Attendance Write Up: What It Is and How To Write One (With an Example)

What is an attendance write up? An attendance write up is a disciplinary measure taken for employees who are consistently tardy or absent to work. It documents the steps taken to address the attendance issues and what the next disciplinary measures will be if the employee does not resolve the problem.

When employees frequently miss work, absenteeism becomes a problem, leaving you with insufficient staff. When coworkers are absent without leaving a call, arrive late, or call in sick, other employees must take responsibility for the situation and deal with the fallout. Written warnings record the employee’s absences in case you decide to let her go in the future. The notifications also let the worker know that her absences are a problem. A tactful approach keeps the documentation professional.

How to Write Up an Employee

How to create an attendance write up

The steps to writing up a worker for absence are as follows:

1. Gather data

Your write up should include the employees attendance record. It must detail each occasion on which the worker was late, absent, or left early. Include this information in the report if the employee has taken more time off than is permitted by their benefits package. The HR manager at your company is typically the person to ask for this information.

By including it in your writing, you might also want to reiterate the company’s attendance policy. This can clearly show how an employee’s actions are in direct violation of the company’s policies.

2. Discuss previous measures taken

Include a section describing the prior actions the company has taken to address the attendance issues in your write-up. This demonstrates that the issue persists despite your efforts to resolve it prior to this incident. When detailing past actions, you should add:

3. Explain the effects

Employee absences have an impact on their performance, which can lower departmental and overall productivity. If they work in a team, frequent absences and tardiness can burden their coworkers with extra work. Describe how the staff members’ poor attendance affected their ability to do their jobs by citing specific projects or assignments. If the employee has missed meetings, is behind on their work, or has not submitted projects by the deadline, you can mention it.

4. Outline next steps

Your report should specify the steps the employee needs to take to remedy the situation. Provide a date for reviewing the employees progress. Additionally, you should outline the actions the company will take if the employee does not adhere to the attendance policy. These actions may include terminating the employee or reducing the employee’s pay for the hours they missed.

5. Ask for feedback

To make sure your write-up contains all the necessary elements, you might want to have your company’s HR manager and legal team review it. They can ensure that the writing is accurate and the language is appropriate.

6. Deliver the write up

Make an appointment to meet with the employee to deliver the write-up and discuss it with them. Be understanding and patient with the employee as it may be a difficult conversation. Describe each item on the list exactly as it is written. To remain professional, use straightforward language without adding any feelings or opinions. As proof that they have received and comprehend the write-up, ask the employee to sign and date it.

7. File the write up

As a formal record of the incident, you should keep the attendance record bearing both your signature and the employee’s signature in the employee’s permanent personnel file.

What is an attendance write up?

When an employee consistently arrives late or is absent from work, a written attendance warning is given. It details the actions taken to address the attendance issues as well as the subsequent disciplinary actions that will be taken if the employee doesn’t fix the issue. An attendance write-up typically comes after other interventions to address the employee’s attendance, like a meeting with the supervisor or HR. The written report is used to escalate the disciplinary measures.

It’s critical to create an attendance write-up so that you can clearly communicate your expectations for employees. Additionally, it shows the steps taken by the business to resolve the issue, the employee’s knowledge of the company’s policies, and any potential repercussions.

Example of an attendance write up

You can use the following sample write-up for poor attendance as a template to make your own:

Written warning for attendance

To: Frank Hollis

From: Gary Marshall, General Manager

Date: April 15, 2009

You have been given a formal warning for breaking Grove Industries’ attendance policy. The policy states:

Every employee is required to show up at the designated shift time. Employees are allotted two personal absences each year.

You have been absent from work or arrived late for work on the following occasions since January 1, which is more than the permitted number of excused absences for personal reasons.

We have discussed this matter on two previous occasions. On February 12, we sent you an email outlining our attendance policy and emphasizing the value of showing up to work on time. Additionally, we met on March 12 to talk about the ongoing attendance issues. On March 12, I verbally warned you that if the issue persisted, there would be progressive action.

Unfortunately, since February 12, we have not noticed any changes in your attendance. Your coworkers needed to update you on the changes because you missed two crucial meetings for the Johnson account. This reduces the productivity of the entire team and places an undue burden on those who do follow our attendance policy.

You will be on probation for the following 30 days. You must show up on time for all of your scheduled shifts during this time. After 30 days, we will review the situation. Grove Industries will be forced to let you go if you are unable to meet these requirements.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Gary Marshall

I have received and understand the contents of this notice.

Employee Name

Employee Signature



How do you write an attendance warning?

Consider this a letter of caution regarding your ongoing attendance issues, dear. Your inconsistent attendance is starting to negatively impact other aspects of your work, so you must improve. According to your attendance records, you have used a total of ___ days on ___ occasions since ___________.

What do you say to an employee about attendance?

How to discuss the problem of absenteeism:
  • Clearly communicate policies and procedures upfront.
  • Show employees you care. …
  • Address the issue right away, in real-time.
  • Constantly, fairly apply a points or progressive disciplinary system.
  • Praise and reward good attendance, and acknowledge improvements.

How do you write an attendance email?

I hope you are doing well, but I wanted to let you know that even though I updated my leave and attendance requests for the past month yesterday, the HR portal at your company is still showing that they have not yet been approved.

What do you say to an employee with poor attendance?

Inform the worker that you have observed his frequent absences and discuss the implications for the company as a whole. Conversational Tip “Joe, customers notice delays when you’re away, and your employees must take on the additional workload.” It makes it challenging for us to complete the task in the necessary manner. ”.

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