An employee write-up is a formal document that a hiring organization sends to an employee who has broken the company’s internal business protocols and procedures. In most situations, employees receive write-ups after multiple such incidents and after their management has issued at least one verbal warning.

How to Respond to a Write Up at Work (twelve recommendations)

Why are work write-ups important?

The cost of firing an employee and recruiting a replacement puts a strain on the business because it takes time and other resources. Additionally, a worker who believes they were let go without cause may sue the business for wrongful termination. Employee write-ups are a useful tool for removing or limiting these problems:

What is a work write-up?

When an employee violates the company’s internal business protocols and procedures, the hiring organization will formally send them a write-up. Employees typically receive write-ups following several of these incidents and after their management has given them at least one verbal warning. Periods of subpar performance or conduct that is deemed to be inconsistent with the organization’s values and internal regulations are some of the most frequent occurrences that can result in a work write-up.

The majority of work write-ups take the form of an employee write-up form, which is a standardized document. The form typically provides the employee with clear suggestions on how to improve their performance or behavior, along with goals that they must achieve and consequences for not achieving them. In addition to clearly stating the reasons behind the write-up.

The following are a few of the most typical problems that result in employees receiving written criticism:

Things to do after receiving a work write up

Consider these actions after receiving a write up at work:

Work write ups FAQ

Some of the most typical inquiries about work write-ups are as follows:

1. Can a company terminate an employee without a write-up?

The type of the written employment contract between the employer and employee will determine this in large part. Professional contracts can be at-will, where both parties are free to end the collaboration whenever they please as long as they comply with all applicable laws, or contracted, where the two parties sign a contract and neither of them is permitted to end the collaboration until the contract is up, unless for valid reasons that are typically expressly stated in the agreement.

2. What does an employee write-up document contain?

Most write-ups consist of:

3. Can you refuse to sign a write-up if you receive one?

Although it is not illegal for an employee to refuse to sign a write-up, it is typically not a smart move. Instead, you can ask your supervisor to add a line at the end stating that, although the employee acknowledges the write-up, they do not necessarily agree with its reasons if you disagree with the reasoning behind it.


Does written up mean fired?

What to do after a write-up at work
  1. Ask for documentation. Obtain copies of all paperwork related to your report and your meeting with your manager.
  2. Take steps to improve. Improve the conduct that your manager mentions in your initial write-up.
  3. Follow-up with your manager.

What to say during an employee write up?

What are common reasons for writing up an employee?
  • Tardiness.
  • Unauthorized early leaving.
  • Absenteeism.
  • Company policy violation.
  • Substandard work.
  • Violation of safety rules.
  • Inappropriate behavior toward customers or clients.
  • Insubordination.

How do you write a work write up?

When a boss decides they want to fire someone, they frequently start writing them up for everything. A major warning sign that you will soon be fired is if you are written up more than once for reasons that are weak or unnecessary.

How many write ups before you get fired?

Focus on the current issue. Give the employee specific details about the issue and the expected improvement. Explain the impact on the company or coworkers. Don’t bring up past problems, or digress into other concerns.

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