How To Write a Lunch Meeting Invitation (With Template and Examples)

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Inviting coworkers or clients to meetings via email is likely to happen at some point in a professional career. If you’re unsure of what to say in an email inviting someone to lunch, you can read up on email writing tips and strategies. You can use this to write your own meeting invitations.

In this article, we outline the steps you can take to write a formal lunch meeting invitation, offer advice on how to write a formal lunch invitation, and offer a template and examples of lunch invitation emails.

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How to write a lunch meeting invitation

Here are steps you can take to write an invitation email for a lunch meeting:

1. Write the subject line

The first step to writing a meeting invitation is to write a subject line. One strategy for writing a subject line to an email about an event is to include the event and the time in the subject line. For example, you could write, “Lunch Wednesday at 1 p.m.” This way, its clear to the recipient that the email is a time-sensitive invitation.

2. Write a salutation

Next, you can begin the email by writing a salutation. The level of formality may depend on your industry and your professional relationship with the email recipient.

3. Write a sentence inviting the recipient to lunch

You can use the first sentence of the email to invite the recipient to a lunch meeting. Be sure to propose a date, time and place for the lunch so the recipient has all the information about the meeting ahead of time.

4. Add additional information

Next, you can include any additional information in the last sentence of the email. Here are some examples of other information to include in your lunch meeting invitation email:

5. Sign the email

Next, you can write a salutation and your name to sign the email. If you use an automatic email signature, you can disregard this step.

6. Reread the email

Before you send the email, you can reread it to ensure all the information is correct. Rereading an email before sending it can also help you correct spelling and grammar errors. This can give your email a more professional tone.

7. Add recipient and send

Lastly, you can add a recipient to the email. Adding a recipient to the email as a last step can help you prevent sending the email before youve reviewed it.

What is a lunch meeting invitation?

A lunch meeting invitation can offer a client or other professional contact the opportunity to meet over lunch to discuss business topics. Most people use email to communicate with their professional contacts about a lunch meeting, though occasionally you can extend an invitation to a lunch meeting in-person, on the phone or over text. The method of communication can depend on several factors, including your profession, industry and business relationship with the person youre inviting to lunch.

Tips for writing a lunch meeting invitation

Here are a few tips you can use when youre inviting someone to a professional lunch meeting over email:

Creating a lunch invitation for the first time? Do take note of its basic elements below:

  1. Name of the Host: Without writing your name as the host of the lunch invitation, how will its recipients know that is you who are inviting them? Having your name right before any element on your lunch invitation is important so as to let the intended guests know who they are going to meet with and not some kind of stranger.
  2. Invitational: This is a statement that would give the cue to the recipient that he or she is being invited over. Among the usual invitational statement include “We request the honor of your presence…,” “We ask you to be present with us at the lunch meeting for…,” and, “We ask you to participate in our lunch gathering…”
  3. Event: Since you are to hold a lunch meeting or gathering, make sure that you will be able to identify and indicate this in your lunch invitation so the recipient will know that the invitation that he or she had received is a lunch invitation and not a dinner invitation or any other else.
  4. Date and Time: This is perhaps the crucial element of your lunch invitation as this would be informing the recipients of your lunch invitation as to when they should be at the venue. Indicate the wrong date and time and your guest will surely be at the venue at the wrong date and at the wrong time.
  5. Venue or Location: This is another crucial element of your lunch invitation as this would inform them where the lunch meeting or gathering will be held. Indicate the wrong venue or location and the will also surely be at the wrong venue.
  6. Reply Instructions: No matter how detailed your lunch invitation is, there are some invited guests who will still be having some inquiries regarding the lunch gathering or meeting. To cater to their queries, you can provide them your contact details like your contact numbers or email numbers so they can just easily contact you in the event that they will have further questions.

Lunch meeting invitation template

Heres a template for how you could format a lunch meeting invitation email:

Subject: [Email subject with event, day and time]

[Salutation] [Recipients name],

[Sentence inviting the recipient to a lunch meeting.] [Sentence discussing the reason for the event, if necessary.]

[Sentence with additional information about the lunch meeting, including your level of flexibility on the date, time or place, as well as any materials the recipient may need to bring to the meeting.]


[Your name or email signature]

Lunch meeting invitation examples

Below are examples of invitation emails for a lunch meeting:

Example 1

Subject: Lunch at 2 p.m. Wednesday

Mr. Pritchett,

Your contract for office supplies is expiring at the end of the month. Are you available to meet for lunch at 2 p.m. on Wednesday at Martys Cafe to discuss renewing your contract with us?

Simons Office Supplies has enjoyed serving your businesss needs over the past three years. Im looking forward to discussing your contract further. Please let me know if another time or place for the meeting would be more amenable to you.


Leonard Smith

Example 2

Subject: Marketing strategy meeting Friday

Hello Sonya,

Im seeing great progress on the marketing benchmarks we set at our last meeting. Id like to get together to further discuss strategy. Are you available to meet Friday at noon for a lunch meeting at Caparellis?

Please bring the quarterly reports so we can discuss the progress of the campaign. Im flexible on the meeting time if noon doesnt work with your schedule.

Im looking forward to meeting with you!

Thank you,

Amelia Tomlinson


How do you write a lunch invitation?

How to write a lunch meeting invitation
  1. Write the subject line. The first step to writing a meeting invitation is to write a subject line. …
  2. Write a salutation. …
  3. Write a sentence inviting the recipient to lunch. …
  4. Add additional information. …
  5. Sign the email. …
  6. Reread the email. …
  7. Add recipient and send.

How do you write a meeting invitation?

How to structure the meeting invite email
  1. Write a concise subject line.
  2. State the time and location.
  3. State a clear purpose.
  4. Share your meeting agenda.
  5. Ask attendees to RSVP.
  6. End with a professional signature and branding.

How do you announce a business lunch?

16 Tips for the Perfect Lunch Meeting
  1. Send Invitations Online and In Advance. …
  2. Pick the Perfect Location. …
  3. Pick Easy to Eat Food Options. …
  4. Book Your Table in Advance. …
  5. Announce the Menu Choices Before the Business Lunch. …
  6. Make Sure Everyone Has the Same Number of Courses. …
  7. Choose a Facilitator to Conduct Business.

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