How To Turn Emails Into Tasks (With Steps and Methods)

Converting an email into a task is super-simple: With the email open, click the “More” button in the taskbar and select “Add to Tasks.” If you’re a shortcut person, Shift+T does the same thing. The Tasks app opens in the sidebar showing your new task.

It’s quite simple to do, as many task management apps these days have a system in place to turn emails into to-dos without leaving your inbox, so how about getting emails out of the way by turning them into tasks? You can carry your to-do lists with you wherever you go if those apps sync with all of your devices.

To send an email as a task to any Trello board, you must first locate the board’s specific email address. Open the board, then click on Show Menu in the very top right corner to do that. Youll see a hidden Menu sidebar fly out. To view the email Trello has assigned to the current board, go to More > Email-to-board Settings.

Additionally, you can use hashtags to add labels based on an object’s name, color, or number. Take a look at the screenshot above. Now, for instance, I can use the syntax #akshata, #orange, or #2 in the subject line of emails to assign the label Akshata to a specific card.

You can create tasks in Wunderlist by sending emails from various addresses, but only after adding those addresses to the Email Addresses section of your account settings. Each address can even be associated with a different default list. e. the list you want to place a task sent from a specific email address can be chosen.

Go to Settings > Email Tasks in your Remember The Milk account by clicking on your profile picture in the top right. You can forward tasks from your inbox using the specific email listed next to “Inbox Email” Additionally, that address can be found in Remember The Milk’s Welcome email.

The Todoist email tasks feature is only available to Premium users. If you are one of them, you can use it by selecting Email tasks to this project from the dropdown menu when you right-click on a project name in the sidebar. In an open project, the same option is concealed behind the wrench-pencil icon to the far right of the project name.

You can send emails as tasks to Evernote with the task name in the subject line if you manage your to-do lists using the flexible note-taking app Evernote. Of course, in order to send emails to your Evernote account, you must have access to it. In the Account Settings section, next to Email Notes to, you can find it.

For instance, your email subject should read something like this if you want to add a to-do to book flight tickets tomorrow: book flights #travel!tomorrow @personal, where personal is the notebook you want to add the task to. If you want to specify a date for the reminder, you can swap out!tomorrow for something like!15/02/16.

Turning emails into Any. do tasks is straightforward. You send an email to [email protected] do with a proper task name in the subject line, task notes in the body, and any other relevant information. do converts the email into a task. You must send the email from the account you used to register for Any with. do.

If youre a Gmail user, install the Any. do Chrome extension. A few cool options are provided for you to manage your Any do tasks from within Gmail. This extension has been reported to cause sync issues by some users, so there is no guarantee that it will work for you. But its still worth a shot!.

2. Another Chrome extension, ActiveInbox, enables you to convert each email into a task and give it a due date within Gmail. Even outgoing emails can have to-do lists and notes attached for future reference. These won’t be visible to the recipients of the email; only you will see them.

When you have the email open in Gmail, press Shift + T to send the task from the email to Google Tasks. With a link to the email conversation in the task details, this creates a new task with the subject text of the email as the task name.

Gmail: Turn Emails into Tasks – Guide

How to turn emails into tasks

Consider these steps and methods for turning emails into tasks:

1. Add a task from your inbox

You may be able to add tasks, subtasks, and edit task details on your email service’s integrated task calendar. Open the email you want to convert into a task, then click on the three vertical dots in the message’s upper right corner. On the drop-down menu, select “Add to Tasks”. On the side menu that appears, you can also change the task’s specifics or add subtasks.

2. Drag and drop your email into the task area

A to-do list that organizes events and tasks inside your email account may be available with certain email providers. Select the “To Do” icon from the top function menu to add a task to your to-do list from your emails. Then, click the email you want to convert to a task. Drag the email to the task area while holding down the left mouse button. Drop the email into the task area by releasing the left mouse button.

3. Flag your emails to add them to your tasks

Some email features let you mark messages as reminders at various time intervals, like once a day, once a week, or once a month. This also adds the message to your to-do list tasks. Hovering the mouse pointer over the email preview of the email you want to flag will reveal email options. Select when you want to set deadline reminders by clicking on the red flag icon to flag the email and then choosing that option from the flagging options menu that appears. The flagged email appears in your tasks, and you can remove the task without removing the original message by doing so.

4. Use keyboard shortcuts to turn an email into a task

Depending on the operating system and email platform, different keyboard shortcuts may be available. However, this widespread keyboard shortcut might function with a variety of email services and operating systems. To convert an email into a task, click on it. Press the “Shift” and “T” buttons on your keyboard simultaneously. The task menu that appears will then allow you to edit and save your task.

5. Manually input tasks from your email messages

A task may not be created automatically by some email provider features, or it may be created with insufficient information. Open your task calendar or to-do list software to enter a task from an email. Click the “+” symbol or “Add task” button if it’s present. After that, you can look up and enter the details of your task in your email before adding reminders or due dates and saving your task.

Why is it important to turn emails into tasks?

To make sure that you organize and complete your job responsibilities, it’s crucial to convert emails into tasks. You can prioritize tasks and plan your schedule by manually entering tasks from your email content. You can manage collaborative work and monitor the progress of your project by using techniques for automating the creation of email tasks. To assign team responsibilities and improve teamwork procedures, some email-to-task features let you add multiple people to a task.

11 common task management apps useful for turning emails into tasks

The 11 task management apps listed below can help you convert emails into tasks:


Using the browser add-on ActiveInbox, you can convert emails into tasks. You can set due dates with ActiveInbox to be reminded of tasks that need to be finished. You can add notes and links to the task’s original email in your tasks for more information.

Any. Do is available as an email client extension for your web browser. You can send emails to the Any. use the email address you used to sign up for the service. These emails can be converted into tasks that you add to your calendar.


For desktop and mobile operating systems, there is an application called Asana that has work management features, such as the ability to convert emails into tasks. You can forward an email up to 30 MB in size to Asana, which will recognize the task information and create the task in the organization linked to your email address. Depending on your email client, you can set up automatic email forwarding to send emails to Asana automatically so they become tasks.


You can manage projects, tasks, and teammate chats using the application Brief. Emails can be converted into tasks by syncing your email client with Brief. You can sort tasks within a project, mark them as “In Progress” or “Done,” and share them with approved project members using your Brief task manager.


On desktop and mobile devices, Evernote is a program that lets you make notes, bookmarks, drawings, tasks, and events. Different storage and synchronization capabilities are available with free and paid memberships. You can create and save tasks with Evernote by forwarding emails to a specific Evernote email ID.


Using the platform Quire, you can keep track of your tasks, deadlines, and progress. You can incorporate Quire into your mailbox to create tasks straight from your inbox, depending on your email provider. Within automatically generated visualizations of finished, ongoing, and overdue tasks, you can monitor your task performance.

Remember The Milk

A web-based server is used by the application Remember The Milk, which can be used on desktop and mobile operating systems and delivers real-time updates across users’ devices. It allows you to manage tasks and set up reminders. By sending emails to a designated email address created for you using this application, you can convert the message into a task.


You can organize your tasks with the browser extension Sortd. You can categorize your tasks as “To-Do,” “Later,” “Today,” or “Finished” depending on their progress. You can drag and drop tasks to reorganize and update their progress on the application interface.

Task Pigeon

A management tool called Task Pigeon has features to enhance teamwork and collaboration. By establishing automatic task creation rules for incoming emails, you can automate task creation from emails using the Zapier application tools. Using this feature, you can create tasks for yourself or others in your organization, complete with task descriptions and due dates.


To access the email task features of Todoist, a premium subscription is necessary. You can save tasks within particular projects and create tasks with attachments up to 10 MB. Additionally, this program has browser add-ons that let you connect your tasks to the emails from which they originated.


Trello is a web-based project management tool where you can collaborate on tasks and share projects with your coworkers. This application is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. You can categorize your tasks in your Trello task manager by adding labels or tags that you can reorder or color code.

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How do I turn an Outlook email into a task?

Click the email in Outlook and move it to the tasks button in the bottom-left corner of your inbox by dragging it there. The information from the email will automatically be added to a task that is created for you. Just add a deadline for when you want to finish it, and you’re ready to go.

Can you turn an email into a planner task?

A planner task will be created on a board you select and assigned to you when an Office 365 Outlook email is flagged in your Inbox using the Microsoft Power Automate template. Connect your favorite apps to automate repetitive tasks.

How do I turn my Gmail into a task?

You can also easily create a task from an email. Select the email you want to add as a task. Then, from the drop-down menu, click the “More” action button and choose “Add to Tasks.” Gmail creates a new task automatically based on the email’s subject line.

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