How To Return To Work After a Vacation

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Tips for before you leave

Prior to taking time off, adjusting your work schedule can help your coworkers get used to your temporary absence and ensure that you have a relaxing vacation. Before departing on your vacation, consider the following actions:

Make a list of your projects

Make a list of all the tasks you are working on before you leave. You can use this to organize any tasks you might need to complete before you depart in addition to using it as a reminder for when you return from your vacation.

When creating your list, think about including the current stage of the project you’re working on as well as the primary professionals working on the project. When you get back from vacation, you can easily continue the projects thanks to this.

Delegate important tasks

You might identify some responsibilities on your work to-do list whose deadlines conflict with your vacation. Try to assign the task to a coworker or ask your manager to reassign the responsibility if one of your work obligations has this priority. This ensures another professional completes the project within its deadline.

Set up an out-of-office message

Set up an automated voicemail and email response when you are not in the office, even though your manager and close coworkers probably already know. This lets clients and other professionals know when you plan to return.

If applicable and shareable, think about including details like the anticipated duration of your absence, a contact person to reach out to in your message instead, and the reason you are taking time off.

Tidy your workspace

Clean your workspace before you leave for vacation. This allows you to return to a clean, organized space. Additionally, you might want to think about cleaning any shared offices you use or have items in. This shows consideration for your coworkers and keeps your workspace tidy and functional.

Check your calendar

Before you depart on vacation, review your calendar to make sure you are aware of any deadlines or meetings, especially those that are close to your return date. Consider rescheduling any meetings or events that are scheduled during or close to your vacation if you can. This will give you plenty of time to adjust once you return from your vacation.

Why should you prepare for coming back to work after vacation?

After a vacation, returning to work prepared can make the transition easier and help you resume your normal level of productivity. Other advantages of getting ready to go back to work include:

Tips for your return

It can be difficult to get back into your normal routine after a vacation. The following advice can help you stay productive and get used to your new workplace if you’ve taken a long break from work.

Ask your manager for an update

The day before you anticipate returning from your vacation, depending on your relationship with your manager, you might find it useful to request a work update. Do this to better understand any changes that may have taken place during your absence and the status of the projects that you have been given.

If your manager or boss is unable to give you an update, think about approaching a knowledgeable coworker. Being aware of this information can help you prepare for your first day back at work and ensure that you are kept up to date on workplace events.

Plan for a rest day

If you intend to travel during your time off from work, think about taking an additional day off to spend it at home before going back to work. This gives you some time to unwind and reset before starting work again.

Consider finishing up any cleaning projects you may need to complete at home on your day of rest. This could entail preparing meals for both during and after work or making sure you have clean clothes to wear the following day.

Take breaks

Allow yourself to take numerous brief breaks during your initial days back. Taking breaks during the day can keep you energized and focused. Additionally, you get the chance to socialize and spend time with your coworkers.

Start early

Start your workday a little earlier to give yourself more time to keep up with events at work. Additionally, it can give you some downtime to prepare for work. To stay energized for the workday, think about getting a good night’s sleep the night before you return to the office. If you arrive at work early, you can settle in and take some time to catch up on emails and other work-related updates.

Bring a souvenir

Bring a memento to work with you to lift your spirits while you’re there. As you ease back into work, it may also make you think of your vacation, which will likely make you feel better and keep you optimistic. If you visited a beach during your vacation, for instance, bringing a shell to work to decorate your desk might be a nice way to remember your time off.


How do you deal with going back to work after vacation?

10 tips for going back to work after vacation
  1. Plan your return. …
  2. Build in some transition time. …
  3. Make a list. …
  4. Keep the holiday feeling alive. …
  5. Listen to music. …
  6. Just do it. …
  7. Do it together. …
  8. A positive attitude.

Why is it hard to return to work after vacation?

The longer our vacation, the more common it is to feel upset about going back to work. All people find the most comfort in the familiar, so a schedule of taking time off from work becomes our “normal” even if we had to do so due to an unpleasant event like an illness or death.

How do you get back to normal after vacation?

10 Tips for Going Back to Work After Vacation With Minimal Stress
  • Make a running list of your projects before you leave.
  • Delegate the things that can’t wait until your return. …
  • Set up an out-of-the-office email and voicemail message. …
  • Request an update via email from your manager the day before you return.

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