Amazon loss prevention specialist interview questions

Large retail businesses generate millions or billions of dollars each year. So why is it a problem if a customer or employee takes a small item and doesn’t pay for it? The problem is that once theft is attempted and successful, it will be repeated. Even while it may seem like things add up quickly, stealing really costs American businesses close to $50 billion annually.

You are not need to meet any particular educational or professional requirements in order to apply for this employment. However, you must demonstrate initiative, focus on detail, and the right attitude toward a range of situations that may emerge in a retail setting during an interview. Here are 10 queries you can be asked when submitting an application for this job.

Loss Prevention Specialist Interview Questions

Can you explain a time where you resolved a situation with a difficult customer or employee?

Loss prevention associates interact with a variety of customers or team members, which sometimes means they help resolve situations with these individuals. Interviewers ask this type of question to understand your conflict resolution, communication and problem-solving abilities. To help you answer this question, consider describing a time where you de-escalated a situation and discovered an ideal solution.

Example: “I believe fostering a positive and open communication environment can help prevent unnecessary conflict. I recall one instance when I was questioning a customer about a potential loss prevention incident. The customer started to get upset during the questioning process. I found that remaining calm and explaining why we had to question her helped her to relax and answer my questions. This helped resolve an open incident, and the customer was happy she could help.”

What do you think is the top method you can use to ensure your company complies with all loss prevention procedures?

Companies use a variety of methods and processes in their loss prevention programs. Interviewers ask this type of question to understand more about your individual loss prevention techniques. Highlighting your experience in loss prevention and the variety of measures you incorporate in your duties can help you answer this question effectively.

Example: “Ive found that consistently reviewing the companys loss prevention policies and guidelines have helped maintain individual facility compliance. Also, conducting regular initial and refresher training sessions helps store management and team members remain current with company policies.”

Amazon Loss Prevention Specialist Interview Questions

What people are saying about Amazon at Glassdoor:


I applied online. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Amazon (Huntsville, AL) in Nov 2021


Took approximately 4-5 weeks. I applied for the position and was emailed by a recruiter. I needed to answer 10-15 questions before they could schedule a pre screen phone call. Once I finished the pre screen, I was told I passed, and they said they would reach out to me for the final process. As of of now, the final interview is a series of virtual interviews in a 4-hour period. All of the interviews use the STAR method. Be sure to have several stories ready. Ensure you have the situation, your method/behavior on how you wanted to handle the situation, and the outcome. Bonus points if you can include metrics. After the series of interviews were completed, I was contacted approximately 2 days later by a recruiter via email. They asked if they could call me to discuss the outcome of the interview. On the phone call, they offered me the position.

Interview Questions

  • STAR method; Situation, Behavior, Outcome


I applied online. I interviewed at Amazon (Stone Mountain, GA) in Jul 2021


I was having phone troubles because towers in my area are down, I tried to join the meeting 4 times because I was having trouble with the phone. He knew that, I finally decided to call off my home phone and he left the meeting. I tried emailing him I didn’t receive any reply. He didn’t even give me the opportunity to say who I am, what my work history is or anything. He just left the meeting and no response. I feel it’s it’s unfair because I didn’t even have a chance to introduce myself or to even start the meeting/interview. I couldn’t help towers are out in my area. But honestly I don’t think it was my signal because I was receiving calls and calling out when he wouldn’t respond. Other people heard me perfectly. I just think that was very lazy and unprofessional because of signal problems and it’s not like he was even calling me back. We have to log into the meeting. It wasn’t even a hassle on his end. He seem like he was impatient

Interview Questions

No Questions, DIDNT even start the interview. You have to be literally PERFECT no phone problems or anything


The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at Amazon (Raleigh, NC)


Applied online>phone interview with recruiter > another phone interview with 4 individuals, each 45 minutes each. Never contacted me on results till I instigated same. Very non-person process with lots of template emails with just your name entered. Very structured interview process. Have an open availability for interviews or your out of the process. Low pay for responsibilities and 1st,2nd and 3rd shift flexibility.

Interview Questions

Behavioral questions and likes metrics to fit situation


I interviewed at Amazon (San Francisco, CA) in Dec 2019


Applied, got a response from a recruiter. Was asked to answer about 10 questions based on past experience and relocation, immigration sponsor needed etc before a phone interview was scheduled. Two phone interviews then a several hour interview panel with multiple people are to be expected. Questions are based off of amazon leadership principles, interviewers choose which principles they want to focus on.

Interview Questions

Tell me about a time you worked against tight deadlines and didn’t have time to consider all options.


I applied online. The process took 7 weeks. I interviewed at Amazon (Gresham, OR)


Hiring process is long and kind of a joke. I was first emailed a list of about 15-20 questions that I had to answer. Then about a week after that a phone interview was scheduled. Standard interview with some situational questions. A few days after that I was emailed and told I had been selected to come in for an on-site interview, but that it may take several days to several weeks to arrange. Three weeks went by and I hadn’t heard back, so I followed up with the recruiter and received essentially the same response as before. After it had been seven weeks since my initial interview I followed up again with the recruiter, only to be told the following day that the position had been filled internally. Amazon’s hiring practices and follow up are disappointing and frankly kind of a joke.

Interview Questions

Please tell us about a time where you had to hold someone accountable.


I applied in-person. The process took 6 weeks. I interviewed at Amazon (Hemel Hempstead, England) in Apr 2018


Competency based with 4 different interviewers. Questions relate to Amazon core values. The core values can be seen online. They ask for examples where you have shown alignment to their core values. They will have 10 to work from and 4 interviewers so some crossover. It’s quite intense.

Interview Questions

How I had shown that I was customer centric in previous jobs.


What should I say at a loss prevention interview?

If you have, you can explain where you worked, which equipment you used, and what role did you play in the loss prevention team. Try to speak with enthusiasm about your former roles. They shouldn’t get a feeling that you hate the job, and did it only because you had to.

What does a loss prevention specialist do at Amazon?

Protecting people, products, and information.

Specialists build data-driven investigations, conduct interviews, and monitor security risks. Our managers implement programs to prevent loss, manage Amazon assets, and lead teams of strong people. We plan for every eventuality and inspire our people to perform better.

Is it difficult to crack Amazon interview?

Amazon’s Behavioral Interview Is Tricky And Challenging

Engineers applying to positions across the board go through a mandatory behavioral interview where they’re assessed on a bunch of behavioral aspects. The questions are usually around Amazon’s 14 leadership principles that the company values deeply.

What interview questions does Amazon ask?

Top 3 Amazon interview questions
  • What would you do if you found out your closest friend at work was stealing? …
  • Describe your most difficult customer and how you handled it. …
  • Tell me about a time you were 75 percent through a project and had to pivot quickly. …
  • Behavioral questions. …
  • Leadership questions.

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