What Is Cost per Ticket? (With Factors That Affect It)

Service Desk Metrics – Part 4 – Cost Per Ticket

What is cost per ticket?

It is easy to calculate the price per ticket for a service desk request:

Cost per ticket is determined by dividing the monthly operating costs by the number of service requests.

When analyzing service desk requests, you can evaluate two metrics: customer satisfaction and cost per ticket. The cost per ticket method is preferred by the majority of organizations because it is based on data and facts. Measuring success by customer satisfaction can be subjective.

The cost per ticket and customer satisfaction are two pertinent indicators of success. For instance, if a company’s customer satisfaction rating is high, it might be willing to accept a higher cost per ticket. Companies track their cost per ticket over time to see if it’s rising or falling and adjust as needed.

What is an IT service desk ticket?

The IT service desk serves as the sole point of contact for users of systems and the service team. While some businesses use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to collect requests, others simply use an email system to do so. Whatever software the business employs, it generates a system of tickets or numbers that the IT team can consult when handling requests.

What are multichannel effects on cost per ticket?

Most service desks offer a variety of ways for staff to interact with clients. Websites, online chat, social media, phone calls, online self-help resources, and walk-ins are some of these channels. Think about these channels and the cost of running each one when calculating the price per ticket. For instance, because only one customer can be served at a time by an employee, walk-ins are typically more expensive than online chats.

Many businesses also take into account how satisfied customers are with various communication channels. Your target market and market may determine which online resources, such as social media, chat rooms, and self-help pages, your customers find most helpful. If your clients are older, they might feel more at ease speaking with you on the phone or in person.

Factors that can affect cost per ticket

The price per ticket can vary depending on a number of variables, such as:

What is the importance of measuring cost per ticket?

To increase sales, businesses monitor the cost per ticket. The more a company spends to run its service desk, the less money it brings in. Businesses can take measures to increase their revenue by lowering their cost per ticket. The cost per ticket measurement aids a business in assessing productivity, changing team roles as needed, and hiring more personnel.

Tips for reducing cost per ticket

You can use the following advice to cut costs if you’ve determined that your company’s cost per ticket is high:

Example of calculating cost per ticket

Determine the cost of an incident (if applicable) and the cost of a service request before you can calculate your cost per ticket.

The average cost of an incident, for instance, may be $225, while the average cost of a service request may be $100, according to a company. They are also aware that 17% of their business is service requests, and 83% of it is incidents. They can then determine the price per ticket using those figures:

($225 x 83%) + ($100 x 17%) = $203.75


What is cost per ticket?

Cost per Ticket is calculated by dividing the monthly ticket volume by the service desk’s total operating costs.

How much does a help desk cost?

Cost per ticket is a straightforward calculation. It is calculated by dividing your service desk’s total monthly operating costs by the number of tickets you had that month.

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