Top ACOM Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

As an aspiring medical student, getting an interview at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) is an exciting step towards your dream of becoming a doctor. However, the interview process can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re unsure about the types of questions you might face. In this article, we’ll provide you with some of the most commonly asked ACOM interview questions and suggest effective ways to answer them.

Understanding the Interview Format

Before diving into the specific questions, it’s essential to understand the format of the ACOM interview. Typically, the interview lasts around 30 minutes and is conducted by two faculty members. It’s a one-on-one interview, and the interviewers will have access to your application materials, including your personal statement, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Common ACOM Interview Questions

  1. “Tell me about yourself, why medicine, specifically osteopathic medicine, and why ACOM?”

This is a common opening question that allows you to introduce yourself and explain your motivation for pursuing a career in osteopathic medicine and your interest in ACOM. When answering this question, be concise and highlight your relevant experiences, achievements, and personal qualities that align with the values of ACOM and the osteopathic profession.

  1. “How do you handle stress/what do you like to do to destress?”

Studying medicine can be incredibly demanding, and the interviewers want to ensure that you have healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress effectively. Share some of your stress-relieving activities, such as exercise, meditation, or hobbies, and explain how they help you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

  1. “Did you have any leadership experience?”

Leadership skills are highly valued in the medical profession. Discuss any leadership roles you’ve held, whether in a student organization, volunteer work, or employment. Highlight the challenges you faced and how you overcame them, as well as the lessons you learned from those experiences.

  1. “How do you plan to give back to the community as a physician?”

ACOM is committed to serving the community, and they want to ensure that their students share this value. Discuss your volunteer experiences, any community service projects you’ve been involved in, and your plans for contributing to the local community as a future osteopathic physician.

  1. “Describe your leadership style.”

This question aims to assess your self-awareness and understanding of effective leadership. Provide examples of situations where you demonstrated leadership qualities, and explain your approach to motivating and guiding others, as well as your ability to adapt to different situations and team dynamics.

  1. “Why did you change directions in your career path?” (if applicable)

If you’ve had a non-traditional path to medicine, be prepared to explain your decision to pursue a career in osteopathic medicine. Highlight the experiences or events that influenced your decision, and emphasize how your previous experiences have prepared you for the challenges of medical school and the medical profession.

  1. “Explain your poor grades in these courses.” (if applicable)

If there are any concerning grades or academic weaknesses in your application, be prepared to address them honestly and take responsibility for your performance. Explain the circumstances that led to those grades, and discuss the steps you’ve taken to improve and demonstrate your academic potential.

  1. “What would you do if you saw a classmate cheating?”

This question assesses your ethical decision-making skills and integrity. Provide a thoughtful response that acknowledges the seriousness of the situation and your commitment to upholding academic honesty and professional standards.

  1. “Why osteopathic medicine?”

ACOM is an osteopathic medical school, and the interviewers want to ensure that you understand the principles and philosophy of osteopathic medicine. Demonstrate your knowledge of the holistic approach to patient care, the emphasis on preventive medicine, and the use of osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT).

  1. “Why ACOM?”

This question allows you to showcase your knowledge of ACOM and its unique features. Highlight aspects of the school that align with your goals and values, such as the curriculum, clinical opportunities, research programs, or student support services.

Preparing for the Interview

In addition to familiarizing yourself with these common ACOM interview questions, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly for the interview. Here are some tips:

  • Research ACOM thoroughly, including its mission, values, curriculum, and student life.
  • Practice your responses with friends or family members, and seek feedback on your body language, tone, and clarity.
  • Prepare thoughtful questions to ask the interviewers, demonstrating your genuine interest in the school and the program.
  • Get a good night’s sleep and arrive early on the day of the interview to avoid feeling rushed or stressed.
  • Dress professionally and maintain a positive and confident demeanor throughout the interview.

By adequately preparing for the ACOM interview and effectively answering the questions, you’ll increase your chances of making a positive impression and getting one step closer to your goal of becoming an osteopathic physician.

Interview Questions – Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM)


What is the acceptance rate for ACOM post interview?

They had 5,925 applications for the Class of 2025, interviewed roughly 700-800, and accepted roughly 400-450 for 210 seats. So, post-interview acceptance is approx. 50-60%?

What is the acceptance rate for ACOM?

Admissions Statistics. ‍ACOM’s most recent class consists of 205 accepted students, 54% female and 46% male. The average GPA is 3.45, and the average MCAT score is 504. The acceptance rate is approximately 4%.

What is the average GPA for ACOM?

Total GPA & Science GPA: The mean overall GPA for admitted students is 3.84, with a science-specific mean GPA of 3.8. This highlights the academic dedication and prowess of ACOM’s matriculants.

What are the scenario questions for medical interview?

Scenario-based Questions: Tell me about a situation when you had to work in a team. How would you rate your leadership skills? Tell me about a situation when you had to overcome a challenge. Tell us about a situation that you could have handled better.

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