How To Write a Recommendation Letter Brag Sheet in 6 Steps

A letter of recommendation is a powerful tool for any professional or student looking to apply for a job or educational opportunity. It can serve as a powerful endorsement from a former or current employer, professor, or colleague, vouching for your character, capabilities, and accomplishments. Having a well-crafted and effective letter of recommendation can make all the difference in the success of your application. For this reason, it is essential to have a “brag sheet” ready when applying for these opportunities. This “brag sheet” serves as an outline of your accomplishments and experiences, and is used by your endorser to craft an effective and accurate letter of recommendation. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of creating a “brag sheet” and how to construct one that will help you secure a strong letter of recommendation.

Brag Sheet: The Ultimate Guide to Writing One

What to include in a brag sheet for a letter of recommendation

Details about you that relate to your academic background can be included in a brag sheet for a letter of recommendation. You can also talk about awards you’ve received outside of the classroom to show that you’re a well-rounded student. By keeping your brag sheet brief but thorough, you can give your references the information they need to write a compelling letter in your favor. Heres a list of information to include:

What is a brag sheet for a letter of recommendation?

A brag sheet for a letter of recommendation lists your academic accomplishments that qualify you to enroll in college. You can send a brag sheet to the expert who consented to speak to an admissions committee on your behalf. The document can be used as a guide to help the reference describe you in their letter of recommendation. If you ask your math teacher to recommend you, for instance, your brag sheet could mention your grades in other subjects. Now that they are aware of your grades, your teacher will draw attention to them in order to highlight your versatility.

How to write a brag sheet for a letter of recommendation

To put your qualifications on a brag sheet for a letter of recommendation, follow these steps:

1. Conduct research about the school

Include information on your application that speaks to the admissions committee’s interests in order to convince them that you can be a successful student. You can write a brag sheet with pertinent information about the college or university you want to attend by doing research for it, which will also help your references write an appropriate letter of recommendation for you. Study the school’s list of admissions requirements by visiting the website. Learn about the qualities it looks for in potential students and the standards it has for behavior inside and outside of the classroom.

2. Identify positive attributes about yourself

Now that you are aware of the institution, you can consider your accomplishments in school and at work. Determine the qualities that the reference should emphasize in the letter of recommendation. You can highlight your time serving as the president of an honors club on your brag sheet, for instance, if the university places a high priority on leadership potential. If the college has a solid athletics department, you could mention that you played varsity baseball and basketball in high school. Think about putting your proudest academic achievements on your brag sheet to help it stay succinct. Select qualities that can impress the admissions committee.

3. Select a simple format

Your brag sheet’s format can make it simpler for the reference to read and understand your credentials. Using headings and subheadings, you can categorize the data into distinct groups. You could, for instance, make a section for your test results and another for your extracurricular activities. Another choice is to convey a number of details related to the same subject by using bulleted lists. For instance, you could list your ACT scores in bullet points beneath a subheading that says, “ACT scores.”

4. List your contact information

You can include your contact details below your name at the top of your brag sheet. The person writing your recommendation letter may decide to get in touch with you to get more information about your background or to provide updates on their writing. Include an email address, phone number and expected graduation date. You could also include the name of a hyperlink to your online talent portfolio. For instance, if you’re applying to a university’s visual arts program, you might send your references a portfolio of your prior work so they can see your abilities.

5. Emphasize your achievements

Give your accomplishments and participation both inside and outside of the classroom the majority of your brag sheets. Give information about the qualification so that the reference will know how to use it in a letter of recommendation. For your extracurricular activities, for instance, you could list the name of the group, the duration of your membership, and the duties you undertook while a member. Write the name, location, and date of the community service event you helped organize, as well as a list of your contributions, if you’re highlighting your volunteerism.

Write the title of the honor and the date you received it for academic awards. Consider including another sentence about its significance. For instance, if your project placed first in a science fair, you can emphasize that it was up against students from the entire county. When outlining your employment history, include the job title, employer name and location, and the dates you held the position. You can also compile a bullet list of your responsibilities. Consider arranging sections with numerous items in reverse chronological order.

6. Proofread your work

Once you’ve finished writing your brag sheet, proofread it to see if it’s ready to be sent to your references. Check your writing for grammar and spelling errors, and look over the formatting to make sure it’s uniform and readable. To make sure you’ve included pertinent information, you can also compare your work to the research you did about the school you want to attend.

Asking a friend or family member to read your brag sheet and provide suggestions on how to make it better may be helpful. Think about your relationship with the person who will be writing your letter of recommendation, and make sure you have provided them with enough information so they can write an accurate recommendation.

Template for a brag sheet

Here is a sample brag sheet that you can adapt to create your own:

Personal data include your first and last names, phone number, email address, school name, anticipated graduation date, and GPA.

Standardized test scores
[Name of test]

Extracurricular activities
[Name of organization]
[Dates you were a member]

[Name of award]
[Date and month you earned it]

Community service
[Name of event]
[Date of event]
[Location of event]

Employment history
[Job title]
[Name of employer]
[Location of employer]
[Start and end date]

Example of a brag sheet

An example brag sheet for a letter of recommendation is as follows:

Personal informationSabrina Jordan(555) [email protected] comRidge Oak Preparatory High SchoolExpected graduation date: May 2022GPA: 3. 83.

Standardized test scores
Composite score: 26

Extracurricular activities
Honors Club
August 2019–present

Marching band
August 2018-present

Student of the Year award
December 2021

Band Player of the Year award
May 2020

Community service
5K run for charity
March 2021
New Orleans, Louisiana

Senior bingo night
December 2020
New Orleans, Louisiana

Employment history
Touissants Grocery Store
New Orleans, Louisiana
December 2020–present


What do you put on a brag sheet for a letter of recommendation?

What should I put in a brag sheet?
  1. Your name and contact information.
  2. Your school information (name, expected graduation date)
  3. Your GPA.
  4. Your standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc.)
  5. Activities you have participated in and when. …
  6. Work experience and when.
  7. Any awards you have won (academic, athletic, etc.)

Do you need a brag sheet for a letter of recommendation?

It’s crucial to have a “brag sheet” on hand to give to your recommenders as you decide which teachers to ask for letters of recommendation for college or a job.

What are good things to say in a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation ought to explain your relationship to the person being recommended, the reasons they should be trusted, and any particular qualifications they may have. Specifics. It’s beneficial to give specific examples and anecdotes to support your claims whenever possible.

What teachers should say in a letter of recommendation?

Practical details, such as the schools to which she should send her recommendation letter, how to submit, and your deadlines What you plan to study at college (if you know). What qualities, passions, or attributes would you like her to emphasize in her letter? Special assignments or memorable moments from the classroom

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