8 Tips To Help You Handle Workplace Jealousy

Workplace jealousy can occur when one coworker feels anxious or insecure about the talents of another employee. It’s important to remain positive, kind and professional in the workplace to prevent and lessen workplace jealousy between team members.
  1. Be polite and civil. Don’t stoop to their level – it could make the situation worse (and could lead to you getting into trouble at work).
  2. Offer help and support (if they’ll let you). …
  3. Try not to take it personally. …
  4. Ignore the jealous behavior.

A person experiences jealousy when they are uneasy or insecure about their value or importance to others. When jealousy occurs at work, it strains relationships and creates issues. Workers may favor one colleague over another, which can result in office rumors, sabotage, and even bullying. Recognizing the root causes of jealousy in the workplace as an employer is the first step to eradicating it.

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How to Deal with Toxic, Jealous, Insecure Coworkers

What causes workplace jealousy?

There are numerous factors that can cause an employee to develop resentment and jealousy toward another team member. Common causes for employees acting jealous in the workplace include:

What is workplace jealousy?

When a coworker is anxious or insecure about the abilities of another worker, it can lead to jealousy in the workplace. To prevent and lessen workplace jealousy between team members, it’s critical to maintain your professionalism, kindness, and attitude. You must first comprehend where and why workplace jealousy is coming from in order to deal with it effectively.

Tips for handling workplace jealously

When one employee consistently receives promotions, raises, or more desirable assignments than the other, jealousy at work can be difficult to avoid. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to recognize it and address it in order to uphold a productive, collaborative, and professional work environment. Use these tips to help you properly handle workplace jealousy:

Remain humble and modest

Encourage employees to maintain their composure and modesty if one employee receives promotions or raises over another. Share motivating remarks to inspire them to increase their performance at work so they can enjoy the same favorable outcomes that the other employee did. Encourage staff to always act professionally and to celebrate wins with friends and family outside of the workplace rather than sharing them with coworkers who are still vying for a promotion or raise.

Teach new skills to others

Look for ways to assist employees in enhancing their performance and to stand by them as they accomplish their own goals. This allows them to feel supported and motivated. Additionally, it can encourage coworkers to regularly help and encourage team members, which reduces any feelings of envy or resentment. Offer to teach them any skills they may be lacking, and offer your guidance and advice. Your upbeat disposition could encourage them to develop, stay optimistic about their own work efforts, and support the success of others.

Be willing to learn and try new things

While imparting knowledge is important, you should also show that you are open to learning new skills. What can you do as a leader to help your team members succeed? Encourage coworkers to solicit and share tips and advice on how to complete specific projects. This gives everyone the impression that they are treated fairly and that they each have something positive to contribute. Additionally, it can help staff members feel more like teammates than rivals.

Remind employees of their abilities

Meet with them privately to discuss their skills and abilities if envious coworkers are making others doubt their skill sets. Remind them of their strengths and evaluate their capabilities. Encourage them to decompress by going for a walk, practicing meditation, or doing some physical activity if they appear defeated. This can help them adopt a more optimistic outlook and better equip them to handle any unfavorable remarks their coworkers may make about them.

Set professional goals

If you assist employees in establishing and concentrating on their own professional goals, it may be simpler for them to ignore the negative behaviors of envious coworkers. Establish career goals for staff members to meet and a strategy for achieving them. By enticing other team members to jointly plan their futures at the company or in their fields, you can extend this planning to your entire group. This makes you all more conscious of one another’s objectives and enables you to use your training and experience to assist others in achieving their goals.

Support and respect others

Remain positive at all times, even around jealous coworkers. When they appear upset, discouraged, or confused, look for ways to make situations positive. Tell them what you liked about their presentation, for instance, if it received less praise than that of another employee. You could also offer to assist them with upcoming tasks to make sure they perform well the following time.

Find various ways to be supportive throughout the workday. Congratulate them when they finish a difficult task or offer assistance with more time-consuming assignments. They can develop and value a working relationship with you and others by providing support and respect, which can help to eliminate any resentment or jealousy.

Listen to others

Because they believe they are underachieving or aren’t receiving enough praise from management or their team, some coworkers may feel envious of others. Ask the employee if they need to talk if you notice them acting resentful or jealous of you. This lets them know you’re available to talk to, support, and listen to them. Additionally, you may be able to better comprehend their motivations for acting out as a result. You can encourage them emotionally by providing support, or you can direct them toward the resources they require to succeed.

Be vocal about their accomplishments

Mention an employee’s accomplishments in front of others if you see them reaching significant milestones or accomplishing impressive goals. Recognize them in meetings, team emails, or the team’s business communication platform for their excellent work performance. This makes them feel proud and appreciated for their accomplishments.


How can you tell if a coworker is jealous?

21 Jealous Female Coworkers Signs: How to Spot Them and What to…
  1. Exhibiting Negative Body Language. …
  2. Avoiding You and Areas You Frequent. …
  3. Avoiding Eye Contact Whenever Possible. …
  4. Mocking Any Honors or Recognition You Receive. …
  5. Offering Only Backhanded Compliments. …
  6. Never Inviting You to Join Them. …
  7. Openly Criticizing You.

How does jealousy affect the workplace?

Envy damages relationships, disrupts teams, and undermines organizational performance. Most of all, it harms the one who feels it. Your self-respect suffers, and you may neglect or even sabotage your own performance and possibly your career when you are consumed by someone else’s success.

What does jealousy look like at work?

Isolation and avoidance: Being around someone when you are envious of them can be difficult because it can serve as a constant reminder of your own flaws. Consequently, someone who is feeling envious may forget to include someone in emails, meetings, and social events.

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