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Interviews for Top Jobs at ADP

Senior QA Engineer Interview


I applied online. The process took 1 week. I interviewed at ADP (Hyderābād) in Dec 2015


I got personal interview call from ADP, I Cleared through all round except VP round. HR asked me to leave for the day by informing that only vp round is pending with you. On Another day I got call from HR and he said your VP Round is scheduled on friday. On Friday instead of VP Call i got call from HR Saying that VP is not available today,so you will get call on Monday. So From that day i m still waiting for VP Call….I have tried to be communicated with HR through mail but no Reply from Him.

Interview Questions

  • 1. Techical Test (Programs with Java and selenium – set up connection and read data from table and used it in your code, selenium-select, etc)2. Techical Interview3. Techinical + logical Reasoning4. Technical +Managerial5. VP Round

What candidates say about the interview process at ADP

  • Very thorough interview process. Phone interview followed by 1 hour in person interview with two managers. I could tell they were looking for specific answers/behaviors. They asked several questions, …

    Shared on June 24, 2021
  • Felt like they were trying to sell me on the position

    Shared on February 29, 2020
  • I submitted an application online via the ADP website. That same day I received an email stating that a recruiter would be in touch to schedule a pre-screen phone interview. The pre-screen was schedu…

    Shared on September 20, 2019

How candidates received their first interview at ADP

  • I was looking for sales jobs and saw that there was an ADP office in my city, so I decided to apply. Got a phone interview scheduled and set up within 24 hrs

    Shared on November 23, 2021
  • The interview process at ADP is pretty easy navigating and showing your potential. The only i can say is being referred doesng help and sometimes even with the background and skill set they still reje…

    Shared on September 6, 2020
  • I received an email, requesting that I choose a time for a phone interview through their ADP website if I was still interested in employment. I initially applied for the position on their website.

    Shared on February 25, 2019

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at ADP

  • The tips I would give are to make sure you are very upbeat and understand what you are applying for

    Shared on October 2, 2017 – Return Item Specialist – Chicago, IL
  • Ask the manager who is interviewing you for the job about their management style.

    Shared on September 19, 2017 – Licensed Insurance Producer – Allentown, PA 18195
  • Be open, have clear visions about your ambitions/career path, get to know ADP as an employer.

    Shared on February 28, 2017

ADP Automation Interview Questions

  • Explain your framework?
  • Write a query for max salary from the employee table?
  • Write a query for fetching dept testing count and dept development count from table and order by dept.
  • Write a query for the 4th highest salary from a table.
  • What are the joins?
  • What inner joins give and what full outer join gives?
  • Int a=22555; write a program to count number digits in a given number. don’t convert to a string.
  • Write a program for the prime number?
  • In the web table, every cell has “*” but one cell has Letter “A” Now write XPath for “*” which is beside the letter “A” cell.
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    What questions does ADP ask in an interview?

    Interview questions at ADP

    Name one good thing and one bad thing your previous boss might say about you. Why do you want to work at ADP? Tell me about yourself.

    What are the questions for automation testing?

    Automation Testing Interview Questions For Experienced
    • Is automated testing making manual testing obsolete? …
    • Who should be responsible for test automation? …
    • What is Selenium? …
    • What are the different components of Selenium? …
    • What is UI testing? …
    • What is Protractor? …
    • What is a test automation platform?

    What is ADP interview process?

    You will be interviewed by either Team Lead or the Manager of the team you would be taken into. You have two options: 1) To get referred by an employee already working for ADP. 2) Walk-ins: which are usually published in the journals or newspapers. There wer 3 rounds:aptitude,technical and hr.

    How do I prepare for an automation interview?

    How to prepare for your next test automation interview
    1. Know how language versions differ.
    2. Understand the basics of programming.
    3. Eliminate uncertainty.

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