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Common Private Banker Interview Questions
  • “Why Wealth Management?”
  • “How Do You Conduct a Credit Risk Management Assessment?”
  • “How Would You Overcome a Client’s Reluctance to Work With You Because of Your Youth or Perceived Inexperience?”
  • “If You Started Today, What Is the First Investment You Would Make and Why?”

BANKING Interview Questions And Answers! How To Pass A Retail Bank Interview!

What’s the reason why the Fed – or anyone else – cares about having 30-year Treasury Notes lower in yield?

While you shouldnt expect to get questions about the nuances of quantitative easing, you can expect possible questions that indirectly get at that.

Thats because the Fed has taken a much more aggressive role in markets since the great financial crisis and as a result private wealth managers need to be able to communicate rates topics to clients.

A naive answer to this question may be that the Fed lowering yields of treasuries will result in lower future borrowing expenses by the federal government. While true, this isnt the rationale for why its done.

The rationale is that lowering the yield curve across the board – but in particular in the 10-year and 30-year range – will lower corporate borrowing costs, which are often benchmarked off of treasuries.

Another argument is that by dampening down yields it makes treasuries less of a safe haven asset and pushes participants “further up the risk curve” into asset classes like credit, mortgage-backed securities, CLOs, and even equities in order to get some level of positive return.

Note: if youre looking for a brief run-down of QE in practice, the Peterson Institute for International Economics always has good primers such as this one.

Why do you think this particular bank is a good fit for you based on your skills and experience?

An interviewer asks this question to gain a deeper understanding of your qualifications and prior training as well as your knowledge of their specific bank. You should use this opportunity to explain how you have developed your skills throughout your career and education. You may wish to talk about your sales, communication, time-management or problem-solving skills. Make sure you also emphasize how your unique skills can benefit your potential employer in tangible ways.

Example: “After thoroughly reviewing the job requirements and researching your companys policies and history, I knew that I would be a good match for this position. Specifically, I believe that my skills in customer service, communication and problem-solving can help me effectively serve your customers. I am committed to giving customers the resources they need to make wise financial decisions and investments. Throughout my career, I have learned to put the customer first while developing my ability to make sales.”

How would you deal with a simple customer?

Not every client is nice, not every person is clever. Meeting angry or simple people belongs to this job. Your goal is to convince the interviewers that you do not mind talking to angry people, or to the people who do not understand even the most simple instructions you give them.

Tell them that you would use a simple language, and give the customer many questions, to ensure that they understood your message, and know what to do next. Perfect job does not exist. We all have to deal with tough situations in work. Show us that you count with experiencing difficulties, and that they won’t affect you negatively in your job.


How can I do private bank interview?

Generally, the selection process of private banks’ involves 2 steps: Online-based Aptitude Test and the personal interview (PI) round. Some banks also conduct a Group Discussion in the second stage as well. While the online test is only qualifying, the PI round is what decides whether you are selected or not.

What do you say in a personal banker interview?

Speak about the value you want to bring to the bank, your good knowledge of banking products, or skills that are relevant for the job. Tell the interviewer that you enjoy helping people, that you enjoy doing the things personal bankers do on a daily basis. Show them that you do not think only about money.

What makes a great private banker?

A successful private banker is likely to have an outgoing, service-oriented personality, strong communication and listening skills, a broad base of personal experience, self-reliance and emotional maturity, says James H. McLaughlin, the managing director who heads the New York office of Lydian Wealth Management.

What are the duties of a private banker?

Private bankers manage money and oversee financial activities for high net-worth clients while developing relationships with clients. They provide banking services including personal cash management, secured and unsecured credit and investment management, and interest services.

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