cognizant cis interview questions

Ther are some Cognizant ITIS interview questions I remember.
  • How will you recover if your system is slow?
  • What are the steps you follow to connect your home computer to the internet?
  • How will you debug if there is a problem in the server?
  • What is the difference between virtual and physical memory?

Interviews for Top Jobs at Cognizant Technology Solutions

CIS Tech Support Interview


I applied through a staffing agency. The process took 2 months. I interviewed at Cognizant Technology Solutions


Vendor, Paid Training, Much easy to crack. Aptitude -> Technical -> Communication -> Conditional Offer -> Vendor Training -> final interview -> Final Offer. Upon joining you will be directly placed on to projects.

Interview Questions

  • Tell About urself, Networking & Hardware

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Posted on 11 May 2022

Most Asked Cognizant HR Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Read the latest Cognizant HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and Experienced candidates.

Cognizant HR Interview Process can be divided into three categories


What is cis form in Cognizant?

Cognizant’s Cloud, Infrastructure, and Security Services Practice (CIS), is all about embracing digital transformation by driving core modernization holistically across layers. We help customers transform infrastructure and workplace to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the digital era.

What are the questions asked in CTS interview?

During the HR phase, the interview panel will ask you questions about your personality, family background, education, interests, internships, work experience (if applicable), and other topics.

How do I prepare for a Cognizant interview?

You should be prepared with Data structures and Algorithms, DBMS, Operating systems, Networking, OOPs concepts and a programming language of your choice. Students from branches other than CS should prepare for the other two subjects related to their branch. CS students will be expected to write codes in the interview.

Is Cognizant interview tough?

Exam is easy. You will definitely crack it. For those guys who are weak in English join some spoken English class and start reading English novels and newspaper like The hindu. Without this you can get a job but you can not succeed in your future endeavors.

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