Best Cold Call Opening Lines (And Strategies for Using Them)

Five best cold call opening lines
  • The reason I’ve called is… [reason]
  • I wanted to… [reason]
  • Seeing that… [reason]

But in order for this strategy to work, you need to stick to the right script, which necessitates finishing the first five seconds of a call before the prospect hangs up. That is why a cold call’s opening lines are so important. The 8 opening lines listed below will help you make a successful call, but before I discuss the lines and why they work, there are a few things you need to remember:

The BEST Cold Call Opening Lines | Killer Cold Call Openers

Common cold call opening lines

To greet potential clients and introduce themselves and their business, sales representatives frequently use a set of standard cold call opening lines. Here are a few instances of the standard opening statements used in cold calls:

Example 1

“Hello! This is [caller name] with [company]. Did I catch you at a bad time?”.

The salesperson immediately introduces themselves and their company in this opening line. The potential customer may appreciate that the caller appears to be considerate of their time. This may establish the tone for a cordial and open dialogue.

Example 2

“Hi! This is [caller name] with [caller company]. Do you have thirty seconds to hear how this product might benefit you?

The salesperson quickly introduces themselves, their business, and their product in this opening line. This might attract potential customers’ attention right away during the phone call. Additionally, the salesperson suggests that the phone call may only last for 30 seconds, which may appeal to those who are time-constrained.

Example 3

“Good evening, [caller name] with [company] here. I’m calling because we’re committed to saving people like you time and money. “.

While the salesperson introduces themselves, their company, and the reason they are calling in this opening line, This might be enough to keep a potential customer’s interest and prolong the phone call. The salesperson also discusses the company’s mission, which could be of interest to the potential client.

Example 4

“Hello! I’m [caller name] and I sell [product]; you don’t know me. Is this something youd be interested in purchasing?”.

The salesperson briefly introduces themselves, their business, and/or product in this opening line. Additionally, they pose a query to the potential client to demonstrate their interest in learning more about their perspective. This could establish a tone of interest and consideration that the potential buyer might value.

What is a cold call?

An unsolicited phone call from a company’s sales representative trying to upsell a potential customer on a good or service is known as a “cold call.” Usually, businesses get leads on the kinds of clients to target with their cold calls. Although salespeople may find cold calling difficult because there is no prior relationship with a potential customer, with effective opening lines and sufficient preparation, this can be an effective marketing strategy.

Strong cold call opening line strategies

When making a cold call, having a compelling opening line may improve your chances of closing a deal or setting up a meeting or appointment with a potential client. Strong cold call opening lines typically are succinct, offer value, and are as personal as possible. Here are some tips and examples for writing potent cold call opening lines:

State your reason for calling

Consider stating your call’s purpose after extending a warm welcome to the potential client. This could pique the interest of potential clients and improve your chances of keeping them on the phone.

Example:*”Good evening. I’m calling from Three Cows Farm Feed to see if you’d be interested in learning more about our organic, fresh products for farm animals, and I’m not sure if I’m talking to Sarah Smith. “*.

In this instance, the salesperson makes an effort to be as personable as possible, explains why they are calling the potential caller, and offers details on the benefits of their offering.

Ask the prospective customer how theyve been

You could start off by requesting information about the prospective client’s day. This is different from simply asking someone how they are because it creates the impression that you are familiar with them and have spoken to them before.

Example:*”Hi Sarah! This is Allen with Three Cows Farm Feed. How have you been?”*.

Mention your lead source

In your cold call opening line, you can also mention the source of your lead. By doing so, you can establish your authority and establish a connection with the potential client.

“Good afternoon. I’m Allen with Three Cows Farm Feed,” for instance I should call you about our organic, fresh products for farm animals, according to Bob at Farm Feed and Supply Store, who suggested that I do so. “.

Tips for creating cold call opening lines

It is beneficial to keep your cold call opening lines succinct, as personalized as possible, and educational. Some guidelines and requirements may be followed by the ideal cold call opening lines. Consider these tips for creating effective cold call opening lines:


What is the best cold call opening?

The 14 best cold calling opening lines:
  • Open by referencing a common interest.
  • Open by mentioning a recent update on the company.
  • Open by mentioning a recent sale or accomplishment.
  • Open by congratulating the prospect on a recent win.
  • Open with a problem-solving approach.
  • Open by mentioning the prospect’s competition.

How do you start off a cold call?

Begin by saying “Hello, [NAME],” in a friendly and welcoming manner, then move on to Step 2. I purposely avoided saying “Hello, [NAME], how are you today?” because doing so would have given your prospect the opportunity to interrupt your flow. Cold calls are all about taking control in the beginning.

How do you greet someone on a cold call?

Common cold call opening lines
  1. “Hello! This is [caller name] with [company]. …
  2. “Hi! This is [caller name] with [caller company]. …
  3. Hello, this is [caller name] with [company]. I’m calling because we’re dedicated to saving people like you time and money. “.
  4. “Hello!

What is a good intro in a call?

Introduce yourself and the business you work for at the start of any cold calls. To ensure that the customer understands what you are saying when you share this information, speak slowly and clearly. After introducing your business, pause before sharing your next detail.

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