How To Insert the Current Date in Word (With 4 Methods)

On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Date & Time. In the Date and time dialog box, select the format you want. Select the Update automatically check box. The date is inserted as a field and will update automatically.

When creating a document in Word, one of the most common elements you may want to insert is the current date. Whether it’s for a project, an assignment, or just for your records, knowing how to insert the current date in Word can be incredibly helpful. In this blog post, we will explore how to add the current date in Word with a few simple steps. We’ll also discuss all of the different ways you can format the date so you can customize it to fit your needs. So, no matter what project you’re working on, you’ll have the tools you need to quickly and easily add the current date.

How to Add Current Date and Time to a document in Word 2016

Why is the current date feature helpful?

There are many instances where Word’s current date feature is beneficial. You can keep track of when you created or updated a document by including a date in it. This can assist you and other professionals in determining whether the content of a document is still relevant given its creation date. If you last edited a document a year ago, for instance, its contents might need to be updated to reflect the present.

Word provides a feature that enables you to include a date in your file that updates itself automatically rather than manually changing the date. This avoids the time-consuming process of deleting and updating out-of-date time stamps. Additionally, Word offers a variety of date formatting options that can be used to communicate a document’s date to various audiences. For instance, you might select a date format that adheres to the cultural norms of the recipient when sending a document to a user in another country.

What is the current date in Word?

The current date in Word serves as a timestamp that shows the date you either created or last updated a document. A document’s date frequently indicates the day of the week, the month, and the relevant year. Dates used in documents may be formatted differently depending on the region of the world and the culture. The current date can be inserted in various places in your Word document. Some professionals prefer to include the date in a document’s header along with the rest of the content, while others prefer to put it somewhere less obvious, like the document’s footer.

How to insert the current date in Word

Examine these four procedures to learn how to add the current date to a Word document, along with each procedure’s steps:

1. How to insert todays date

You might want to include the exact day you are working on your document in the text. With this technique, the date on your document will always be the same, no matter how much time has passed since its creation. To add the current date to your Word document, follow these steps:

2. How to insert a date that updates automatically

Additionally, Word gives you the choice to include an automatically updating date. Using this method, you can maintain the accuracy of the date on your document regardless of how much time has passed since you inserted it. You can insert an automatically updating date in your document by following these steps:

3. How to insert the date in the header or footer

Another approach is to add the current date to the header or footer of a Word document. With this formatting, the date will appear at the top or bottom of each page of the document. Use the steps below to help you add the current date to your document’s header or footer:

4. How to insert a specific type of date field

You can add a specific kind of date field to your document using a Word feature. This includes the document’s create date, which denotes the day you created it. The save date, or the time you last saved the document, is another option. Another choice is to add the print date, which is updated each time the document is printed. Each of these options automatically updates in accordance with its unique designation. To add a specific kind of date field to your Word document, follow these steps:

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