Top Applied Systems Interview Questions and Answers to Help You Get Hired

Established in 1983, Applied Systems is a renowned software company that specializes in providing innovative insurance software solutions. With over 1. 6 million users across 65,000 businesses worldwide, Applied Systems has made a significant impact in the insurance industry. This article will talk about how Applied Systems hires people, including the questions they ask and how they relate to the company’s goals of technological innovation and excellent customer service.

Applied Systems is a leading provider of cloud-based software for the insurance industry If you have an interview coming up for a role at Applied Systems, solid preparation will help you stand out In this comprehensive guide, we provide insider tips and sample responses to ace the most common Applied Systems interview questions.

We’ll cover both general queries about your background and experience as well as Applied Systems-specific questions on insurance technology, client relationships, and company knowledge. Read on to learn winning answers that can help you land the job!

Overview of Applied Systems

Let’s briefly review some key facts about Applied Systems:

  • Founded in 1984 and headquartered in University Park, IL.

  • Develops software for property and casualty, life and annuities, and benefits insurance sectors.

  • Flagship products include Epic, NexSure, and Tarmika for policy, rating, claims, and billing processes.

  • Acquired by private equity firm Hellman & Friedman LLC in 2019 for $1.8 billion.

  • Employs over 2,100 staff across 30 global office locations.

  • Mission is to “create the world’s best software and services organization focused on the insurance industry.”

Now let’s look at some sample interview questions and how to make winning responses.

General Applied Systems Interview Questions

Expect preliminary questions assessing your personal background, communication skills, and interest in the role:

Q: Why are you interested in this position at Applied Systems?

Highlight your passion for insurance technology and eagerness to contribute to Applied Systems’ solutions. Tailor your answer to the specific role.

A: As someone passionate about streamlining workflows through well-designed software, I’m thrilled by the chance to join Applied Systems’ industry-leading products team. I very much admire Applied’s mission of modernizing insurance technology. Having interned at a rapidly growing InsurTech startup, I’m excited to apply my experience to help enhance Applied’s cloud-based solutions for brokers.

Q: What excites you most about our products?

Convey genuine enthusiasm for Applied’s offerings. Share specific features or value-adds that appeal to you.

A: What excites me most is how Applied Systems allows brokers to manage their entire workflow from one integrated platform. Functions like automated policy checking, billing through agency management system integration, and real-time data syncing deliver meaningful time and efficiency gains to clients. I’m especially impressed by enhancements like mobile app connectivity and the Applied CSR24 client portal for on-demand service.

Q: How would your skills translate well to this role?

Match your qualifications and past experiences to the position’s core requirements. Focus on relevant hard and soft skills.

A: With 5 years of experience as an insurance broker, I developed in-depth knowledge of P&C policy lifecycles and pain points that software can alleviate. This client perspective would allow me to build solutions tailored to real-world needs. Additionally, my background in data analytics and SQL programming equip me to quickly analyze Applied’s data structures and systems. My combo of insurance expertise and technical skills make me an ideal candidate to enhance Applied’s offerings.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Align your long-term aims with continued career growth at Applied Systems. Demonstrate your commitment to advancing in the role and company.

A: In 5 years, I hope to have grown professionally here at Applied Systems, becoming an expert on your broker software solutions and taking on more senior product leadership. I aim to build a reputation both internally and externally as someone with deep insurance technology expertise who can be entrusted to oversee key product enhancements. I’m committed to helping Applied maintain its standing as an insurance software leader long-term.

Applied Systems Interview Questions About Software Solutions

Since Applied Systems focuses on insurance technology, expect in-depth queries on your understanding of solutions for P&C, life, and benefits insurance. Some examples:

Q: How would you describe Applied Epic to someone unfamiliar with it?

Demonstrate your ability to clearly communicate Applied Systems’ value proposition and differentiate it from competitors.

A: Applied Epic provides end-to-end management of the policy lifecycle within one specialized system. It enables automation of workflows from rating, quoting, and application through policy issuance, endorsement, and renewal. Key capabilities include integrated imaging, dynamic forms generation, and rules-based underwriting. Its efficiency gains, data centralization, and flexibility for configuring workflows to each carrier’s preferences make Applied Epic a powerful solution for P&C insurers.

Q: What insurance industry trends might influence Applied’s product roadmap down the line? How would you guide the product team to address them?

Showcase your industry awareness and strategic thinking abilities. Align with Applied’s mission.

A: Big data and advanced analytics are major trends that will shape insurance software needs as more firms embrace predictive modeling and personalized pricing models. I would guide the product team to incorporate expanded integration and data visualization capabilities to allow brokers to harness data-driven insights using Applied Systems solutions. We should also explore adding options for API connectivity and real-time data exchange with external tools brokers use in their analytics processes. The goal would be enabling seamless data usage across insurers’ technology ecosystems.

Q: If you were hired as a product manager, what’s the first aspect of Applied Epic you would want to enhance?

Demonstrate you have ideas to improve existing products rather than overhauling them. Show passion for optimizing client workflows.

A: One area I see opportunity for Applied Epic enhancement is expanding self-service options for policyholders through digital channels. I would suggest building out the customer portal and mobile app connectivity to allow policyholders to report claims, access documents, communicate with agents, and more through integrated self-service workflows. Boosting Applied software’s digital capabilities would improve customer satisfaction while giving brokers built-in tools to smoothly facilitate online client interactions.

Applied Systems Interview Questions About the Role

Hiring managers will assess your understanding of the position’s responsibilities as well as your fit within the team. Get ready for role-focused questions like:

Q: What do you think are the most important skills for someone in this role?

Showcase must-have abilities for success in the job. Include both hard and soft skills.

A: For this insurance broker support specialist role, some of the most important skills are product knowledge, patience, multitasking, and analytical thinking. Having in-depth familiarity with Applied software like BillingCenter and agencyManager would allow me to fluently address client issues and train new users. Patience and multitasking help when tackling high ticket volumes. Analyzing patterns in customer issues enables me to provide targeted solutions. Combining knowledge of Applied Systems’ offerings with strong technical and interpersonal abilities is key.

Q: How would you approach learning this role if hired?

Demonstrate eagerness plus strategies to quickly master responsibilities. Share relevant examples if possible.

A: If hired, I would take proactive steps to learn this role in my first weeks. I’d create flash cards with key product specs and FAQs to memorize. Shadowing teammates would also allow me to observe real-life ticket resolution. Within the first month, I aim to handle tier 1 inquiries independently using your knowledge base resources. I used similar immersive techniques to quickly ramp up when learning new insurance packages in past roles – I’m committed to mastering Applied’s offerings as swiftly as possible.

Q: How do you stay motivated on projects that get stalled or tedious?

Share tips that help you maintain high quality and productivity even when tasks aren’t intrinsically engaging. Demonstrate commitment.

A: Although every project has dry components, I remind myself how each piece contributes to meaningful outcomes that excite me, whether it’s enhancing client workflows or applying insurance knowledge. Breaking larger goals into smaller milestones helps too. I hold myself accountable by setting weekly deliverables, tracking progress, and minimizing unnecessary meetings that impede efficiency. Staying organized, slicing big pictures into doable steps, and keeping the end goal in mind keeps me motivated when things get mundane.

Q: How would you respond if a client became frustrated about a product limitation?

Showcase composure and client service skills. Present solutions-focused mindset.

A: First, I’d listen closely to understand their concerns and the business impact of the limitation. I’d then apologize for the inconvenience while advising on any workarounds available to meet their immediate needs. Once the situation is resolved, I’d escalate their feedback to our product team as a potential enhancement request for a future release. Even in frustrating situations, I aim to maintain a positive relationship by hearing the client out, providing constructive solutions, and promising to have their voice heard internally.

Questions About Applied Systems Work Culture

Since company culture contributes greatly to professional fulfillment and tenure, interviewers often ask about your workplace preferences and motivations:

Q: Would you describe yourself as someone who likes structure and consistency or frequent change and variety?

Explain your working style alignment with Applied Systems’ structured yet innovative culture.

A: I thrive off a blend of structure and variety. I appreciate defined expectations and processes because they allow me to plan effectively and deliver consistent results. However, I also get motivated by frequent progress and new challenges to flex my creative muscles. Applied Systems seems like a workplace that strikes this

Applied Systems Hiring Process

At Applied Systems, the hiring process usually starts with a phone interview with a recruiter. This is followed by interviews with different team members and managers. These interviews may be conducted in-person, over the phone, or via video conferencing. Candidates may also have to do tests like personality and logic tests, as well as technical work or presentations. The whole process can take a few weeks, and how responsive and helpful the recruiter is when you talk to them can vary. Overall, the interview experience is described as professional, thorough, and focused on technical skills and cultural fit.

Applied Systems: Interview with Jon Turner


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