16 Great Double Majors To Pursue in College

The Best Combinations of Double Majors
Accounting and computer information systems Accounting and finance
Communication and business Communication and marketing
Criminal justice and psychology Economics and business
Economics and marketing Economics and mathematics
Economics and statistics Economics and supply chain management

Pursuing a double major is an excellent way to enhance and optimize your college experience. By combining two areas of study, you will gain an even broader understanding of your chosen fields, as well as the skills and tools necessary to succeed in them. A double major can lead to a more diverse and multifaceted career and provide a stronger foundation for post-graduate study or specialized research. At the same time, double majors must manage higher course loads, more complex study plans, and a greater workload. In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of double majoring and the different ways you can use the degree to maximize your career potential. We will also provide examples of the best double majors and the unique opportunities they offer. Ultimately, this post will provide you with all the information you need to decide whether double majoring is right for you.


What is a double major?

A double major is a course of study that involves obtaining two majors simultaneously. These students enroll in the necessary classes to earn credits toward both majors. This usually results in one degree with two specializations. Double majors usually share the same department and take courses that overlap. As a result, students can earn two majors that are equivalent in length to single-major programs. A double major is an impressive accomplishment because it allows the student to earn two majors simultaneously. Earning a double major may be advantageous for students who want to focus on two different fields of study.

16 great double majors

If you decide to double major, you might want to pick two subjects that complement one another. 16 fantastic double majors are listed below that you can choose from:

1. Accounting and finance

Students who major in both accounting and finance can learn about both accounting and statistics as well as marketing and business. You may also learn about corporate finance and financial planning. Because accounting and finance frequently relate to one another, this is a popular double major. If you’d like to pursue a career in finance, this choice might be advantageous. Your accounting training may have better equipped you to handle various financial aspects of a business.

2. Marketing and communications

Your ability to major in both marketing and communications equips you with abilities that are useful across a variety of industries. Many careers in marketing require effective communication. Marketing and communications are both worthwhile career paths if you’re interested in public relations or social media. You can learn about marketing strategies and how to explain them to customers through this dual major. You could study branding, market research, and internal and external communication, for instance.

3. Business and art

You can support your major in art by majoring in business. If selling your art is your goal, having business experience and knowledge may be able to assist you in doing so. You can pursue art while studying business administration, finance, and economics in this double major. Having a double major in business and art can make you seem impressive to employers.

4. Accounting and computer information systems

Students can learn cutting-edge technologies that will help them with accounting and statistics through accounting and computer information. This is a good choice because there are numerous accounting programs that are constantly being improved. This dual degree offers students a wide range of career options in lucrative industries like information technology (IT), finance, and accounting. You could also work in financial data management or technological research.

5. Political science and economics

Because the economy is a subject that frequently comes up in politics and policy, majoring in both political science and economics is popular. Many political decisions affect or rely on economics. A double major in political science and economics is a good option if you want to work in policymaking or as an economist. Courses that teach you about political systems, economic legislation, and government budgets are necessary for this field.

6. Foreign language and business

Students who major in both foreign languages and business are prepared to work in the business world with multilingual colleagues. If you majored in business, you might decide to work abroad. Alternatively, you could stay in the U. S and work with partners who speak other languages. When doing business with people outside of the U.S., it’s helpful to understand other cultures and speak multiple languages. S. You can study a number of foreign languages in this major in addition to business courses.

7. Communications and science

Communications might be a useful second major to pick if you’re interested in working in the medical or scientific fields. Effective communication is crucial for scientists and medical professionals. For instance, a doctor typically speaks with patients, their families, and nurses. If you work in a scientific field that requires collaboration with others, think about pursuing this double major. You could study your chosen science major, such as biology or medicine, as well as communication skills in this double major.

8. Economics and psychology

Students who major in both economics and psychology are better prepared to study both money and human behavior. For those who want to work in management, marketing, or government, these fields of study may be beneficial. This coursework helps students analyze policies or financial decisions. Students who study psychology can comprehend why people make certain decisions. This is important when studying finances and business management.

9. Environmental science and public policy

You could major in both environmental science and public policy if you’re interested in sustainability and society. This helps you learn about environmental issues, protection and preservation. You can combine this knowledge with public policy to develop environmental regulations. You could study energy, climate change, and pollution in environmental science courses. You may take courses in law, political science and economics.

10. Psychology and criminal justice

Students who major in both psychology and criminal justice learn about the causes of crimes. Psychology is a worthwhile major choice if you’re interested in criminal justice because you can learn about criminalist behavior in it. For example, you might study why someone commits a crime. This could be useful for figuring out how to deal with criminals and attempting to prevent crime.

11. Philosophy and political science

Students can better understand political strategies by studying philosophy and political science. If you want to study political science, this could be a useful double major. Knowing something about philosophy could be helpful when making political decisions. Why majoring in philosophy can help you in this field is because policy-making can occasionally relate to ethics and certain beliefs.

12. Law and accounting

For those considering attending law school or working in financial compliance, law and accounting is a popular second major. While pursuing a law degree, you could study taxation, family, business, and financial law. In accounting, you may study maintaining finances for an organization. Accounting can benefit from law because it involves many legal processes.

13. Economics and supply chain management

Management of the flow of goods and services between businesses is known as supply chain. Given that economics is the study of how society uses its resources, this relates to economics. It might be beneficial to major in both of these fields if you want to work in the business sector. You could gain knowledge of product sourcing, business operations, and business management.

14. Foreign language and political science

Political science is the study of politics, so it frequently has connections to international affairs. You gain knowledge of various cultures and languages by earning a degree in a second language. These academic fields are related because they both deal with politics, history, and culture. The ability to speak a second language can help you appear cultured if you want to work in politics. Language proficiency in multiple languages may also be a requirement for other political science positions with international departments.

15. Marketing and computer information systems

This double major is a wise choice because the marketing sector frequently employs computer systems. It enables students to gain knowledge of the business side of marketing. Computer programs are frequently used in the delivery of content to an audience in the advertising and marketing industries. Having this knowledge can make you stand out from the competition.

16. Psychology and business

Another popular double major is psychology and business because it aids businesses in understanding how their customers think and behave. You could study a variety of business and psychology subjects in this program, including entrepreneurship, marketing, management, and persuasion. These topics can assist a company in predicting what its customers want from a product. You have impressive skills from having this double major that can help a business succeed.


Are double majors impressive?

If your grades are below average, a prospective employer or graduate school admissions committee won’t be impressed even if you complete a double major in two extremely difficult fields. In other words, the value of a double major depends on your academic performance. 3. The additional time you devote to studying might be better utilized elsewhere.

What majors are easy to double major in?

Combinations like English and Communication, Education and Psychology, Political Science and Economics, or Accounting and Finance are among the easiest double majors. Some schools provide unique double major programs that greatly streamline this process.

What majors go well together?

25 Common Double Major Combinations
  • Accounting and Finance.
  • Economics and Business Management.
  • Economics and Statistics.
  • Marketing and Communications.
  • Business and Art.
  • Business and Communications.
  • Communications and Science.
  • Marketing and Communication.

Does a double major look good for grad school?

In other words, graduate schools do not view additional majors and minors negatively. However, if you spend a lot of time completing multiple majors and minors, you probably won’t have enough time to gain the expertise in your main field that you’ll need for graduate school.

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