How To Calculate Your Average Daily Sales (And Why It’s Important)

Divide your sales generated during the accounting period by the number of days in the period to calculate your average daily sales. In the example, divide your annual sales of $40,000 by 365 to get $109.59 in average daily sales.

Daily, weekly, and monthly sales numbers can vary greatly. A business owner can plan expenses and project sales in the future by calculating average daily sales. Calculate average daily sales in a sales tracking spreadsheet for the best outcomes. Making changes to sales data and spotting errors is simple with a spreadsheet program.

Maintain your daily sales in a sales tracking spreadsheet. Daily dates should be entered in the first column, and daily sales should be entered in the second. Calculate the average daily sales for the relevant period using the average function. Consider the following scenario: Cells B1 to B61 contain sales information for the past two months. Type “=Average(B1:B61)” into the formula bar of a blank cell. The resultant number is equal to the time period’s average daily sales.

How to Calculate Total Daily Averages with Pivot Tables

Why is it important to calculate average daily sales?

For organizations to have a comprehensive understanding of their sales operations, calculating average daily sales is crucial. This can assist a business in planning its budget and predicting upcoming sales. You can see how much your customers spend at the point of sale by looking at real-time data. Finding your average daily sales will help you allocate your budget and decide how to best manage your sales pipeline.

This may also assist in evaluating the efficacy of your company’s marketing and sales initiatives. Average daily sales figures can help you identify any problems that might be preventing your operations from being successful and give you insight into how successful daily operations are.

What are average daily sales?

The profit a business makes over the course of a day after paying its creditors is referred to as average daily sales. These can change based on a number of variables, such as seasonal promotions. The median value businesses discover by dividing a sales amount by the number of days in a given time period is known as average daily sales. This metric is frequently used by businesses to assess their efficiency by comparing current sales to historical ones. To calculate, the formula looks like this:

Total sales / number of days = Average daily sales

How to calculate average daily sales

By using the steps below, you can determine your average daily sales:

1. Pick a timeframe

You can start by deciding on a time frame to look at when calculating your average daily sales. This is frequently your annual data, but you can also review data from the most recent week, month, or quarter. Using your daily reports or another type of software program, you can evaluate this data.

2. Determine the total sales

Find out your total sales revenue for the selected timeframe. This provides you with a broad idea of how much money your business makes at that particular time. For instance, a stationery company may learn that its sales of paper goods bring in $50,000 annually.

3. Divide sales by number of days

Once you’ve determined your sales volume for the period you’ve chosen, you can divide it by the cycle’s number of days. Therefore, they would divide $50,000 by 365, the number of days in a year, for the stationery company. This indicates that the business makes, on average, $137 per day. It would look like this:

50,000 / 365 = 137

4. Enter your data

Record your average daily sales in a designated location. This may include a sales tracker spreadsheet or collaborative software. Keeping track of your average daily sales can help you have historical information to consider later for comparisons.

5. Compare with other periods

You can assess the performance of your company by comparing your average daily sales to previous data after calculating them. If the value you receive is less than the amount from the previous year, you can draw the conclusion that your company isn’t performing as well as it once did and pinpoint areas for improvement. However, you can assume that your sales are doing better and that your strategies are working if your average daily sales are higher than the value from last year.

How can I use average daily sales?

Your company’s average daily sales can be used to spot trends in your sales data. Once you’ve found this value, you could make a line chart or a bar graph to illustrate how it changes over time. To assess how successfully your business is achieving its sales objectives, it is also advantageous to compare this metric to your prior sales amounts. You can also use your average daily sales by including it in your daily sales report or other document that summarizes your company’s operations.

Tips for finding your average daily sales

The following advice will help you determine your average daily sales:

Examples of average daily sales

Here are two examples of average daily sales:

Example 1: Gemmas Gift Shop wants to determine its daily average sales for the most recent three months. In doing so, they gather information from the previous three months and learn they made $120,000. The shop divides $120,000 by 90, the number of days in the last three months, to determine their average daily sales.

120,000 / 90 = 1,333

On average, Gemmas Gift Shop makes $1,333 each day.

Example 2: Boston Wheelz Down wants to know how much money they generate each day from their bike tours and whether it has increased from the previous year. The business first examines the data they have gathered to determine how much money they have made this year before calculating their average daily sales. Boston Wheelz Down finds out they made $30,000 this year after reviewing reports. They calculate an average daily sales value of $822 by dividing this amount by 365.

300,000 / 356 = 821.9

The business contrasts this figure with their $800 average daily sales value from the previous year. Since $822 is more than $800, Boston Wheelz Down can infer that this year they are making more sales.


How do you calculate average daily?

Day 1 balance plus Day 2 balance plus Day 3 balance / number of days in the billing cycle is the total.

What is expected daily sales means?

The average number of products sold each day, as determined by dividing the total number of products sold in a given period by the number of days in that period: The newspaper reported average daily sales of over 21,000 in its first month of publication.

What does average sales mean?

Average Sales refers to the total gross sales of the Products made by Purchaser and its affiliates over the Sales Adjustment Period, less returns and allowances, multiplied by a fraction with a numerator of 12 and a denominator of 18.

What is a daily average?

The term “daily average” refers to the arithmetic average of the daily averages for each hourly unit.

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