FAQ: What Is an Associate in General Studies?

The Associate of General Studies degree is designed for students wishing to acquire a broad education, rather than pursue a specific college major or career technical program. Because of the flexibility of this degree, it may not fulfill requirements for transfer to a four-year institution.

After completing the intended program with at least 60 college credits and a cumulative GPA of 2, the Associate in General Studies Degree will be granted. 0 or overall “C. “The student must have finished at least fifteen (15) credit hours from Barton County Community College in order to be eligible for graduation. Unless a later catalog is adopted, students who are continuously enrolled from the time they declare their program of study until they apply for graduation will be held to the catalog requirements in effect at that time. “Continuous enrollment” refers to yearly enrollment in at least one credit-bearing course each semester during the Fall and Spring semesters (or an equivalent). If a student’s enrollment is interrupted, they will be held to the policies and specifications of the official catalog when they re-enter the program.

Students with verified leave of absence justification or military personnel engaged in deployment operations are exempt from this rule. Prerequisite and/or curriculum changes that take place for goals other than graduation – e g. These catalog requirements do not apply to regulatory and legislative updates, third-party accreditation or other certification body requirements, increased industry skill demand, changes to employment or transfer requirements, or recommended and/or mandated changes from the Kansas Board of Regents or other similar entities.

Associate of General Studies

What are the requirements to get into the program?

A high school diploma, GED, or an equivalent is typically required for an associate general studies program. Some colleges might have minimum GPA requirements before enrolling students in their associate degree programs. Candidates might be expected to have knowledge of the common core curriculum, which includes science and math. Additionally, students may be required to submit some of their standardized test results, such as those from the SAT or ACT. Letters of recommendation, resumes, cover letters, and writing samples might also be needed as additional criteria. Typically, requirements differ depending on the colleges you apply to.

What is an associate degree in general studies?

A two-year program leading to an associate’s degree in general studies teaches students fundamental skills in subjects like math and English. With this degree, students can learn and gain experience without concentrating on a particular area of study. For students who want to attend college but aren’t ready to commit to a specific field of study, earning an associate degree in general studies is advantageous. After receiving their associate degree, students can transfer to another college to complete their bachelor’s degrees. The student can finish their bachelor’s degree faster because they already have their general education credits.

How long does it take to graduate?

An associate’s degree in general studies is typically earned in two years. Your associate program’s duration may vary depending on a number of factors. For example, colleges may have different degree requirements or lengths. It might take you longer than two years to complete a general studies degree if you transfer from another associate degree. There may be accelerated associate programs available at some colleges that could help you graduate more quickly than usual. With an online program, you might also be able to obtain your associate’s degree in general studies. Sometimes online programs are shorter, meaning you could graduate faster.

What do you learn?

Here are some typical topics you could study while obtaining your associate’s degree in general studies:


English is usually a core subject that includes writing and literature. These programs are crucial because they impart literacy and writing abilities. For instance, having strong reading comprehension abilities could be useful if your job requires you to read reports, manuals, or emails. Writing is crucial because many employers might anticipate you to possess fundamental writing abilities. Even if you are not pursuing a job in the field of English, you might be required to write a memo or a proposal for work.


This refers to learning basic mathematical skills. Basic mathematical proficiency demonstrates your ability to reason critically and resolve problems. It demonstrates that you are at least somewhat proficient with numbers. Numerous jobs may require some math skills even if you are not pursuing math as a career. For instance, you might need to conduct an inventory to place an order for new supplies. You might enroll in math reasoning, beginning algebra, or math literacy courses.

Social science and history

Social science and history are additional fundamental subjects you might study. History is the study of the past, while social science studies people and society. You could enroll in social science courses like geography, economics, sociology, or psychology. Some history classes may include U. S. , state or world history. History and social science are crucial courses to take while obtaining your associate’s degree in general studies. History provides you with a foundational education about significant historical events, while social science teaches you about human relations.


Understanding science can help you comprehend how topics like biology or chemistry operate. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree or career in science in the future, science classes will be helpful. If not, its still helpful to know basic science skills. It can make you a more qualified applicant for jobs and a better student. You can apply what you learn about observation, measurement, and analysis in science to a wide range of academic disciplines. You might enroll in introduction to biology, chemistry, or physics as some basic science courses.


Since an associate’s degree in general studies doesn’t offer a specific concentration, electives are usually taken in addition to the classes that are industry-related. Any combination of classes you’re interested in taking can count as electives. Typically, colleges have a list of electives from which you can select your courses. Choose courses that you think will be of use to you in the future. For instance, you might want to take additional math classes if you want to pursue a career in a math-related field.

What are the requirements to graduate?

There are a number of requirements you can satisfy to graduate. Having a certain number of credits is a typical requirement for graduation. Many associate programs, whether online or in person, require 60 credits before you can graduate. Most colleges have guidelines regarding the number of credits you need in each subject. For instance, they might anticipate that you will enroll in 18 credits of math. Find out about the credit requirements for your preferred associate program by doing some research. Additionally, you might need to have a specific grade in each class and pass a math or English proficiency test.

What can you do with an associate in general studies?

With an associate’s in general studies, you could pursue the following careers:

Veterinary technician

A career as a veterinary technician may be of interest to you if you enjoy working with animals. By carrying out duties like inspecting animals, taking X-rays, providing emergency care, or instructing pet owners, veterinary technicians support primary veterinarians. You could work for animal control agencies, zoos, or humane societies as a vet technician.

Teachers assistant

If you enjoy teaching children, pursuing a career as a teachers assistant might be a good choice. Teachers assistants help teachers complete their daily tasks. An assistant teacher might, for instance, take attendance, tutor students, mark their tests and homework, or keep an eye on them. By fulfilling these obligations, teachers have more time to spend instructing and assisting students.


Become a paralegal if you’re interested in pursuing a career in law or a related field. These individuals support attorneys and aid in boosting efficiency within law firms. The work of a paralegal may include gathering information, looking into a case, filing paperwork, and getting in touch with clients. These tasks could aid attorneys in getting ready for trial, hearing, and other court cases.

General manager

You could work as a general manager if managing a shop or company appeals to you. You oversee a company’s daily operations in this position. As a general manager, you might be responsible for hiring and training staff, creating schedules, taking inventory, and helping customers as needed.


Is a general associate’s degree worth anything?

Do Associates Degrees Have Any Value? Yes, they do, and for many students, they may be a wise investment. According to a survey by the Center on Education and the Workforce, people with associate degrees make about $400,000 more over the course of their careers than people with only a high school diploma.

What is a general studies degree good for?

A degree in general studies can lead to careers in many different industries. These comprehensive programs give students interdisciplinary knowledge for careers in business, information technology, and public health.

What is an AA in general studies?

An extensive knowledge base is provided by the Associate of Arts (AA) in General Studies to prepare students for the workforce and/or further academic study.

What is the difference between AA and AS general studies?

In essence, A. A. degrees are more general in nature and can assist students in continuing their education or entering different fields of employment. A. S. Degrees tend to be more constrained in scope, and students who want to broaden their education may need to enroll in additional courses.

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