Meet for a Coffee: How To Build a Professional Network (With TIps)

The likelihood that someone will have suggested doing this to you increases the longer you have been in the workforce. Additionally, he or she consistently makes it seem easy. However, meeting with other professionals (a. k. a. , strangers) for a meal, drink, or coffee can seem awkward and out of the ordinary. First, how do you get that meeting; second, how do you keep the conversation going; and third, how do you ensure the connection continues to grow after the meeting?

Do’s & Don’ts of Coffee Meetings

How to ask someone for a coffee meeting?

It requires consideration and professionalism to request a coffee meeting from a client or a colleague. Having coffee with a client can be a professional outing, but it’s important to be upfront about your goals. You can request a coffee by phone, email, or in person.

1. Use a template

It can be helpful to use a brief template to create a polished, unambiguous message in order to get the best results. Heres an example you can use:


I want to talk with you about [topic] in more detail, so I’m writing to you about it. I was hoping you might have time on [date] to meet for coffee and discuss [topic] because I am interested in [your business, work, or feedback]. Given that we [relationship to the person-work together, conduct business, etc.], I believe it will be beneficial for us both to have a better understanding of [topic]. [I am accommodating if we need to reschedule because I am aware of how busy you are. I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you.


[your name]

This format can be used over the phone, email, or in person.

2. Make your intentions clear

When requesting a coffee meeting, it’s crucial to be clear about your professional goals. Describe why you want a meeting and how you believe it will benefit both parties as fully as you can. Making your intentions clear will also assist the other party in realizing that you are seeking a meeting solely for business purposes.

3. Decide on a mutual meeting place

Allowing your guest to choose the location of the meeting can be a nice show of respect, but you can also decide on a location that will be advantageous to both of you. Finding a coffee shop that is convenient for both parties geographically should not be difficult because there are thousands of them throughout the nation.

4. Follow-up

If you follow up after your coffee meeting, you can make sure that everyone gained something from it. You can send a follow-up email to summarize the conversation and request the client’s or your colleagues’ opinions on the meeting location and the conversation’s subject.

Why ask someone for a coffee meeting?

Although it may seem impolite to request a coffee meeting, doing so is a great way to get to know a client or colleague better. Coffee meetings provide a more casual and intimate setting for conversation, which may encourage a client or colleague to share more about the business, the brand, or any other topics that are on their mind.

Coffee meetings can also convey the desire to get to know your customer or colleague better on a personal level, which could strengthen your professional relationship and build trust between the two of you. Increasing the size of your professional network can open up new opportunities for you to learn new skills, land a new job, or connect with new leads and clients.

Tips for asking someone for coffee

When requesting coffee, using the appropriate language can help increase the likelihood that the request will be accepted. Here are some advice on how to make a professional coffee request:

Benefits of a coffee meeting

Coffee meetings can be a great way to interact with professionals in a more casual setting. Here are some benefits of professional coffee meetings:


How do you ask someone to meet for coffee?

Tips for asking someone for coffee
  1. Be straightforward. It’s crucial to be as clear as you can when asking the question to prevent any misunderstandings on either end.
  2. Respect their time. …
  3. Use an email or written format to ask. …
  4. Follow up if you don’t get a response. …
  5. Don’t take a no personally.

What does meet for coffee mean?

A coffee date is a social gathering for two people who might be interested in getting romantically involved. It’s a great first date because it’s relaxed and uncomplicated. Despite its name, you can substitute any other drinks you like for the coffee.

How do you ask someone for coffee virtually?

Dear [their name], I’m [your name] and I work at [company name] in [location] as [your job title]. I’m contacting you because of [exact justification for meeting with them]. [I know you’re busy, but I’d love to meet for coffee and learn about [what you’d like to]; even 20 minutes would be greatly appreciated.

Are you up for a coffee Meaning?

One interpretation is to get together with a friend to exchange information and hear the latest rumors (or gossip), as in “How about we catch up sometime next week for a coffee?” I’ve included a few more idioms below that use the verb “catch,” which is frequently used in many other contexts.

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