The Top 12 Companies That Let You Work From Home

With the pandemic behind us, many companies are inviting their employees back to the office. But for some employees, once you go remote, you never go back. If youre nodding your head, consider these 50+ companies that are fully remote—and plan on staying that way. Bookmark it for future reference—itll come in handy in your next job hunt.

Before you apply: Learn how to find and get hired for a remote job.

“We take pride in the skills we bring to the table and strive to deliver excellent experiences for our customers, but we also dont take ourselves too seriously.”

Appcues helps companies build personalized product experiences and increase product adoption. They have over 100 employees in 11 countries (and counting!). Employee benefits include a home office budget, equity offerings, and a minimum of ten vacation days every year.

How does the Appcues team hire? Appcues doesnt share much about their recruitment process publicly. A non-negotiable trait is an alignment with their values.

“We have a set of tools to make this kind of working possible. You wont miss anything important even if youre working in weird hours. In fact, some of us do.”

Arkency is a consulting agency that builds business software, trains programmers, and produces books and webinars. Theyre always looking for talented coders who can thrive in a remote environment. Employee benefits arent publicly available.

How does the Arkency team hire? The recruitment process isnt publicly available. But you have to align with three pillars of their culture—anarchy, async, and remote. Another huge advantage is running an active blog.

Automattic is the company behind WordPress, Tumblr, Gravatar, Longreads, and more. They have around 2,000 employees from 95 countries. Employee benefits include a minimum of 25 days off per year, life insurance, and a professional developmental budget.

How does the Automattic team hire? After you submit an interest form or an application, an Automattic employee reviews it. If your qualifications meet the need, theres a Slack interview followed by a 30- to 60-minute Zoom interview. Engineers will also be given a code test. All positions include a paid trial project after this. After the trial project, theres an interview with an executive in the Automattic team. If all goes well, the HR team schedules a time to chat with you and extends an offer. This guide by Automattic goes into more detail about how they hire—along with tips to prepare.

“Were a global team with a single mission: help small businesses grow & compete with the big guys.”

Awesome Motive is a software and media company helping websites improve their online businesses and workflow. The company has over 280 employees spread across 50 countries. Job benefits include unlimited paid time off, life insurance, a perks program, and more.

How does the Awesome Motive team hire? Awesome Motive doesnt publicly share its hiring process. The best way to prepare is to understand the companys mission and values. Attention to detail and simplicity are essential traits for Awesome Motive.

“As a member of our team, you will be invited to work wherever youre happiest and most productive.”

Buffer is a social media management software to help you store ideas, schedule social posts, and manage campaigns. They have teammates from over 15 countries and 11 time zones. Employee benefits include four-day workweeks, at least three weeks of PTO per year, and free books (along with a Kindle!).

How does the Buffer team hire? The hiring process varies from role to role, but each step is listed in the job description. Value alignment and resonating with Buffers mission is crucial for the company. Buffers big on transparency, and their Open blog shares a lot of details on how they work and what they look for in candidates.

“We are passionate about helping ecommerce and media site owners give their customers a better way to find products more quickly, more easily, and more intuitively.”

Constructor is an AI product discovery platform for eCommerce retailers. Their employees are spread across 13 countries at the time of writing. Job benefits include health coverage, unlimited PTO with a minimum of three weeks off per year, and stock options for everyone.

How does the Constructor team hire? The recruitment process isnt publicly available. Constructor values taking initiative and finding the right answer empathetically.

“We believe in building your career around your lifestyle, not the other way around.”

Contra is a freelance marketplace to help connect hiring managers with independent contractors. Employee benefits include medical benefits, no meetings Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and generous time off.

How does the Contra team hire? The interview process is laid out for every role in the job description. Typically, you can expect a 15-20-minute introductory call, followed by a test assignment if your position requires it. If all goes well, theres a 30-45-minute interview with senior leaders of the department youre applying to. Lastly, theres another round of interviews with the C-suite and a culture interview in some cases.

“Doist has been async- and remote-first since day one (back in 2010). Were living proof that this way of working is the future, not a fad.”

Doist is the company behind productivity tools like Todoist and Twist. Theyve been pioneers of async and remote work since 2010. Job benefits include one month annually to work on a personal project, an educational budget, and 40 days of PTO per year.

How does the Doist team hire? If your application passes the internal review, you get your first interview. Theres also a test assignment related to your role to assess your skills. There are two more interviews if your test project qualifies for it. The Doist team encourages you to read their blog to understand their values and products—the one about landing a remote job might be particularly useful.

“Were on a mission to show the world that protecting privacy can be simple.”

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-first internet company. They have a private search engine, a tracker-blocking browser extension, and app tracking protection for Android. Currently, DuckDuckGo employs more than 200 people across 15 countries. Job benefits include a $1,250/year professional development budget, location-independent salaries, and office setup reimbursement.

How does the DuckDuckGo team hire? If the application qualifies you as a good match, theres a brief call with the talent manager. There are two paid test projects, and there will be interviews in between these projects and a final chat after. DuckDuckGo has excellent documentation on how they hire and evaluate candidates.

“FlexJobs mission is to improve the future of work by helping people find flexible jobs that make their lives better.”

FlexJobs is a site that helps people find remote jobs. Its no surprise the company itself is fully remote. Job benefits include a remote work stipend, insurance, and paid time off.

How does the FlexJobs team hire? The recruitment process isnt publicly available, but an interview with the People Ops team at FlexJobs said they do a practical exercise for most positions—along with a cultural interview.

“We believe that smart time management empowers us to do the best work of our life, while still having a life.”

Float is a resource management software for capacity planning. Theyre a company with more than 50 employees in 20 cities across the globe. Employee benefits include generous paid time off, a home office expense budget, and a health and wellness monthly allowance.

How does the Float team hire? If your application qualifies, theres an introductory call. Post that, theres a technical interview and a call with the hiring manager. In the next round, you speak with the founder. Lastly, the Float team has a brief call with your past employer—and you can do the same by speaking to a Float employee via Slack.

“Everything we do is online. As long as you have wifi, youre all set.”

Ghost is a blogging platform—a full-stack web application for running independent publications and newsletters. Theyre committed to staying small—never growing more than 50 people. Employee benefits include the last Fridays of every month off, unlimited paid time off, and only one to two Zoom calls a week.

How does the Ghost team hire? If your application qualifies, theres an informal call with someone from the Ghost team. The next stage is an interview with the hiring manager, followed by a paid trial project. The last step is a final interview to discuss the trial project.

“We strive to create a transparent environment where all team members around the world feel that their voices are heard and welcomed.”

GitLab is an AI-powered code collaboration platform. Theyve been remote since day one. Employee benefits include 25 paid days off per year, a growth and development budget, and parental leaves.

How does the GitLab team hire? The hiring process varies from role to role, but GitLab has a comprehensive handbook, detailing everything you need to know about getting hired and working in the company.

“From the beaches to the mountains to the desert, our autonomous company culture allows for us to thrive.”

Groove is a helpdesk software—a shared inbox for small businesses looking for an alternative to traditional email. The company has been remote for over a decade, with employees from over 30 countries. Employee benefits include paid time off and flexible hours.

How does the Groove team hire? The exact hiring process isnt publicly available, but Groove has a transparent and open blog read by more than 250,000 people on how they hire and run the company—this one about hiring remote employees from the CEO of Groove might be useful.

“Our employees can get incredible work done from their own corner offices wherever they are in the world.”

InVision is a collaborative online whiteboard tool. The company has been remote for over a decade and currently has employees from over 25 countries. Employee benefits include a personal development fund, a remote working budget, and parental leave.

How does the InVision team hire? How InVision hires isnt publicly available. Alignment with their principles is crucial.

Kinsta is a cloud hosting company helping companies and dev teams ship and manage their web projects faster and more efficiently. Employee benefits include a remote working budget, paid time off, and a training budget.

How does the Kinsta team hire? After filling out the application, you may be asked to send a video or complete an assignment. If you get selected in this round, you have an HR interview. After this, there are a couple more interviews with your hiring manager and future teammates. A background check is mandatory if you accept the offer at Kinsta.

“We are remote-first, but that doesnt mean youll be lonely. We make sure you can connect with coworkers over more than just work: from your onboarding buddy to a plethora of Slack passion channels, youll find your groove in our team.”

Klaus is a quality management solution for customer service. They have over 80 employees from 17 countries. Employee benefits include seven weeks of paid time off, sabbatical after four years, and competitive option grants.

How does the Klaus team hire? If your application gets moved to the interview stage, the first round is an introductory call to understand the role better. After that is an interview with the team lead, followed by a take-home task. If all goes well, thered be an interview with your future teammates. Lastly, thered be a call with the founder.

“We founded this company on the belief that AI should not be the privilege of tech companies that hire and build data science teams.”

Levity is an AI platform that builds tools to automate recurring tasks in any workflow. Theyre fully remote, and employee benefits include unlimited paid time off and effective training.

How does the Levity team hire? The hiring process isnt publicly available. Something that might help: Levity values simplicity in their products and in the way they work.

Lightdash is an open source business intelligence platform for analysts. Theyre currently a small team of eight—100% remote and plan to remain that way. Employee benefits include equity, a minimum of 28 vacation days, and a personal development budget.

How does the Lightdash team hire? If your application qualifies, theres a short introductory call followed by an interview with the CTO. If all goes well, theres a technical interview and a culture interview to evaluate the right fit for the role and the company. In the end, theres a meeting with the CEO.

“We help brands build a content marketing strategy thats future-proof and speaks to customers the way they do – like real people with real voices.”

Literal Humans provides content and social media marketing services to companies of all kinds. The agency was started in 2020 with the aim to remain values-driven and results-focused. Job benefits include a four-day workweek, paid vacation (along with company vacation the last two weeks of December), a learning stipend, and a co-working pass.

How does the Literal Humans team hire? Fill out a short application. If your qualifications match the role requirements, youll be moved to a 30-minute interview with the CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, and the People Ops team. Next, thered be a paid assignment. If that checks out, youll have a final interview round of 45 minutes.

“We believe that the best companies invest early and intentionally in a strong, people-centric cultural foundation that is aligned to business goals.”

Liveblocks is a real-time collaboration infrastructure for developers. Theyre a distributed company with employees across ten time zones. Job benefits include flexible paid time off, equity grants, and a physical wellness stipend.

How does the Liveblocks team hire? If the application passes the preliminary check, someone from the People team reaches out for an interview. After that comes a technical interview and a chat with the co-founder.

“Were building something special—a product that will fundamentally change how IT teams work and a company that will break the mold of tech startups.”

Lumos is an app governance platform to help companies manage their digital resources effectively. They have more than 65 employees on their team, and job benefits include a monthly wellness stipend, unlimited PTO, and career-development funding.

How does the Lumos team hire? Lumos doesnt share the recruitment process on its careers page or job descriptions. However, they mention they prefer candidates who align with their values and will be great additions to their culture.

“Our ultimate measure of success is the value we create for our users and team members alike.”

Mailbird is an email marketing software for Windows. The company has been fully remote for the last 11 years and has employees from more than 20 nationalities working in over 15 countries. Employee benefits include 40 days of PTO and additional time off for life events like marriage and parenthood.

How does the Mailbird team hire? For some positions, there might be an aptitude test along with the application. If you qualify, theres a 30-minute interview with the recruiter. The next round is a technical assessment—either through multiple interviews or a written test (depending on your role). The final interviews are with the team members and the hiring manager. You can learn more about how Mailbird hires here.

“Everything we do at MailerLite is designed to provide intuitive solutions for complicated tasks.”

MailerLite is an email marketing software company with a remote-first culture. They have over 130 people working across 40 countries. Employee benefits include an international healthcare payout, 31 vacation days per year, and a $1,000 joy budget to buy whatever sparks joy (after one year).

How does the MailerLite team hire? MailerLite wont ask for your CV. They have a Q&A application you have to fill out to get to the next stage. This consists of job-specific and cultural questions for the MailerLite team to understand you better. The next steps and interview rounds are role-specific.

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool to create, schedule, and share content. They have a blog dedicated to what its like to work at SureSwift (a portfolio of SaaS products, including MeetEdgar) remotely. Employee benefits arent publicly available.

How does the MeetEdgar team hire? The hiring process isnt shared online, but aligning with the companys mission is crucial. The company does background checks for all final candidates.

“Youll work with people who have done everything from build solar cars to hanging out with Metallica and Bon Jovi.”

Modash is an influencer marketing software to help businesses discover, analyze, and track creators and their posts. Their mission is to help every creator earn a living. Employee benefits include unlimited paid time off, personal development budget, and flexible hours.

How does the Modash team hire? The hiring process differs from role to role. In general, you should be fluent in English and willing to work in Europe, Africa, or Middle East time zones.

(If you have the time, dont forget to check out Modashs furry friends on the Careers page. )

“There are unlimited ways you can explore with Namecheap—whether its the world youre after, or new ground in your career.”

Namecheap is a place to buy your domain (and everything else you need). They have over 2,000 employees spread across 22 countries. Some of their roles require you to be in-office or work remotely from a certain location, but most job openings support remote working. Job benefits include monthly internal creative workshops, 25 days of PTO (along with five sick days per month), and a generous parental leave program.

How does the Namecheap team hire? The hiring process differs significantly for each role, but Namecheap places a strong emphasis on understanding and embodying its 21 cultural ideals. Typically, if you clear the application round, you have an interview with the recruitment team. If all goes well, you interview with your future teammates and do a take-home assignment.

“Were an organic growth agency that helps marketing leaders at B2B software companies turn content & SEO into growth channels.”

Omniscient Digital is a marketing agency for B2B SaaS companies. Theyre a team of 100% remote content marketing experts who want to play long-term games with long-term people. Learn more about the teams principles here. Job benefits include an annual education stipend, profit sharing (after one year), unlimited time off, and a free books program.

How does the Omniscient Digital team hire? If your application looks interesting, youll have a short screening call. Next, thered be three to five interviews with your future colleagues. The third step is an assignment—which can be async or a live project, depending on the role. If all goes well, youll have a final interview.

Pitch is a presentation software company enabling people to create beautiful and impactful decks. The company was started by eight co-founders who built and sold Wunderlist to Microsoft. Currently, Pitch has more than 120 employees distributed across the globe. Job benefits include flat hierarchies, an educational stipend, and health programs.

How does the Pitch team hire? If your application passes the first stage, youll have an introductory call with a member of the Talent Acquisition team. The next stage will be one or two rounds of interviews with your future team members. If all goes well, youll get a take-home practical assignment followed by a debrief and Q&A on the same. The last interview will be with a senior leader of your future team.

“Were a team of builders inspired by the ways technology can change how we work.”

Plus is an AI-powered Google Slides add-on to create custom, beautiful presentations in minutes. You can be located anywhere, but you need to work in North American time zones. Employee benefits include insurance and a monthly remote working budget.

How does the Plus team hire? It differs from role to role, but typically theres an introductory call, followed by a domain-specific interview to assess your skills. Next, theres a project review to work on with the Plus team. In the end, theres a behavior interview. Learn more about how Plus recruits on their blog.

Podia helps creators sell courses, memberships, coaching programs, and more. Their mission is to enable creators to earn a living from their passion. Employee benefits include unlimited therapy, three weeks of paid vacation, and a paid sabbatical (for a month after every three years).

How does the Podia team hire? After the initial application, a handful of candidates are moved to a test project—which is a paid assignment. Selected candidates go through three to four rounds of interviews with the hiring manager, leadership team, the CEO, and future teammates. Final candidates are asked for professional references from a past co-worker and a manager.

“If youre looking for a feel-good career that allows you to work and make an impact from anywhere in the world, youve come to the right place.”

Remote is an HR software to hire, manage, and pay international employees globally. True to its name, Remote has over 920 employees across more than 75 nationalities. Job benefits include a minimum of four weeks of personal time off and company stock options.

How does the Remote team hire? Each application has the entire process laid down in Remotes job description. In general, theres an interview with the recruiter, followed by an interview with your future manager. If all goes well, there are either more interviews and/or an assignment. The last step is a prior employment verification check. Remote has a public interview guide to help you prepare and stand out in interviews.

SafetyWing provides insurance for digital nomads and remote teams. Their goal is to build a global safety net. SafetyWing has over 100 employees spread across 60 countries. Job benefits include a minimum of four weeks paid time off, global health insurance, and $2,500/year of personal developmental budget.

How does the SafetyWing team hire? The hiring process differs from role to role. SafetyWing emphasizes they look for someone who can think for themselves, is eager to try new things, has strong integrity, and aims to contribute to their mission.

“It is absolutely essential to us that everyone always feels safe to speak their mind.”

ScaleMath is a content agency that works with brands to help them improve customer acquisition and experience. Job benefits include 20 paid holidays annually.

How does the ScaleMath team hire? If your application qualifies, you go through a video interview with your future manager. After that, theres a skill assessment test followed by a couple more interviews. The last step is an interview with the founder. ScaleMath asks for three references who can speak about your professional experience.

“Shogun is a place where you are in the drivers seat of your career.”

Shogun is a landing page builder for eCommerce founders, compatible with Shopify and BigCommerce. Theyve been remote from the beginning and currently have more than 85 employees across the globe. Job benefits include quarterly wellness reimbursement, a home office stipend, and company-sponsored healthcare.

How does the Shogun team hire? The hiring process varies by role, but Shogun offers interview guidelines to help you prepare better. The questions are largely attribute-based—think the “tell me about a time when [situation]” types.

“If you can show why youll make a fantastic addition to our growing team, well hire you no matter where you are in the world and support you to become the best at what you do.”

SimpleTexting is a text messaging service—enabling two-way SMS marketing for businesses to communicate with their customers. Theyre fully remote and operate as an international team. Job benefits include a generous PTO policy, birthdays off, and paid parental leave.

How does the SimpleTexting team hire? After the application, if you qualify, theres an introductory call with the recruiter. You might also be asked to complete a short assignment if the role requires it. The next round consists

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular as technology enables more roles to be done remotely. According to a study, over 80% of people would be more loyal to a company if it offered remote work options. There are many perks to working from home, including no commute, flexibility, and comfort

If you’re looking for a remote job, there are many great companies that offer work from home positions across a variety of industries. I’ve compiled a list of 12 of the best companies for remote work along with a brief overview of their remote work policies:

1. Amazon

Amazon hires remote workers for roles in customer service, software development, and more. Amazon has hundreds of work from home positions available at any given time, giving you plenty of options.

  • Remote work policy: Most remote roles are full-time and allow you to work from anywhere in the US. Some roles require working from one of their corporate hubs a few days per month.

2. Apple

Apple has a number of work from home positions in areas like engineering, sales, customer support, and operations. These are full-time corporate roles that offer the same benefits as on-site positions.

  • Remote work policy: Apple focuses on hiring remote workers who live near one of their offices or retail stores. While you work from home most of the time, you’re expected to commute into a designated office or store regularly.

3. Dell

Dell is very open to remote work and has remote job opportunities across all business functions They have a dedicated team called Connected Workplace that supports their remote workforce

  • Remote work policy: Most remote roles can be done from anywhere without commuting into an office. However, some teams require locating within driving distance of a major Dell site.

4. GitHub

GitHub is a fully remote company, so all roles are open to working from home. They have remote openings for engineers, marketing, finance, support, and more.

  • Remote work policy: GitHub employees can work from anywhere. There is no requirement to live near or commute to an office.

5. Intuit

Intuit, the company behind TurboTax and QuickBooks, offers quite a few work from home opportunities in customer support, operations, and corporate roles. Many teams are open to remote employees

  • Remote work policy: Intuit prefers that remote workers live within 50 miles of an office but is sometimes flexible if you have prior remote experience.

6. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has remote openings across many of their different business units. Popular remote roles include nursing, engineering, finance, clinical research, and more.

  • Remote work policy: Remote workers are generally required to live within commuting distance to one of their office locations. However, some teams allow working from anywhere.

7. Kelly Services

This global staffing company frequently hires remotely for positions in their corporate office as well as staffing assignments they need to fill for clients. Roles range from customer service to software development.

  • Remote work policy: Most remote roles can be done from anywhere, but some teams require commuting up to twice per week when needed.

8. Robert Half

Robert Half offers quite a few remote jobs, especially in accounting, finance, administrative roles, and more. Remote work is a popular perk they highlight to recruiting top talent.

  • Remote work policy: Remote employees can typically work from anywhere but may need to commute into a local office occasionally.

9. Salesforce

Salesforce has a very transparent work from anywhere policy that allows employees to be fully remote. They have remote openings in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Customers Success.

  • Remote work policy: Employees can work from home full-time and relocate anywhere in the same country. Some roles require occasional travel.

10. SAP

SAP has embraced remote work and allows it for most roles across the organization. Popular remote positions include IT, management, operations, customer service, and more.

  • Remote work policy: While SAP is generally open to full-time remote, team leaders make the final decision regarding remote work for each role.

11. TD Bank

While retail banking roles need to remain on-site, TD Bank offers some corporate and customer service roles as work from home positions. Areas like HR, IT, and Call Centers are popular for remote workers.

  • Remote work policy: Remote workers are required to live within 50 miles of a TD location. Some teams allow you to work from anywhere.

12. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group incorporates work at home opportunities across their different business platforms including Optum, UnitedHealthcare, and more. Many roles in nursing, customer service, IT, and operations can be done remotely.

  • Remote work policy: Home office and hybrid remote/onsite arrangements are considered for experienced candidates in many roles.

Key Factors to Consider for Remote Jobs

When researching and applying for remote roles, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Time Zone Overlap: Most companies want at least a few hours of overlap with your time zone to the corporate HQ time zone to enable collaboration.

  • Tax and Legal: Make sure to review tax and employment laws based on where you’ll be located as a remote worker.

  • Equipment Needs: Determine what equipment (computer, phone, internet, etc.) will be provided by the company versus items you need to set up yourself.

  • Communication: Ask how teams communicate and collaborate. Many use tools like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.

  • Company Culture: Look for companies that have an established culture for supporting remote workers. Those new to remote work may not provide the same level of inclusion.

  • Growth Opportunity: Evaluate if there are opportunities to take on more responsibility and grow your career as a remote employee.

Pros of Working Remotely

There are many potential benefits that come with remote work:

  • No commute time or costs
  • Flexibility to have a more adaptable schedule
  • Ability to work from anywhere with internet access
  • More comfortable work environment from home
  • Increased productivity without office distractions
  • Better work/life balance

Cons of Working Remotely

Remote work also comes with some drawbacks to consider:

  • Can feel disconnected or isolated from co-workers
  • Lack of social interactions and watercooler chats
  • Need for self-motivation and discipline
  • Difficulty unplugging from work at end of day
  • Juggling family/home demands during work hours
  • Technical issues or unreliable internet connection

Is Remote Work Right for You?

Working remotely offers perks like flexibility and comfort. But it also requires the discipline to manage your own schedule without office oversight.

Consider if you have the following traits to thrive with remote work:

  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Organized and able to effectively manage your time
  • Proactive communicator and team collaborator
  • Minimal need for direct supervision or micromanagement
  • Adaptable to working with digital communication tools
  • Ability to avoid distractions and stay focused at home

Knowing the pros and cons, evaluate whether you feel ready and able to be productive and successful in a work from home job. Millions of people now work remotely and leverage the advantages it offers. With the right opportunity at a company supporting remote work, you can too!

companies that let you work at home

7 Work From Home Companies That Are Always Hiring (2024)

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