The Top 25 AvantStay Interview Questions To Prepare For

AvantStay is an LA-based, tech-enabled, venture-backed travel and hospitality startup founded in 2017. AvantStay is redefining the rental market by setting new standards for short-term rental experiences.

AvantStay promises a carefully chosen experience that is tailored to each guest’s requirements. They do this by using their own technology to handle bookings on the back end, make in-field and remote management work seamlessly, and set up real and high-level customer touchpoints.

The company leases properties, boutique hotels and commercial spaces in the US and converts them into short-term rentals. As of now, they work with Marriott International’s Homes as well as Airbnb, Vrbo, and HomeAway.

In 2019 they have raised over $40 million in funding. The round was led by 3L Capital with Bullpen Capital, Convivialite Ventures, F-Prime Capital and Zeno Ventures.

Since then, they’ve added more properties to their portfolio, improved their technology, and grown their team, but they’ve kept their commitment to providing great customer service.

AvantStay is passionate about the intersection of real estate, hospitality and tech. The group worked together to create a new type of hospitality brand using the power of virtual technology to automate the short-term rental market. With offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, they currently operate in 30+ markets across the United States. AvantStay’s own tech algorithm and data experts find partnership opportunities and use the virtual management system to automate tasks to save time and make the guest experience better overall.

The company has also made its own technology, such as the group booking platform Stay and the mobile concierge app Butler.

The secret to AvantStays success is the high calibre of the people who work here. AvantStay is the place to be if you want to work with smart, driven, and passionate people in a friendly, fast-paced setting. Their team is incredibly passionate about real estate, technology and the arts. Together, they used the power of virtual technology to build a new kind of hospitality brand for the short-term rental market.

We asked AvantStay’s team a few questions about their culture, tech challenges, their interview process and more. Check out what they had to say!.

Landing a job at AvantStay, the leading hospitality tech company, is an exciting opportunity. However, with AvantStay’s rigorous hiring process, you need to be thoroughly prepared to stand out among other candidates. This comprehensive guide covers the top 25 most frequently asked AvantStay interview questions along with tips to help you craft winning answers.

Whether you are interviewing for a tech, operations, sales, or corporate role, these common AvantStay questions will help you gain insight into the company’s values while showcasing your qualifications. With the right preparation, you can walk into your AvantStay interview ready to impress the hiring team.

Overview of AvantStay’s Interview Process

The typical AvantStay interview process consists of

  • Initial phone screening with a recruiter
  • Take-home skills assessment
  • 2-3 video interviews with hiring managers and team members
  • Final interview with senior leadership

Across these multiple interview rounds, AvantStay aims to assess your technical abilities, problem-solving skills, leadership potential, and culture fit.

The process is known to be rigorous but fair. AvantStay provides reasonable timelines for take-home assessments and is transparent about the number of interview rounds. Communication from the recruiting team and interviewers is timely and helpful. Overall, the process allows candidates to get a genuine preview of AvantStay’s fast-paced yet supportive work culture.

Most Common AvantStay Interview Questions

Here are the top 25 interview questions candidates report being asked frequently at AvantStay:

Leadership and Management

  1. How would you describe your management style and approach?

    Interviewers want to assess your leadership abilities and see if your style aligns with AvantStay’s emphasis on transparency autonomy and leading by influence. Share specific examples that demonstrate your preferred management approach focusing on transparency, empathy, delegating authority, soliciting input, and guiding teams towards goals.

  2. What strategies have you used to motivate your team and improve performance?

    Discuss the tactics you’ve applied to motivate teams, whether through incentive programs, fostering healthy competition, recognition, professional development opportunities, or leading by example. Share examples that had a measurable impact on your team’s performance. Emphasize results-driven, collaborative leadership.

  3. How have you handled low team morale or conflict between team members in the past?

    Share an example of when you turned around low team morale or resolved conflict through open communication, empathy, and team building. Discuss the root causes you identified and the tactics used to improve team cohesion and positivity. Showcase emotional intelligence and your ability to handle interpersonal challenges.

Innovation and Problem-Solving

  1. How do you encourage innovation within your team or organization?

    AvantStay prides itself on a culture of innovation, so interviewers want to know how you stimulate fresh thinking. Share examples like brainstorming sessions, stretch goal projects, hackathons, adequate resources and time for new ideas, and celebrating innovation regardless of outcomes.

  2. Tell me about a time you spearheaded a successful new initiative for your company.

    Share an example of an innovation or process improvement you led from ideation to execution. Detail the challenges faced and how you overcame obstacles through critical thinking, collaboration, and perseverance. Quantify the impact your initiative made. Demonstrate you can drive change.

  3. Describe a situation where you had to solve a difficult problem with limited time and resources. What was the outcome?

    Discuss your approach to complex problem-solving using structured methods like root cause analysis. Share an example where you analyzed issues thoroughly before devising targeted solutions. Emphasize resourcefulness, creativity, and how you minimize business disruptions when problem-solving under pressure.

Technical Skills

  1. What experience do you have using software X, programming language Y, and tech Z?

    Expect tech-centric questions tailored to the specific role you are interviewing for. Discuss projects where you applied your technical knowledge of required tools and systems. Quantify your proficiency level and highlight how you stay updated on the latest tech trends in your domain.

  2. How would approach integrating two complex proprietary systems?

    Demonstrate your technical project management skills for complex IT initiatives requiring coordination across teams. Discuss challenges like legacy systems, security, data migration, testing, and troubleshooting. Showcase both strategic planning and hands-on technical abilities.

  3. Tell me about a time you had to quickly learn a new technology or programming language for your job. How did you accomplish this?

    Learning agility is valued at tech companies like AvantStay. Share examples of quickly getting up to speed on new technologies through self-study, colleagues’ help, online resources, and experimentation. Discuss the projects where you applied these new tech skills successfully.

Customer Orientation and Communication

  1. How do you ensure excellent customer service across all properties or teams you manage?

    AvantStay expects fanatical customer service across its portfolio. Share tactics you’ve used to deliver consistent, high-quality experiences such as thorough training, detailed protocols, customer-focused KPIs, quality assurance checks, and regular customer satisfaction reviews.

  2. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond to resolve a customer complaint.

    Share an example that highlights your customer empathy, creative problem-solving, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Discuss how you uncovered the root issues, communicated transparently with the client, and implemented process improvements to prevent future issues.

  3. What methods have you utilized to collect customer feedback and insights at your company?

    Discuss quantitative and qualitative methods for gathering customer insights like surveys, focus groups, customer advisory panels, user testing, interviews, and monitoring ratings/reviews. Then share how you have used these insights to influence product development, enhance user experiences, and improve customer satisfaction.

Strategic Thinking

  1. If you were launching a new product or service line, how would you approach market validation and research?

    Demonstrate strategic thinking and analytical approach to identifying target customers, market demand, competitive landscape, and positioning for a new product. Discuss research methods, analysis frameworks, and how your insights would inform go-to-market strategy.

  2. How would you go about influencing cross-functional teams or departments to adopt a new company-wide strategy?

    Share your approach to gaining buy-in, facilitating collaboration, and overcoming resistance when implementing organization-wide changes. Discuss tactics like crafting a persuasive vision, appealing to logic and emotions, identifying key influencers, and thoughtful change management tactics.

  3. How do you stay on top of industry trends and developments?

    Highlight your proactive learning, curiosity, and ability to apply new knowledge. Discuss publications, events, professional networks, and trainings you leverage to stay updated on innovations and trends in your field. Provide examples of how you have successfully incorporated cutting-edge thinking into your work.

Culture Fit and Values

  1. Why do you want to work for AvantStay?

    Show genuine enthusiasm for AvantStay’s mission, culture, and products/services. Go beyond simplistic answers to demonstrate your understanding of the company’s goals, values, and competitive differentiators. Share how your own passions and values align. Back up your interest with thorough research.

  2. How would your colleagues describe your work style and personality?

    Share qualities like your collaboration skills, creativity, high standards, positivity, integrity, reliability, and adaptability. Emphasize characteristics that align with AvantStay’s values like transparency, driven, and trustworthy. Back up claims with specific examples.

  3. Tell me about a time you received critical feedback from your manager. How did you respond?

    Share an example that demonstrates humility, maturity, and commitment to your professional development. Discuss how you actively listened, were open to critique, and worked collaboratively with your manager to create a plan for improvement. Highlight the progress you made.

  4. What are some challenges you foresee in this position? How would you address them?

    Demonstrate you have thoroughly researched the role and the company to prepare for likely scenarios. Identify potential challenges like learning curves, outdated processes, unclear guidelines, stretched resources, or clashing perspectives. Discuss mature strategies for tackling issues proactively and collaboratively.

  5. Why are you looking to leave your current position?

    Be honest but focus on positive reasons like seeking new challenges, faster growth opportunities, better culture fit, or to utilize different skills. Avoid badmouthing your current employer. Emphasize your commitment and professionalism gave ample notice to your employer.

Situational and Behavioral Questions

  1. Tell me about a high-pressure situation or deadline you had to meet. How did you approach it?

    Discuss a relevant example focused on time management, prioritization, stress management, and overcoming challenges to successfully meet a tight deadline or high-pressure moment. Quantify the results you achieved.

  2. Describe a time you had to balance multiple projects with competing priorities. How did you handle this?

    Share your approach to multitasking, prioritization using weighted criteria, checklist management, and open communication about timelines and expectations. Emphasize time management abilities while delivering quality results across projects.

  3. Tell me about a time you disagreed with a colleague or supervisor. What was the situation and how did you handle it?

    Candidly share a disagreement you handled maturely

What are some traits that would make someone successful at AvantStay?

A good AvantStay team member likes working in a fast-paced and collaborative space, isn’t afraid to speak up and offer new ideas, and always aims for the highest quality of work.

What are some tech challenges you are trying to solve?

One of our main technical goals for the upcoming year is the expansion of our add-on service offerings. Some of the many features that make an AvantStay a truly exceptional short-term rental are in-house chefs, fully stocked fridges, extra cleanings, and more.

We are also making a dashboard for our homeowners to use to show how their properties are doing and how our partnership is helping them.

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Sample Answers


Is an EY interview tough?

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How to answer what do you know about EY?

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What questions are asked in a EY competency based interview?

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How is the EY interview process?

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