How to Write an Effective Additional Staff Request Letter (With Examples)

When your department has more work than it can handle, adding staff members may seem like the logical solution to you. Unfortunately, your manager might not agree with your assessment. Providing evidence that your department will be unable to meet its goals without additional employees is the key to ensuring the approval of your request. Before you begin writing a letter requesting additional staff, make sure you have all the facts and figures in front of you to support your request.

Begin the letter by explaining that you are requesting a specific number of new employees. List the job title and rank of each new position requested. Avoid guessing when it comes to requesting additional staff. Mention if the request is for permanent or temporary employees.

I am requesting permission to immediately hire 30 half-time seasonal employees in the shipping department .

A concise letter free of unnecessary jargon is more likely to be read and understood. Use clear headings, concise wording and focused answers to ensure that your manager can quickly identify what is being requested and why. Explain how the lack of manpower is preventing you from accomplishing your goals. You might add that although you have the same number of employees, your workload has increased significantly. If a hiring freeze prevents you from replacing employees who resign, mention this fact. Indicate how business is being negatively impacted.

The new advertising campaign has increased sales by 40 percent, and we are falling behind in processing orders within 24 hours, which is our target goal. We cant keep up without temporary help during the holiday season.

Customers are complaining and walking out the door because they have to wait in line for help when purchasing a cell phone.

Describe how each of the requested employees will enable your department to complete work on schedule. Explain in detail what type of work each new employee will perform and how completion of the work will help the department meet goals and deadlines.

With 30 additional seasonal employees we would be able to expand hours of operation and work 24/7 during the holiday rush. We would assign the seasonal people to picking and packing.

I would like to hire one full-time associate to help cover evenings and weekends when the branch office does the most business.

As a manager, one of your key responsibilities is assessing your team’s staffing needs and requesting additional headcount when necessary. However, making a compelling case for extra hires requires more than just saying “we need more people.” The best additional staff request letters clearly justify the need, provide data and context, and outline the expected benefits.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to craft an effective letter to request additional staff. Let’s dive in with some tips and examples to level up your staffing request skills.

Why Write a Formal Request Letter?

First, why go beyond just verbally asking for extra employees or sending a quick email? A formal written request demonstrates careful consideration and thorough analysis on your part. A letter also creates a permanent record of the justification that can be revisited later.

Well-composed additional staff request letters achieve several objectives:

  • Present a clear rationale – Outline the specific needs and issues driving the request. Provide compelling data and context.

  • Persuade stakeholders – Convince leadership the benefits outweigh costs. Demonstrate necessity and strategic alignment.

  • Propose a solution – Specify the number, skills, and structure of new hires requested. Explain how this addresses the needs.

  • Manage expectations – Define the expected impact of additional headcount and how it will be measured.

When requesting budget and headcount increases, the burden is on you as the manager to make an ironclad case. A thoughtful letter can make all the difference in getting those critical roles approved.

Best Practices for Writing Additional Staff Request Letters

Follow these tips when drafting a letter to request extra staff:

1. Clearly explain the needs and issues. Succinctly describe the challenges, pain points, and unmet needs driving the request. Provide specifics through metrics, workload data, and examples.

2. Demonstrate necessity. Frame the request as mission-critical, not just nice-to-have. Show how it addresses organizational goals or requirements.

3. Outline the benefits. Explain exactly how the additional hires would positively impact productivity, quality, efficiency, revenue, customer experience, and other key performance indicators. Quantify it when possible.

4. Provide cost analysis. Weigh projected expenses of the new hires against the expected return on investment. Justify the spend.

5. Propose a plan. Specify the number of new hires requested, their role types, ideal qualifications, and your proposed organizational structure.

6. Set expectations. Define measurable outcomes that will indicate success if the request is approved. Explain how results will be monitored and reported.

7. Use positive language. Focus on opportunities and solutions, not just problems. Strike an optimistic, constructive tone.

8. Follow proper letter format. Use the expected structure and tone for a formal business letter. Addressee, dated, salutation, body paragraphs, respectful close.

Let’s look at some real-world examples of effective additional staff request letters for different scenarios.

Additional Staff Request Letter Samples

Here are examples of strong justification letters tailored to different situations:

Increased Workload


Dear [Manager/HR], Due to a 35% increase in client requests over the past quarter, our department is struggling to deliver excellent service under current staffing constraints. Our average response time has slipped from 48 to 72 hours, leading to client dissatisfaction. Adding two additional customer support specialists would increase our bandwidth to handle the heightened demand. This would cut our average response time back to the target of 24 hours. Based on projected growth trends, I estimate that the additional staff can generate a 10% increase in client retention rate, translating to $125k in retained revenue annually.Please let me know if you need any additional data or have questions about my request to immediately hire two more customer service team members. I am eager to discuss options for meeting our department's increased workload needs.Sincerely,[Your name][Your title]

New Project or Initiative


To: [Manager/HR]I am requesting a new Project Manager and two software developers to be added to the engineering team for the upcoming Montana app launch initiative. This project represents a pivotal expansion of our platform capabilities into a new product vertical. To meet the aggressive 9-month timeline and ensure seamless execution, dedicated staff are essential. The requested roles all require specialized expertise our current team lacks.Once launched, projections based on market research indicate the Montana app will generate over $250k in annual recurring revenue, which would cover the salaries for these new hires in the first year.Please advise me if any additional analysis would be helpful for justifying these crucial new roles. I look forward to your favorable response.Best regards, [Your name][Your title]

Seasonal Staffing Needs


Dear [Manager/HR],Due to historically higher consumer demand from October through December, I am requesting we hire an additional 5 seasonal customer support agents to avoid service delays during this peak period. Last year during Q4, our response time averaged 96 hours with our normal staffing. This resulted in steep increases in complaints and refund requests. With 5 supplemental staff, I am confident we can maintain 24 to 48 hour response times and significantly increase customer satisfaction.After crunching the numbers, I estimate these extra seasonal hires can mitigate revenue losses around $175k compared to being understaffed again. Please let me know if you need any clarification or have questions on my seasonal staffing request.Sincerely,[Your name]  [Your title]

Expanding Operations


Dear [Manager/HR], As we prepare to expand our services nationwide, our operations team requires additional headcount to scale efficiently. I am requesting we hire a Warehouse Manager, 3 warehouse associates, and 2 drivers to provide the bandwidth needed as we enter these new markets.These additions will be critical in upholding our high fulfillment and delivery standards during a period of rapid growth. My projections indicate that increasing output capacity by 30% with these hires will enable us to onboard 15 new bulk distribution clients by Q3 2023, boosting projected annual revenue by $2.1M.I am confident this investment in supplemental staff will pay dividends as we strategically expand our geographic footprint. Thank you for your consideration. Please advise if you need any additional data to support this request.Sincerely,[Your name][Your title] 

Administrative or Support Needs


To: [Manager/HR]Our department administrative workload has increased 45% over the past six months as our team has grown. To maintain high productivity among revenue-generating team members, I am requesting we hire an additional Administrative Assistant. This will alleviate the administrative burden by providing dedicated support in managing calendars, drafting documents, scheduling meetings, processing expense reports, coordinating team events, and other recurring tasks.Based on our team's billable hours data, I estimate that freeing up client-facing employees from these administrative tasks can increase annual billable time by 315 hours. At our average hourly rate, this translates to over $$105k in additional annual revenue.Thank you for your consideration of this request to invest in much-needed administrative support.Sincerely,[Your name][Your title]

As you can see, the most persuasive request letters provide a clear return on investment rationale with supporting metrics. Now let’s recap some other key takeaways for writing effective additional staff requests:

Key Takeaways for Additional Staff Request Letters

  • Clearly explain the needs and issues driving the request

  • Provide compelling data such as workloads, timeframes, and productivity challenges

  • Outline the expected benefits of additional headcount – be specific

  • Justify the expense by comparing costs versus ROI

  • Specify the number, roles, and skills of employees requested

  • Set measurable outcomes – how will success be determined?

  • Use a formal business letter structure and constructive tone

  • Be concise yet thorough – avoid fluff and emotionally manipulative language

With a reasoned, evidence-based request letter aligned to business goals, you can make a strong case to leadership for essential extra staff. Follow these tips to help get your requests approved!

additional staff request letter samples

Explain Cost Benefit Ratio

State your current departmental budget. List the proposed salaries for the new positions and provide a new yearly total for salaries that includes the proposed new positions. Provide details of your plans for covering the expenses of new employees, such as relying on increased profits to cover staffing costs.


The new advertising campaign has already brought in an additional $250,000 since September, which is more than enough to cover the cost of 30 half-time seasonal employees working at minimum wage for a three month period.

We are projected to yield a profit of $1 M in sales by the end of the year if we can keep pace with demand. Adding one full-time sales associate at an annual cost of $32,000 seems like a smart investment. Were paying close to that right now in overtime.

How To Write Letter To Management – Letter For Additional Staff

How do I write a request letter for additional staff?

A request letter sample for additional staff is a great way to get started with drafting your own letter. These samples can be used as a starting point, and you can edit them as needed to fit your specific situation. Remember, the goal of the letter is to clearly articulate why additional staff is needed and how it will benefit the business.

How do I request additional staff?

In the letter’s body, you go on to support your claim. How To Request Additional Staff (With Sample Letters) 1. Demonstrate need. Discuss why you need additional staff at the beginning of your letter. · 2. Highlight the benefits.

How do you write a letter to management for additional staff?

Home » Letters » Office Letters » Request Letter to Management for Additional Staff – Sample Letter Requesting Additional Staff When writing a letter to request additional staff, it’s important to be clear and polite. Include necessary details like your name, department, and the reason for needing more staff.

How do you write a request for more staff?

Choose your main argument to support your request for more resources, and use that to begin your letter. This could be a generalization, like claiming that the resources you’re asking for will help you boost sales or reduce expenses. In the letter’s body, you go on to support your claim. How To Request Additional Staff (With Sample Letters) 1.

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