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How is the interview process for the cash app team at Square? There seems to be a technical assessment exercise to be done. Any tips on preparing for that for a senior backend engineer.

Interviews for Top Jobs at Cash App

Information Security Analyst Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at Cash App in Jun 2022


I applied to the role about a month ago. I did 2 interviews. The company was suppose to let me know if they were going to move to the final round, after 2 weeks I did not hear anything from them. I followed up with the recruit for a status update and received an automated response saying they decided to go with other candidates. What a waste of time?

What will I be doing?

You’ll work with an engineer to solve a problem in a real-time coding environment.

Square Software Engineer Interview Questions

This section will cover sample interview questions that you can expect at the Square interview. It will cover coding, systems design, and behavioral interview questions.Â

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