our facility before it could reach you. Please accept my sincere apologies that our fulfillment process failed in this instance. I want to make this right for you.

I have submitted a re-shipment of the following items from your original order:

  • [Item 1]
  • [Item 2]
  • [Item 3]

The new package will be sent out today using express overnight shipping at no extra charge to you. You can expect delivery tomorrow by [time]. I will also follow-up with you to confirm you receive the new shipment.

Best regards,
[Your name]

Answering Customer Questions

When customers have questions about your offerings, policies, or services, it’s important to provide clear, thorough answers in a friendly tone. Here are sample responses for common questions:

3. Shipping or Delivery Details

Hi [Customer Name],

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m happy to provide more details about our shipping and delivery policies.

For domestic orders, we offer free standard shipping that takes 5-7 business days. We also have expedited shipping options available at an additional cost:

  • 2-day express delivery for $9.99
  • Next day delivery for $14.99

For international orders, shipping timeframes vary by destination but are generally 7-14 days for standard delivery. International priority and express options are also available during checkout.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!

[Your Name]

4. Billing or Payment Issue

Hello [Customer Name],

Thank you for contacting us about the charge on your latest statement. I’m happy to look into that for you.

Based on the transaction date and amount you provided, I believe that charge corresponds to your order #12345 placed on [date]. It looks like the charge went through successfully when we processed your payment information upon shipping.

If you have any doubts or concerns about charges from our company appearing on your statement, never hesitate to reach out. I’m always glad to provide order details or look into our records to clarify transactions and ensure everything appears correct on your end.

[Your Name]

Providing Order or Account Updates

Customers often reach out looking for quick updates on order statuses, account details, and more. Timely and helpful responses keep them satisfied.

5. Order Status Update

Hi [Customer Name],

Thanks for checking on your order! I’m happy to provide an update.

Your order #12345, placed on [date], is currently being processed and prepared for shipment. Everything looks good so far and is on schedule based on the 5-7 day delivery window we provided when you placed the order.

[Your Name]

6. Account Update

Dear [Customer Name],

I’ve sent a confirmation email to [new email] so you can verify that the change went through properly on our end. Please confirm that you received it at your convenience – I want to be sure we captured your new email correctly.

Thanks again for taking the time to update your information. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything else!

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Following Up on Customer Conversations

It’s important to close the loop by circling back on questions or issues customers write in about. Here are two examples of follow-up emails:

7. Following Up on Question

Hi [Customer Name],

I wanted to follow up on the shipping question you asked yesterday and make sure I sufficiently answered your question. I know it can be frustrating not receiving orders as quickly as we would all like!

I appreciate you choosing [Company] for your recent purchase. We’re dedicated to providing excellent service, so don’t hesitate to reach out if there is ever anything we can improve. I look forward to assisting you again soon!

[Your Name]

8. Following Up on Issue

Dear [Customer Name],

At [Company], it is very important to me that we follow up on issues like this to ensure customers are completely satisfied. I’m here to work with you and make things right in any way I can.

I appreciate your patience and cooperation while we addressed this matter. It was a pleasure working with you to come to a resolution. I hope you are having a wonderful week!

[Your Name]

Responding to Positive Feedback

When customers take the time to share positive feedback and praise, it’s important to show your appreciation and encourage future engagement.

9. Thank You Email

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you so much for taking the time to send such kind words about your experience with [Company]! I was so happy to hear that you’ve been pleased with both the quality of our [product] and the customer service we aim to provide.

We strive every day to create

customer service email response samples

10 Useful Email Templates for Customer SupportWritten byGino Silva-Payne

Sometimes its the question itself or the volume of questions as a whole. Email being the preferred channel for customer support would definitely benefit from optimized procedures that guarantee quicker response times and well rounded responses.Â

Professionals in customer support roles must have top-notch communication skills to deal with customers everyday. But even if you have many years of experience and are capable of holding respectful, calm and friendly conversations with customers, some of those conversations can get difficult.Â

What is the best answer to give, whether its a complaint, suggestion or just simple queries about the product or service you offer? And, how long should you take to answer these emails? Especially when it comes to complaints, you really don’t want to take too long to answer that email. Get the templatesStart using these support emails in your own workflows now!

Transition from Sales team to Account Management team

The client just bought your service and it’s time for the transition to your account management team. This process should be as smooth as possible.Â


  • Be thankful for choosing your company instead of the competition.
  • Introduce their new point of contact.
  • Be open to receiving questions—remember that you were their first point of contact.


Hello [name of the customer],

First of all, thank you for choosing [name of your company] as your [service bought, ex: email analytics provider]. I wanted to introduce you to [new point of contact], who is our [role of POC]. [She/he/they] has/have extensive knowledge of our product, you’ll be in great hands!

If you ever need to reach out to me, please do not hesitate to do so.

Clients frequently request invoices because they need to discuss it with their superior, or for their accounting department.


  • Be descriptive and specific.


Hello [name of the customer],

I understand what your needs are. As you requested, I’ve created a detailed invoice for your specific service.

Below you can find the attachment with the information. I’ve included:

– [Name of the service] – Quantity – Description of the service/product – Payment link – Rate

If you need more information please let me know.

Thank you,‍

How to Write a PERFECT Customer Service Email?

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