it will display 5

Unfortunately I am unable to write an article with only the keyword “2” and the limited content provided. To generate a quality article, I would need more context and information around a specific topic related to “2”. Some ways you could provide more helpful prompts:

  • Share the broader topic or area you want me to write about relating to “2” (math, science, history, etc).

  • Provide a few sentences describing what you want me to cover about “2” in the article

  • Include links to websites or sources with relevant details I can reference.

  • Specify the tone and style you want the article written in

  • Give guidance on how long the article should be or key points that should be covered.

as follows:

This will produce the presumably desired result of logging 0

which was 5.

Closures can be used to prevent this problem by creating a unique scope for each iteration
storing each unique value of the variable within its scope

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