Preparing for a Blizzard Entertainment Interview: Questions You Should Expect and How to Ace Them

Interviewing at one of the most iconic gaming companies like Blizzard Entertainment can feel intimidating. With hit franchises like World of Warcraft Overwatch, and Diablo under their belt it’s no wonder they receive thousands of applications for open roles. Competition is fierce, but with the right preparation and insight into their interview process, you can set yourself up for success.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through what to expect during the different stages of interviewing at Blizzard, from initial phone screens to technical assessments We’ll also provide tips on how to prepare, real interview questions they like to ask, and examples of stellar answers

Overview of Blizzard’s Interview Process

While specific details may vary based on the role, Blizzard’s hiring process generally follows these key steps:

  • Application: Search for a role on Blizzard’s careers page that matches your skills and experience. Tailor your application materials like your resume and cover letter to highlight your qualifications.

  • Recruiter Screen: If your application stands out, a recruiter will reach out to schedule an introductory phone or video call. Use this as a chance to learn more about the role and make a strong first impression.

  • Interviews: You’ll likely have multiple interviews depending on the role, ranging from one-on-one sessions with the hiring manager to panel interviews with potential coworkers.

  • Assessments: Some roles require you to complete a technical skills assessment, case study, or presentation. This evaluates your hard and soft skills.

  • Decision: After weighing all the interviews and assessments, the hiring team will decide on making an offer. Congratulations, you’re part of the Blizzard family!

Phone Interview with the Recruiter

The initial screening call with a Blizzard recruiter sets the tone for the rest of your candidacy. Come prepared to concisely walk through your resume and background while showcasing your passion for gaming and the company.

You can expect questions like:

  • Walk me through your resume and career history.
  • Why are you interested in this role and Blizzard?
  • What excites you about joining the gaming industry?
  • What skills and experience make you a strong fit for this position?

Strong answers will:

  • Succinctly summarize your background tailored to the role.
  • Convey genuine excitement about Blizzard’s games, culture, and products.
  • Give specific examples of your hard and soft skills that translate to the position.
  • Ask thoughtful questions to learn more about the team and expectations.

This is your chance to get the recruiter excited about moving you forward, so put your best foot forward!

One-on-One Interview with the Hiring Manager

Once you make it past initial screening, you’ll likely have a one-on-one interview with the hiring manager of the team you’d join. Use this opportunity to go deeper into your qualifications and determine if the role and company align with your goals.

Common behavioral and situational questions include:

  • Tell me about yourself and walk me through your resume.
  • Why do you want to work for Blizzard?
  • What interests you about this role and team? Why do you think you’re a fit?
  • Tell me about a time you successfully led a project or initiative from start to finish.
  • Describe a challenging situation from a previous job and how you overcame it.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How does this role fit into your plan?

To ace it, make sure you:

  • Have a 2-3 minute “elevator pitch” ready that summarizes your background and passion for the role.
  • Give specific, quantified examples of projects and accomplishments that map to the position’s responsibilities.
  • Ask thoughtful questions to show your understanding of the team’s goals and opportunity for growth.
  • Convey enthusiasm for Blizzard’s mission and products.

Hiring managers want to know you have the hard and soft skills needed to thrive in the role and see your long-term potential. Keep this top of mind when crafting your answers.

Panel Interview with Cross-Functional Team Members

Many roles at Blizzard require interviewing with a panel of 3-5 people you’d work closely with. This gives you visibility into the team dynamic and lets them assess your technical proficiency, communication skills, and cultural fit.

Common panel interview questions include:

  • Introduce yourself and give an overview of your background.
  • What excites you about possibly joining our team?
  • How would you handle collaborating with other teams or stakeholders that have competing priorities?
  • Tell me about a time you had to adapt to a change in scope or resources on a project. How did you approach it?
  • What is your leadership style and approach to managing team members or guiding projects?
  • What questions do you have for us?

To make a strong impression:

  • Come prepared with an introductory pitch highlighting your qualifications tailored to each panelist’s area of expertise.
  • Provide specific examples of successfully navigating cross-functional work, ambiguity, and change management.
  • Ask smart questions that demonstrate your understanding of their team culture and goals.
  • Explain how you balance individual accountability with being a team player.

Your answers should highlight both your technical abilities and soft skills like communication, adaptability, and strategic thinking.

Technical Assessments

For engineering, product, design, and other technical roles, you will likely complete some form of skills assessment. This could involve:

  • A live coding test completed on a shared screen.
  • A take-home project or sample work submission.
  • A technical knowledge test.

To consistently deliver legendary games, Blizzard needs to hire the best technical talent. The assessments enable them to evaluate your proficiency with key platforms, tools, and coding languages.

To excel:

  • Thoroughly read any instructions and ask clarifying questions upfront if needed.
  • Think through examples of your work that highlight proficiency in the required skills.
  • For live assessments, vocalize your thought process as you work through problems.
  • Submit assignments by the deadline and be responsive to any follow-up questions.

Technical assessments carry more weight than interviews alone, so dedicate sufficient time to prepare and practice. Show off your development chops!


For certain roles like product marketing, program management, and design, you may be asked to develop and deliver a presentation. Typical prompts include proposing a new product or feature concept, analyzing a case study, or pitching yourself as the ideal candidate.

This evaluates your ability to synthesize complex information and tailor messaging to different audiences.

To stand out, make sure your presentation:

  • Is visually appealing while still clear and easy to follow.
  • Balances data, logical arguments, and creative thinking.
  • Is delivered confidently with smooth storytelling flow.
  • Invites open discussion and surfaces key questions.
  • Aligns to Blizzard’s brand and strengths.

Practice your public speaking skills to develop a captivating yet conversational style. Writing out your presentation in full before memorizing bullet points can also help ensure concise, polished delivery.

Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Blizzard interviews are a two-way street – you’ll be evaluated on the thoughtful questions you ask just like your answers.

Great questions to ask include:

  • How would you describe the culture on your team and at Blizzard more broadly?
  • What processes or tools do you use for collaboration and keeping remote team members engaged?
  • What types of professional development opportunities are available?
  • What does career progression look like for this type of role at Blizzard?
  • How is success measured for this position? What metrics are used?
  • What exciting projects or game launches does your team have coming up?

Keep a running list of questions and add to it after each interview stage. Avoid easily researched or overly generic questions. Asking strategic questions shows your engagement and interest in the opportunity.

How to Prepare for Blizzard Interviews

Here are some top strategies to help you get ready:

  • Thoroughly research the team, role, required skills, and Blizzard’s culture and core values.

  • Review your resume and have concise explanations ready for your career choices and accomplishments.

  • Practice responding to common interview questions out loud. Time yourself to keep answers focused.

  • Prepare examples and anecdotes that map to key requirements and demonstrate soft skills.

  • Review your portfolio, code, or previous work samples if required for assessments.

  • Practice technical skills like coding algoirthms, design exercises, or modeling scenarios.

  • Plan your interview outfit to convey professionalism while still being comfortable and confident.

With tailored preparation and insight into their process, you’ll be ready to wow the Blizzard team and potentially score your dream job at one of gaming’s most iconic studios. Best of luck on your interview journey!

Outcome After your interviews have concluded, the team will make a decision which will be communicated to you. If all goes well, an offer will be made for you to join the team! If now is the not the right time, we hope there will be an opportuntiy for you to join us in future!

blizzard entertainment interview questions

blizzard entertainment interview questions

Recruiter Screen Once we’ve had a chance to review your application, a member of our recruitment team will be in touch to set up time to talk.

blizzard entertainment interview questions



How hard is a Blizzard interview?

Blizzard Entertainment Interviews FAQs Is it hard to get hired at Blizzard Entertainment? Glassdoor users rated their interview experience at Blizzard Entertainment as 64.2% positive with a difficulty rating score of 2.97 out of 5 (where 5 is the highest level of difficulty).

How long is the Blizzard hiring process?

The hiring process at Activision Blizzard is a multi-step process that takes about two to four weeks.

What is the star method in interviewing?

The STAR method is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing.

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