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Types of computer technology degrees

Every educational level offers a variety of degree options in computer technology. Your chosen degrees will largely depend on your chosen industry and career path. You can choose from the following associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree options:

1. Associate degrees in computers and technology

There are many associate degree programs that typically require 60 credits of coursework. Depending on the school and degree you choose, associate degree programs in computer and technology have different curricula.

You can pursue the following associate degrees in technology and computers:

2. Bachelors degrees in computers and technology

Most bachelor’s degree programs typically take four years to complete and call for 120 credit hours of coursework. When choosing a bachelor’s program in computers and technology, it’s crucial to keep your career goals in mind because there are many options available.

Following are some popular choices for computer and technology bachelor’s degrees:

3. Masters degrees in computers and technology

Master’s degrees in computer and technology-related fields can greatly increase professionals’ career opportunities and help them become qualified for managerial and leadership roles. These courses go beyond what you learn in an undergraduate program and typically take two years to complete.

Specializations will vary depending on your institution and program. Here are examples of common specializations:

4. Doctoral degrees in computer technology

Students interested in leadership roles in the industry or in teaching and conducting research in the field should consider earning a doctorate in computer and technology. Your curriculum will determine how your coursework looks, but all of it will involve a substantial amount of research. A variety of qualitative and quantitative research techniques are typically used by students conducting their own original research.

Here are some doctorate degree options:

What are computer technology degrees?

There are many different associate, bachelors, and masters degrees in computer technology, most of which are focused on designing, managing, and maintaining computer systems. These degree programs give students the fundamental knowledge and abilities needed for many jobs in the computer and technology industries. Gaining a degree in computer technology can lead to numerous job opportunities across various industries.

Jobs for computer technology degree holders

There is a widespread need and demand for professionals with computer and technology-related skills and expertise. Here are 10 career paths to choose from:

The main responsibilities of health information technicians are to use technology to improve the effectiveness and caliber of healthcare services provided by healthcare facilities and organizations. High-tech professionals carry out tasks like electronic billing, digitizing medical records, and setting up networks for digital imaging.

The main responsibilities of a computer programmer are to design and produce various computer applications in collaboration with software developers. They are in charge of creating the code that gives computer programs functionality. Computer programmers are also responsible for designing user interfaces.

Web developers’ main responsibilities are to build functional websites using web designs provided by clients or design teams. Web developers can specialize in back-end development, which involves writing code to create websites, or front-end development, which entails designing websites and creating content.

Primary responsibilities: Operations analysts use analytical techniques to address issues and enhance an organization’s performance. They gather and arrange data and information to create strategies and offer recommendations to their company or clients.

Information security analysts’ main responsibilities include determining the protective measures required to secure sensitive data and critical information for a company and providing data-driven recommendations to businesses. They develop cutting-edge techniques to stop online criminals from stealing, corrupting, or compromising sensitive data.

Database administrators’ main responsibilities include creating and maintaining databases that are compatible with the needs of their clients and using software to organize and store crucial data. They supervise updates, develop storage options for massive amounts of data in application databases, monitor security precautions, and resolve any technical problems. To combat the threat of cyber security breaches, many companies employ database administrators.

UX designers’ main responsibilities are to assist businesses in making sure that customers have an easy and efficient experience with their products or services. In order to maximize features and usability, they must have a thorough understanding of the full context of how a particular product or service is used and who the users are.

Software engineers’ main responsibilities are to create and deliver the systems used in computers and machinery. They develop novel technological applications and work tirelessly to enhance the effectiveness and functionality of programs.

Mobile application developers’ main responsibilities are to code, test, debug, and monitor mobile apps. They offer suggestions to improve software applications and support ongoing projects. They develop mobile apps for a variety of platforms and are knowledgeable about popular mobile development languages.

Among their main responsibilities, network architects design and construct intranets, wide area networks, and local area networks for data communication. Small connections and larger-scale networking tools like cloud infrastructure, which typically caters to a lot of customers, are both included in these networks.


What is a degree in Computer Technology?

The course emphasizes problem-solving and judgment using computers and related technology. The curriculum includes two certificate programs with a focus on networking and advanced courses in programming and cybersecurity.

Is Computer Technology a good major?

With a median salary of $91,250 and a 11% job growth in the computer and IT sector, computer science is a good major, so the answer is yes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry has faster job growth than the national average, and the pay is competitive.

What is the best computer degree to get?

1. Information Technology and Information Systems. Given that it covers all three of those areas, this computer degree is unquestionably the best option if you want to be an expert in working with end-user computing, systems administration, or systems engineering.

What are the different types of computer degrees?

Explore All Computer Science Degrees
  • Computer Engineering. …
  • Computer Forensics. …
  • Computer Programming. …
  • Computer Science. …
  • Data Science. …
  • Database Management. …
  • Information Systems. …
  • Information Technology.

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