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If you’re looking to land a job with one of the top consulting firms of the world, then you must be aware of the rigorous recruitment process. ZS Associates is no exception to this rule and they have a process that includes both online and in-person interviews. In this blog post, we will focus on the ZS Associates video interview questions and how you can prepare for them.
The ZS Associates video interview is an important part of the selection process and requires careful preparation from the part of the applicant. This interview is often conducted in either of the two ways – through a Skype video call or through a web-based video conferencing platform. This interview usually lasts around 30 minutes and is conducted by one or more recruiters from the company. During the interview, recruiters ask a range of questions that assess the applicant’s qualifications, experience, and competencies in order to determine their suitability for the role.
Aspiring candidates should prepare for

ZS Associates Video Interview Round Questions

Interviews for Top Jobs at ZS Associates

Decision Analytics Consultant Interview


I applied through other source. I interviewed at ZS Associates (Amritsar) in Oct 2022


1st Case study round to be solved in 1 hr. There were around 7 questions including graph explanation, team size estimation and some analysis questions. 2nd case study discussion interview 1hr, we need to solve and discuss the approach and assumptions we take in solving the question 3rd EBI+FIT round 0.5 hr Guestimates and project management, team management and behavioral questions

Interview Questions

  • Project management questions Team management questions Behavioral questions Tell me about yourself in the first interview. Case study questions and discussion in the second interview

Business Technology Solutions Associate Interview


I applied through college or university. I interviewed at ZS Associates (Chicago, IL) in Oct 2022


The interview exp was moderate. It started 45 mins late with a diff interviewer. The lady interviewer of the case section wasn’t letting me complete my answers. The deep dive person was asking core technical questions like diff between ABC and xyz. disadvantages of ABC, xyz

Interview Questions

  • Why were you placed in such a different situation in the pharma company case study using Python?

Business Operations Associate Interview


I interviewed at ZS Associates


It was a pretty relaxed interview with a discussion primarily focused on problem-solving and an analytical mindset. The interviewer was more interested to gauge the situation handle capability. The process consists of the case study and couple of guesstimates.

Interview Questions

  • What was the most difficult situation in which you got stuck, and how did you handle it?


What questions are asked in ZS video interview?

ZS Associates Technical Interview Questions for CS/IT Candidates
  • Find the Nth Term of the Fibonacci Series in C.
  • Find the Nth Term of the Fibonacci Series in C++
  • Find the Nth Term of the Fibonacci Series in Java.
  • Find the Nth Term of the Fibonacci Series in Python.

How many interview rounds are there in ZS Associates?

Case interviews, a written case interview, and behavioral or fit interview questions make up ZS Associates interviews. Before receiving an offer, candidates typically have to pass through three rounds of interviews.

What does ZS look for in a candidate?

We’d like to know more about you personally and professionally. We’ll be on the lookout for abilities to solve problems, comprehend data, communicate effectively, and have business sense.

How many rounds are in ZS?

The hiring process at ZS Associates is split into two phases and consists of a total of five rounds.

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