How To Write a Salary Increase Recommendation Letter

How to Write a Request Letter for Salary Increase to Boss

When to write a salary increase recommendation letter

It’s beneficial to consider the timing of your request for a pay increase because it may affect how your supervisors respond to the request. There are four suitable occasions to send a letter recommending a pay increase:

After a successful project

Upper management has more of a reason to reward those who worked on a project that your team recently finished if it was successful. You can highlight each employee’s unique contributions to the project and explain why they should receive a raise as a result. This gives upper management specific evidence of the employees value.

When the employee is performing well

An employee’s salary increase is a good way to recognize good performance and support pro-active work habits if they are contributing to the expansion of the company. When an employee has worked for the company for a specific amount of time or at regular intervals, managers may take these types of raises into consideration, provided the employee has performed consistently throughout that time period.

When the company is doing well

When your business experiences a profitable period or makes an employment announcement, these are frequently indications that the business is doing well. Given that the company’s finances are strong, this may be a good time to request a pay raise for your employee.

When an employee is considering leaving

You might want to ask your boss for a raise in pay and make the employee a counteroffer if a valuable employee is considering leaving your company for another one. This may encourage the employee to remain with your organization.

Why write a salary increase recommendation letter?

Managers request raises on behalf of one of their reports by writing recommendation letters for pay increases. In many businesses, upper management determines salary increases. If you are a manager of your own team, you might not be able to raise a team member’s pay without another person’s consent. A recommendation letter for a salary increase is the official way to accomplish this.

How to write a salary increase recommendation letter

Follow these five steps to create a letter recommending a pay raise:

1. Address the letter

Write the name of your immediate manager at the top of the letter. On the next line, add your managers official title. Add the date after that, followed by the subject on the fourth line. After that, omit a line and begin addressing the letter with “Dear,” your manager’s name once more, and the appropriate title, such as “Mr. ,” “Ms. ” or “Dr. “.

2. List specific reasons for the recommendation

Start your letter by stating why you are writing it: you are requesting a raise in pay for a specific employee. Include the employees name in your request. Then, specify why you think this employee deserves the raise in detail. Your supervisor will have more data to consider when making their decision the more specific and detailed you are about why this employee deserves a pay raise.

3. Ask for a reasonable amount

Include your belief regarding the employee’s merits for an increase at the conclusion of your letter. Calculate this amount based on the average raise in your industry, the amount the business can afford given its budget, and whether the employee will also receive a promotion. Your request may be more actionable if it is based on these considerations.

4. Thank the reader for their time

Briefly thank your manager for their time and consideration of your request at the conclusion of your letter. If they need more information to make a decision, you can also let them know that you are available to answer any questions they have about the request or the employee’s performance.

5. Sign the letter

Finish the letter by signing your name. Although not required, physically signing the letter by hand adds a formal and private touch that some managers may find valuable. Make sure to include your typed name underneath your handwritten name if you sign your name that way. Lastly, list your department and job title below your name.

Salary increase recommendation letter template

You can use the sample provided below to create your own salary recommendation letter:

[Managers Name]
[Managers Title]

Dear [managers name],

[In paragraph one, explain why you are writing and whom you are recommending for a pay raise. List specific reasons for the recommendation].

[In paragraph two, mention the employee’s current salary and the recommended raise amount]

[In paragraph three, express gratitude to the reader for their time and offer to respond to any further inquiries]


[Your Name]
[Your Job Title]
[Your Department]

Salary increase recommendation sample

The following is a sample salary increase recommendation letter:

Zachary Smith
Salary Recommendation

Dear Mr. Smith,

I’m writing to you on behalf of Mary Morris, a member of our sales team, to urge you to give her a pay raise. Mary is one of our top salespeople, and she recently had the best quarter ever for a salesperson in the history of the business. Mary has demonstrated a strong work ethic and sales skills since joining our team a year ago. I think Mary deserves a pay increase, and giving her one will help us keep her on board as an important team member at our business.

Mary currently earns $55,000 per year plus commission. I propose raising it to $60,000 in line with other salary increases we’ve given deserving workers after one year of employment.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I would be happy to provide more details upon your request if you have any inquiries regarding Mary’s performance.


Diane Johnson
Sales Manager
Customer Acquisition and Sales


How do I write a recommendation for a salary increase?

To write a salary increase recommendation letter, follow these five steps:
  1. Address the letter. Put the name of your immediate supervisor at the top of the letter.
  2. List specific reasons for the recommendation. …
  3. Ask for a reasonable amount. …
  4. Thank the reader for their time. …
  5. Sign the letter.

How do I write a letter of salary increase to an employee?

This notice informs you of a merit increase in [wage/salary] in the amount of [dollar amount or percentage of your base pay], dear [Employee name]. The pay raise will be reflected in your paycheck dated [date] and will go into effect as of [date].

How do I write a salary increment letter to my boss?

What are the things need to put in your Salary Increment Letter?
  1. Mention Your Name.
  2. Mention your Designation.
  3. Date and Address.
  4. Mention the Name of Employer.
  5. Mention his/ her designation.
  6. Also, address the company or organization name.
  7. Use formal Salutation.
  8. Create a subject line for your letter that clearly states its purpose.

How do I write a salary increment email?

What Are The Things You Need To Include In A Salary Increment Letter?
  1. Address the name of the employee and their designation.
  2. Mention the date of issuance.
  3. Congratulate the recipient.
  4. Mention the amount of increment.
  5. Mention the number of salaries before and after the increment.

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