Word-of-Mouth Marketing: What It Is and How To Use It

WOMMA defines WOMM

Benefits of WOMM

The use of social media WOMM strategies can be advantageous because consumers frequently trust and prefer a personal review of a product before deciding to buy it themselves. While advertisements can be a compelling way to market a product or brand There are many benefits of using WOMM such as:

Online community

WOMM works to create an engaged online community. Utilizing a social media platform allows the brand to communicate with its customers. You can respond to their reviews and personal experiences, which results in more devoted clients. Customers are more likely to purchase a product and do business with a brand again when they are more engaged. Additionally, they are more likely to tell their friends about that product.

Free advertising

The fact that WOMM is essentially a free form of advertising is one of its greatest advantages. When deciding whether to buy a new product, many consumers concur that reading online reviews from other customers is an important consideration. When consumers are happy with a product, they’re happy to write about how much they love the brand and why. As a result of their own positive experiences with the product, they continuously persuade others to try it.

Brand loyalty

Customers are more likely to stick with your brand and buy more of your products when they like your product or the service your brand offers. Having devoted customers can help a business succeed because they continue to add value by not only buying more products but also by recommending it to others and encouraging them to do the same. As the process grows, this attracts more brand-loyal customers, building a strong foundation for brand loyalty.

Increased sales

The greatest advantage of WOMM may be its increasing product sales. Sales of your goods are probably going to increase when you’re able to use the additional benefits of word-of-mouth promotion, like creating an online community and having customers who are devoted to your brand. In order to support word-of-mouth marketing going forward, growing sales enable more forms of advertising, new product development, and an improved overall customer experience.

What is word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM)?

Word-of-mouth advertising involves people telling other people how much they like a product in an effort to persuade them to buy it. For many years, the idea of WOMM has been utilized as a marketing strategy. The earlier, more established form of WOMM was when someone would rave to a friend about a particular item they had bought. The likelihood that their friend would buy the product was frequently increased by this personal endorsement. If this person enjoyed it as well, word-of-mouth goodwill would spread to more people, boosting the product’s overall sales.

Modern WOMM is similar, but now social media is the primary channel for promoting brands and products. Social media-based WOMM is very helpful because you can easily search for a product and see hundreds of comments featuring positive reviews and customers’ personal experiences on one webpage with so many people connected to technology throughout the day. These online reviews can influence consumers to purchase a product.

How to use WOMM effectively

Here are a few strategies to help your business benefit from word-of-mouth advertising:

1. Make sure your customers have a great first experience

Making sure that your customers’ first interaction with your brand is positive throughout is crucial for developing a following of devoted and consistent customers. A few specifics to think about include the layout of the website used for customer orders, the general caliber of the goods delivered, and how you run your business. It’s crucial to please customers when they make their first purchase from your business because there’s a higher chance they’ll leave a positive review. This also encourages customers to shop with you again.

2. Sell quality products

Consider using the highest quality materials when making your product. Make sure the customer is happy with their purchase so they can provide favorable WOM feedback. Customers expect that, for instance, if your restaurant advertises that it serves the freshest pizza in Brooklyn, with a new pie baked every 15 minutes, they will have that experience when they visit. Because they received a high-quality meal when they dined with you, they are likely to recall that your pizza was exactly as described and leave a positive review.

3. Maintain a visually pleasing website and simple online order process

Make sure your website’s aesthetic appeals to your target market. Make sure it is appealing to the eye and simple to use on various interfaces, including those of laptops, phones, and tablets. It’s also advantageous if using the website to place an order is quick and easy. If your website is easy to use and appealing to the eye, customers will probably remember how simple it was to order from you and return to your store. Additionally, they might post positive WOM feedback on your social media pages praising how quick and pleasurable the shopping experience was.

4. Run a well-managed operation

Make sure procedures are in place to manage inventory and guarantee timely deliveries. As quickly as you can, respond to customer inquiries, and resolve any issues so that the customer feels heard and satisfied. More word-of-mouth advertising (WOM) from satisfied customers telling other potential customers how happy they were that you had their purchases delivered on time or that the customer service was warm and responsive to their questions is likely to occur when a business is operating smoothly.

5. Encourage and promote user-generated content

One of the newest forms of the WOMM strategy, user-generated content, allows users to share their experiences using your products. When posting to social media, they can include pictures and their own stories along with a hashtag for your company. The more user-generated content you publish on your website and social media platforms, the more likely it is that prospective customers will learn about the good things that other people have said about your brand.


What does WOMM stand for?

Word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) is a strategy for advertising a good or service by getting good feedback from happy customers.

What is word mouth marketing?

The effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing depends on consumers’ opinions and recommendations of particular brands to their friends and family. It’s a free form of advertising brought on by the perceptions, sentiments, and ideas of consumers.

Does word-of-mouth marketing work?

Did you know that word-of-mouth advertising is thought to be responsible for 13% of all consumer sales and $6 trillion of annual consumer spending? People are 90% more likely to trust and purchase from a brand that a friend has recommended, and word-of-mouth marketing impressions produce 5 times more sales than paid media impressions.

What is traditional word-of-mouth?

Summary of Key Points. WOM is oral, one-on-one communication that involves a brand, a product, a service, or an organization and is perceived by the recipient as non-commercial. WOM is more effective than traditional mass media communications.

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