Top Coyote Logistics Interview Questions and Answers to Help You Get Hired

Getting hired at Coyote Logistics is no easy feat. As one of the leading logistics companies in the industry, they only recruit the best of the best. If you have an interview lined up, you want to make sure you’re fully prepared to impress the hiring managers and convince them that you’re the right candidate for the job.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through some of the most commonly asked Coyote Logistics interview questions along with tips on how to craft winning answers. With the right preparation you can confidently ace that upcoming interview and land your dream job at this top-tier logistics provider.

Overview of the Coyote Logistics Hiring Process

Before diving into specific questions, let’s briefly discuss what to expect during the Coyote Logistics interview process. Here are the key stages:

Initial Online Screening

Most applications begin with an online form where you provide information about your background, skills and experience. Passing this initial screening can help secure a phone interview.

Phone Interview

This is often a preliminary round to discuss your resume, qualifications and assess your communication abilities. It helps determine if you are a good match to bring in for an onsite interview

In-Person Interview

If you progress past the phone round, you’ll be invited to the company’s office for a face-to-face interview. This is a more in-depth conversation about your technical expertise, critical thinking, and cultural fit. Different rounds with various department heads are common

Technical Tests or Case Studies

Some roles may require you to take a coding test, personality assessment or complete a written case study. This helps evaluate job-specific competencies.

Reference and Background Checks

Once selected, you can expect extensive reference and background checks before a formal job offer is made.

Preparing for the types of questions asked at each stage can help you outperform other applicants and make it through to the final hiring decision. Let’s look at some of the top questions and how to tackle them step-by-step.

Common Coyote Logistics Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked Coyote Logistics interview questions according to online sources like Glassdoor and Indeed:

Q1: Why do you want to work at Coyote Logistics?

This is a very common opening question used to gauge your genuine interest in the company. The interviewer wants to know what excites you about the opportunity and assess your intentions and motivations.

How to Answer

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of Coyote’s business, values and culture. Highlight specific things that align with your own principles.

  • Discuss any connections you have with Coyote – as a customer, vendor or through industry colleagues. Show your familiarity with their work.

  • Share why you’re drawn to their innovative, tech-focused approach to logistics and how it matches your own strengths and aspirations.

  • Talk about growth opportunities that motivate you and how Coyote can help you achieve career goals.

  • Convey sincere passion and enthusiasm for being part of the Coyote team.

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Example: “I’m very excited by the opportunity to join Coyote Logistics because I’ve long admired your commitment to leveraging technology to transform traditional logistics models. Your cutting-edge TMS platform and digital brokerage abilities perfectly match my own interest in finding innovative supply chain solutions. Beyond the company’s offerings, I’m drawn to Coyote’s collaborative culture that emphasizes transparency, problem-solving and passion for the work. I know I would thrive here and could significantly contribute to operations and growth in a fast-paced, high-performance environment like this. I’m eager to bring my logistics experience and analytical skills to help continue disrupting this industry.”


Q2: What do you know about our company?

This is asked to confirm that you’ve done your homework about Coyote Logistics. Being unfamiliar with the company’s history, services, and industry position reflects poorly on your candidacy.

How to Answer

  • Provide an overview of Coyote’s history – when it was founded, by whom, and key milestones.

  • Discuss Coyote’s role as a leader in tech-enabled, on-demand shipping solutions. Mention innovation with digital brokerage model.

  • Speak about their acquisition by UPS and how it has accelerated growth.

  • Share details on their service offerings – truckload, intermodal, LTL, supply chain analytics.

  • Reference size, revenue, number of clients served and other key metrics.

  • Show understanding of their culture and values around service, transparency and technology.

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Example: “Coyote Logistics was founded in 2006 by Jeff Silver and Paul Brady as a digital freight brokerage that leveraged a dynamic marketplace and TMS to match loads with truck capacity. Within just a few years, they became an industry leader reimagining logistics with their on-demand shipping and supply chain analytics. The 2015 acquisition by UPS provided further scale and resources for growth and innovation. Today, Coyote is one of the fastest-growing and most reputed third-party logistics providers with over 14,000 clients served. They offer solutions across truckload, intermodal, LTL and global trade. I’m very impressed by their culture of transparency and commitment to service excellence through both technology and human ingenuity.”


Q3: Why do you want to leave your current job?

This question aims to uncover why you want to make a career change and whether it raises any red flags about your previous role or future intentions. Exercise caution here – you want to avoid badmouthing your current employer.

How to Answer

  • Provide a respectful, positive reason like seeking new challenges, growth opportunities or a change in career direction.

  • Discuss how your current job has provided great foundational experience but you’re now ready for the next step and feel Coyote is the ideal fit.

  • If your previous employer had shortcomings, gloss over them with a vague statement like “differences in company culture/values” or “lack of resources to maximize my potential.”

  • Emphasize your commitment and enthusiasm for this opportunity, without disparaging your current role. Portray yourself as ambitious and eager to take on new responsibilities.

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Example: “I’ve learned so much in my current position and appreciate all the opportunities I’ve had there. However, after 4 years in the same job, I’m eager to take on a new challenge in a rapid growth environment like Coyote. Your cutting-edge use of technology excites me and matches my personal interests very well. This role offers expanded scope for me to apply my skills in analytics and process improvement, which I’m very passionate about pursuing in the next phase of my career.”


Q4: What are your greatest strengths?

This common question is asked to understand what qualities and abilities you will bring to the role at Coyote Logistics. Pick strengths directly relevant to the job.

How to Answer

  • Discuss hard skills first – technical abilities, certification, specialized expertise needed for the role.

  • Follow up with soft skills – communication, relationship-building, problem-solving.

  • After naming the strength, provide a brief example demonstrating it, rather than making a generic statement.

  • Limit to 3 or 4 key strengths to maximize impact.

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Example: “My greatest strengths that I believe will contribute to this role are: First, I have very strong analytical abilities developed through my engineering background – I can quickly synthesize data to uncover trends and insights. For example, in my current job, I improved forecasting accuracy by 45% by building predictive models using our logistics data. Second, I’m an excellent team collaborator and understand how to coordinate seamlessly across functions to execute operational initiatives. I led the cross-functional effort to optimize our Southeast logistics network this past year ahead of schedule. Finally, I have superb communication skills that help me develop strong relationships with partners – I was able to negotiate a 15% increase in service level agreements with our 3PL vendors through collaborative discussions.”


Q5: How do you Handle a Difficult Customer?

Employers want to know you have the patience, empathy and problem-solving skills to calmly handle disgruntled clients. Share your strategies for turning frustrated customers into happy ones.

How to Answer

  • Discuss how you approach the situation with a customer-centric mindset focused on understanding their concerns.

  • Highlight strong listening and communication skills to identify the true root of dissatisfaction.

  • Share how you work diligently to provide alternative solutions or follow up actions that address their needs.

  • Convey your ability to maintain composure and reinforce commitment even if the customer is upset initially.

  • Provide an example demonstrating the positive outcome you achieved through this approach.

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Example: *”When dealing with an angry or dissatisfied customer, I approach the interaction with empathy, patience and a commitment to making things right

What We Do Together Sets Us Apart

The logistics industry never stops evolving, and neither do we. Our goal is to empower our customers to make smarter supply chain decisions. Every time. Everywhere. We’re forward thinkers that take a collaborative approach to solving complex supply chain challenges.

At the core of our services and solutions are our people. That’s why we’re committed to offering a best-in-class employee experience to our global workforce. Join us, and help build the supply chain of the future.

Your first day here is the start of a career, not a job. We’ll show you everything you need to know about our business, technology, and field so you can grow quickly.

coyote logistics interview questions

We build cutting-edge technology that’s shaping the future of the industry. Join a team that has the tools, resources, and ability to work together to move the whole industry forward through digital innovation. This includes jobs in software engineering, data science, and product design.

coyote logistics interview questions

Our mission is to deliver a best-in-class experience to our customers. Businesses around the world trust us to move their freight with expertise and integrity. People who work together to give great customer service will be rewarded for a job well done.

coyote logistics interview questions

Our customers’ needs are evolving, and we’re here to help drive business forward. That’s why we take complex problems head-on and don’t stop until they’re solved. Sound like you? Join a team that shares your passion for building creative solutions.

coyote logistics interview questions

We offer unique benefits that make careers with us great. We want to give our employees more than just the benefits they’d expect, like health insurance for individuals and families and plenty of paid time off. We also want to give them benefits they might not expect, like matching employee donations and paid days for community service. Learn more about our employee benefits.

Our values guide us, our mission aligns us, and our culture unites us – on a global scale. We value and celebrate the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of every employee. Our inclusive environment, casual dress and open-concept office spaces facilitate collaboration. We believe it’s not just about what you do, but also how you do it. No excuses.

We operate with purpose through a global mission to support our local communities, advance sustainability and advocate for a more inclusive society. From donating our logistics services to help those in need to supporting our employees in their missions to make a difference, we strive to positively impact the world.

If you join our team, you’ll be a part of UPS, which is one of the biggest and most trusted shipping and logistics companies in the world. Together, we give our customers around the world cutting-edge solutions, scale, and expertise, and we give our employees amazing chances to grow. It’s a relationship built for growth.

The Values We Live By

It’s how we operate. Every day. Everywhere. Every time.

Logistics never stops, and neither do we. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. We embrace change and transformation with our continual focus on the future.

We want to be the best and do our best every single day. That’s why we hire incredible talent and empower them to thrive in their roles and the industry.

Our commitment to each other, our shippers and our network of carriers is rooted in trust. We overcome challenges and celebrate victories together. We value our relationships and know that amazing things happen when we work as a team.

What we do every day matters, and everything we do adds up. We are responsible for our jobs and know what our bigger purpose is in our company, our industry, and our society. We’re always striving to make a positive impact around the world.

Our word means everything. We’re committed to what we do and who we serve. We do the right thing and follow through every time. No Excuses.

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Why should we hire you in logistics?

SUGGESTED ANSWER: “I am a positive, driven and professional person who can work effectively both in a team, and also on my own. Over the years, I have gained plenty of transferrable skills that will help me to reach a high level of competency within this logistics role quickly.

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