The Top 10 Best Minors for Business Majors

Discover the top 11 minors that complement your business major at WVU Online and unlock endless opportunities for career growth and success.

The truth is, there’s no guarantee. Today’s job market is very competitive, and even with a business degree, you may need something extra to beat the competition.

One way to get ahead is to choose the right minor to go with your business degree.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a customized minor, how to choose the correct minor and the many types of minors you can choose from. There really is no limit to what kind of minor you can choose. It could be anything!

Pursuing a business degree opens doors to many exciting careers. As a business major, you’ll gain skills in management, marketing, accounting, finance, and more – everything you need to thrive in the business world.

But in today’s competitive job market, a business degree alone may not be enough to stand out. Adding a minor to your studies can help you specialize, expand your skillset, and make you more marketable to employers.

So what are the best minors for business majors? Here are 10 great options to consider

1. Computer Science

With technology transforming every industry, computer skills are highly valued in business. A computer science minor teaches programming data analysis database management and more. Useful for roles in IT, operations, data analytics and beyond.

2. Communications

Strong communication is essential for managers and leaders This minor builds skills in public speaking, professional writing, interpersonal communication and persuasion Valuable in marketing, PR, human resources and any role involving collaboration.

3. Graphic Design

Today’s business is highly visual. A graphic design minor teaches visual communication and creativity. Learn digital design programs and create marketing materials, reports, presentations and more. Useful for marketing, advertising and social media roles.

4. Psychology

Understanding people is key in business. With a psychology minor, gain insight into human behavior and motivation. Useful for human resources, management, marketing, sales and negotiating roles.

5. International Business

The business world is global. An international business minor builds knowledge of world markets, trade policy and cross-cultural communication. Includes learning a foreign language. Ideal for global and international careers.

6. Entrepreneurship

Every business needs creative leaders and problem solvers. An entrepreneurship minor teaches how to start, fund and manage your own company. Learn to identify opportunities, take risks and turn ideas into realities.

7. Economics

Understanding economic forces is vital in business. This minor provides analytical skills to interpret data and identify trends. Valuable for roles involving forecasting, analytics, policymaking and advising.

8. Statistics

Today’s data-driven business environment calls for data fluency. A statistics minor builds quant skills for collecting, interpreting and analyzing data. Useful for business intelligence, analytics and operations roles involving metrics.

9. Finance

Master money management with a finance minor. Gain in-depth knowledge of financial systems, accounting, investments, banking and more. Essential for roles in financial services, as well as any business leadership position.

10. Marketing

Reach customers and boost growth with savvy marketing skills. This minor provides training in market research, advertising, PR, branding, social media and strategy. Tailor-made for marketing and communications roles.

Choosing the right minor for your business degree can make you a top candidate for in-demand careers. Consider your own interests and strengths to determine which option is the best fit.

Meet with your academic advisor to discuss how to align a minor with your goals. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box – any minor that builds relevant skills can be a smart choice.

With so many directions you could take your business education, the possibilities are wide open. A specialized minor gives you the freedom to customize your major and develop unique expertise.

So embrace your passions and gain the competitive edge by complementing your business degree with a minor that propels you toward your dream career. The knowledge and skills you build will serve you long into the future as you grow as a leader.

best minors for business majors

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I interested in? Maybe you have been taking electives in design, psychology, or environmental science, just because you knew you would enjoy them. This could lead to your perfect minor.
  • What am I majoring in? Think of fields that might strengthen that major, while being different enough that your education will be well-rounded.
  • What are my goals? If you would like to travel, maybe a minor in hospitality and tourism would give you the additional skills you need to work at a job you love as you travel the world. Or, if you see yourself working in the healthcare field, you could minor in biology or sociology.
  • What skills do I already have? If you already have skills in accounting, management, or computer science, look for a minor that will give you different skills. Or, a minor such as entrepreneurship might help you to take the skills you already have to a higher level, in a leadership position.

11 Career-Boosting Minors for Business Majors

Here’s a list of minors that would work well with a business major, whether they are business-related minors or not. Which of these appeals to you the most?

With the importance of “going green,” the world has undergone a revolutionary change. As a business professional, you will be involved in developing policies that align with environmental sustainability.

With a minor in environmental science, you will learn to formulate strategies that will put you ahead of the competition. Students in this minor study resources and energy, environmental protection, natural resources, environmental and resource economics, and applied demand analysis, as well as law and policy making.

With this minor, you will learn about computer programming, statistics, and how to use business intelligence tools to predict the future of an organization and make managerial decisions.

Data Analytics is a great minor for those who would like to become a business advisor or manager. Students typically take courses in business intelligence, artificial intelligence, decision analysis, business simulation modeling, data mining, machine learning, accounting analysis, data visualization, econometrics, and database management systems.

You can also pursue a more specialized minor in this field, such as Healthcare Data Analytics.

Advertising is an important skill for any successful business professional. This minor will teach you how to create informative and enticing ads for a variety of media, both print and digital.

You’ll also learn how to create a marketing campaign to promote products and services, how to deal with clients, how to make your product or company stand out and appeal to the general public, and how to attract customers or clients.

Students typically take courses in media and society, principles of advertising, design concepts, research methods, and advertising strategies.

A business doesn’t operate in a vacuum. It plays a major role in a community and in the world.

A political science minor will give you the knowledge you need to understand how politics influence people and how institutions operate. You will need to know how people both exercise and resist power and who governs various institutions, communities, and nations.

Students pursuing this minor study topics such as law and the legal system, state and local governments, policy analysis, public administration, comparative politics, and international relations.

The BEST College Degree Minors!

What minors should a business student pursue?

There are a number of minors that business students may consider pursuing to expand their business skill set and knowledge. Typically, students take a minimum of 12 credit hours from a set curriculum to earn a minor in the following disciplines: 1. Accounting

Can a business minor be a major?

Nearly anyone pursuing an undergraduate degree has the option of completing a minor in business. Typically, students try to choose minors that pair well with their primary area of study, which is why business minors are popular with students majoring in subjects like finance, marketing, accounting, economics or entrepreneurship.

What can I do with a business minor?

Business minors are also popular with students interested in creative fields that involve freelancing or working independently, such as visual art and interior design. Students of almost any major can qualify to complete a business minor, depending on the circumstances and requirements of their primary academic college.

What majors should a business student take in college?

Students typically take courses in big data, data mining for business, ethics, business intelligence and consumer demand analytics. Explore a list of 16 different minors you may consider pursuing as a business student in college, including accounting, PR, management and advertising.

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