How To Write An Administrative Assistant Letter of Recommendation (With Template and Example)

How to write an administrative assistant letter of recommendation
  • Introduce yourself and your relevant position. …
  • Describe important aspects of the candidate. …
  • Relate the candidate and employer. …
  • Conclude the letter.


What is a letter of recommendation for administrative assistants?

Applicants for administrative support positions, such as those as receptionists, executive assistants, and general administrative assistants, may submit letters of recommendation endorsing their qualifications. As clerical or organizational tasks are frequently handled by administrative assistants for a department, candidates should demonstrate aptitude and skill in these areas. An employer may view a candidate more favorably and be more interested in hiring them if they receive a strong recommendation letter from someone who is qualified for the position.

Find out if you’re qualified to provide a letter of recommendation before you write one for a position as an administrative assistant. Anyone writing a letter of recommendation ought to be very familiar with the applicant, have witnessed them at work, and be fully aware of all the duties associated with the position they held while working under their supervision.

You should have at least the same level of expertise as an administrative assistant, if not more. When recommendation letters come from highly qualified individuals who are both familiar with the duties of the position and the applicant, employers might give them more weight.

Why is a letter of recommendation important?

A letter of recommendation is crucial because it could help a candidate who is applying for a job. The letter provides a straightforward assessment of the applicant’s work ethic, attitude, working method, and overall results. While a resume is crucial for understanding work history and an interview is crucial for understanding the applicant in more detail, a letter of recommendation brings together significant elements from both the interview and resume, including context and work history.

How to write an administrative assistant letter of recommendation

Writing a letter of recommendation for an administrative assistant differs slightly from writing a typical recommendation letter. Your expertise regarding the position and the applicant, as a competent and dependable colleague, can help create an informative and succinct letter for an employer. The letter could assist the employer in determining whether the applicant is capable of aiding in the accomplishment of the business’s administrative objectives and qualified for the position.

1. Introduce yourself and your relevant position

Write a brief introduction to your essay in which you describe your position and how it relates to the one the applicant is vying for. Briefly describe your position, your area of expertise, your relationship with the person you’re recommending, and how long you’ve been coworkers. Keep your introduction brief after describing your industry expertise and relationship to the candidate so you can concentrate on their accomplishments rather than your own.

2. Describe important aspects of the candidate

Describe the candidates’ best qualities and explain how they displayed those qualities during your interactions once the employer knows who you are and trusts you as a resource thanks to a thoughtful introduction. This includes many elements, such as:

Be truthful about the candidates’ performance and concentrate on the ways they successfully dealt with difficult circumstances or overcame obstacles. In a few paragraphs, finish the body section of the letter by mentioning any effects the candidate may have had on the division or business as a whole. Emphasize any information related administrative assistant job responsibilities, including:

3. Relate the candidate and employer

Refer to the candidate in relation to the employer or company before concluding your letter. If at all possible, provide examples of how the candidate’s qualities could help the employer, or identify specific requirements the business has that your candidate could reasonably meet. Mention the applicant’s management and problem-solving accomplishments, highlighting their capacity to succeed as an administrative assistant in that company’s industry.

4. Conclude the letter

Finish the letter with a succinct conclusion and include contact information in case the prospective employer has any questions. Being accessible for follow-ups can help job seekers even after their initial application because some employers may want to learn more about the circumstances you mentioned in your letter. After your final body paragraph, include these details:

Administrative assistant letter of recommendation template

To create your own letter of recommendation for an administrative assistant, use the sample below:

Dear [Hiring manager],

I’m pleased to endorse [Applicant] for the position of administrative assistant at [Company name].

I worked with [Applicant] as their [Relationship to applicant] as their [Your name] at [Company name]. I have worked with numerous administrative professionals in the [type of field] industry during my time in that industry, but from what I have observed during our time together, [applicant name] is [positive qualities] in their approach to their work, which has made them stand out as a top applicant for any position.

[Applicant**] demonstrated abilities in [relevant skill] that benefited teamwork and directly supported department operations. They performed admirably in my department and continuously improved their [administrative assistant skill] while working in our office. In comparison to peers, [applicant name] demonstrated excellent aptitude for [short list of competencies or characteristics required for an administrative assistant position].

[Insert a brief example that highlights the applicants’ pertinent abilities, experience, and work habits. ].

In addition to their methods, [Applicant name]’s interactions with coworkers and customers make the day go more smoothly. Their collective [positive trait list] keeps the department running and fosters a positive workplace culture. I firmly believe that [Applicant name] will be a fantastic fit for the role at [company name] and will astound you with how quickly they integrate and contribute to team success.

A recommendation letter can only express so much about a candidate, so please get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss [Applicant name] in more detail using the contact details I’ve provided.

All the best,

[Your name, Company, Title]

Administrative assistant letter of recommendation example

Here is an example of an administrative assistant letter of recommendation using the format mentioned above:

“Dear Ms. Gibson,

I’m pleased to endorse Avery Murray for the position of administrative assistant at MimiTech.

At Northway United, where I’ve been employed for more than fifteen years, I’m Amy Steele, the administration manager. As soon as I began working with Avery, I was struck by their meticulous, devoted approach to administrative support. They distinguish themselves as a high achiever, a team player, and a driven young professional with enormous potential to advance in an administrative position.

Avery quickly established themselves as one of our team’s most indispensable members by demonstrating abilities in effective clerical work. They were very organized while working in our office and kept on task well in my department. In comparison to her peers, Avery demonstrated exceptional aptitude for quick work, task prioritization, problem-solving, and good customer service.

When Avery had been employed by Northway United for about a month, it was one of my proudest moments. We received a longer shortlist than we anticipated from our hiring phase. I gave Avery the responsibility of arranging each applicant’s files while they were being interviewed to assist the hiring team.

They not only adapted to a new team superbly, but they also completed what would have taken half a day’s work in a lot less time. They even created a coding system, which we later adopted as a requirement during the hiring process. The department we assisted finished ahead of schedule when they had anticipated finishing late. Avery is always eager to take on additional work and regularly perform various tasks.

Avery’s methods stand out to me, but their interactions with coworkers and clients also make the day go more smoothly. Their positive outlook and opportunistic approach keep everyone upbeat and the department running. I firmly believe that Avery will be an excellent fit for the position at MimiTech and will astound you with how quickly they adapt and subsequently get better.

A recommendation letter can only express so much, so if you’d like to get in touch with me to discuss Avery further or have any questions, please use the details I’ve provided.

All the best,

Amy Steele, Northway United, Administration Manager”


What are the top 3 skills of an administrative assistant?

Top 10 Administrative Assistant Skills
  • Organization.
  • Time management.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Written communication.
  • Verbal communication.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Adaptability.

What are good words for a letter of recommendation?

Here are 11 common, impactful words to use in a letter of recommendation:
  • Honored. The word “honored” makes an impression of a person who is respectable and dignified.
  • Pleased. …
  • Acquainted. …
  • Dependable. …
  • Intelligent. …
  • Valuable asset. …
  • Genuine. …
  • Qualified.

What should be included in a letter of recommendation for an employee?

I’ve worked in a variety of industries for a number of years, including insurance and finance. I have extensive office experience as well as strong administrative, customer service, and communication skills. My varied experience makes me a strong candidate for this job. Thank you for your consideration.

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