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What are good reasons to be a lawyer?

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Good reasons to go to law school

Here are some compelling arguments to support attending law school, in case you’re still debating it:

1. You want to help others

No matter what area of law you practice in, an attorney is in a position to be able to assist others. Lawyers can help marginalized groups gain access to legal representation, represent a person in court, draft estate planning documents for clients who want to think ahead to their loved ones’ futures, and secure settlements for personal injury cases. Despite the fact that there are many jobs you can have that benefit others, going to law school is a good idea if the other aspects of the law interest you.

2. Law school gives you perspective

Law school teaches you to consider all sides of an issue and to use evidence from case studies, credible research, and other sources to support your client’s position. This perspective that law school courses introduce you to can help you in your future career and in your interactions with others, even if you want to use your law degree for something other than being an attorney.

3. The field of law has high earning potential

4. You can build a vast network of contacts

In law school, you will interact with a variety of people, including professors and fellow students. You’ll have to collaborate closely with your classmates in order to complete projects, prepare for exams, and complete work-study programs. When looking for a job after college, your professors and recent law school graduates can be helpful contacts to have. If any of your former students go on to practice law, they may recommend you to their clients and vice versa. The contacts you make through internships can also help you expand your network.

5. You want to feel fulfilled

You must solve problems, learn intricate concepts, and analyze situations in law school. These things help you get ready for a career as an attorney, where you’ll need to put what you’ve learned to work for you. For those who enjoy intellectual stimulation and have a passion for the subject, law school can be rewarding.

6. You prefer a career that will challenge you

Many people would describe a career as a lawyer as being challenging, and law school is typically no different. It’s a more difficult degree than many others, but if you want it, you might discover that you thrive in and enjoy law school.

7. The law becomes familiar to you

One of the main advantages of going to law school is that you get to know the law. Your understanding will assist you in understanding the language if you or a loved one encounters legal issues or needs to comprehend a contract or other legalese.

8. You want to have a lot of career opportunities

Despite the fact that you can explore many options as an attorney depending on your particular interests, you are not required to be an attorney simply because you attended law school. However, you also have the option to pursue a completely different line of work, such as that of a state bar administrator, director of human resources, or mediator.

9. Youre able to specialize in a field of interest

You may be able to leave law school after graduating and find employment in your area of interest if you have one. For instance, if real estate is your thing, you could become a real estate agent or an attorney who focuses on examining real estate contracts and other paperwork. To complete real estate transactions, you might even collaborate closely with a title company.

10. Youll be able to influence your community

Some academic institutions or professional associations allow you to give away free legal counsel to people who ordinarily cannot afford an attorney. This is typically carried out at a free legal advice clinic with the supervision of a law school professor. You will be exposed to the actual problems that members of the community face because law school students are typically the only ones who have access to real-world experiences like this.

After law school, you’ll be able to have an even greater and more significant impact on your community. You can participate in social justice, community improvement, education, and other things.

Reasons to decide against attending law school

You might not be a good fit for law school for the following reasons:

1. Student loans

The cost of attending law school can be high, and many students leave with significant debt. After paying off your student loans, you might not have a comfortable amount of money left over if you begin your career like the majority of attorneys do and don’t make a lot of money. If law school isn’t your passion or if you’re worried about being able to pay off the debt you’ll likely graduate with, you might want to think twice before enrolling.

Also keep in mind that before you feel confident entering a field of law you are more passionate about, such as immigration law or something in the public sector, you might need to work at a larger law firm for a higher salary while you pay off your debts.

2. Long working hours

As a new graduate, you may work as many as 80 hours a week as an attorney, which can affect your ability to balance work and personal life. When working for clients, you must record your hours, but you may also spend a lot of time reading case law, writing legal documents, and researching. Additionally, you should be ready for long hours while attending law school. Law students must work hard in class, be prepared, write papers, and finish projects.

3. Employment outlook

Although some people may have a strong desire to pursue a career in law, there may be a lot of competition in the field. There is competition for positions paying a variety of salaries in all areas of law. If you’re choosing to attend law school solely because you believe you’ll have a good job outlook after you graduate, you might want to think about whether there is a more suitable career path for you.

4. Job stressors

Being an attorney is very stressful because you might have a lot of duties and face pressure from senior associates at the law firm you choose to work for. You might need to put in a certain amount of time or take on cases they don’t want. Long hours are typical in the legal profession, and lawyers may encounter numerous client demands that may stress them out.

5. Lack of other options

If you’re only enrolling in law school because you feel you have no other choice, you should think twice. Examine what you need to do to get into a career you’ll enjoy, whether that’s return to school for a different degree or gain useful experience in the field through freelance work and volunteering.

6. You like to argue

While working as a prosecutor or in another position that requires you to appear in court and defend or otherwise represent a client is an option, the majority of attorneys do not argue as part of their day-to-day duties. Writing briefs, filing paperwork, meeting with clients, and keeping track of billable hours are more likely to take up your day.

7. You feel inspired by an attorney on television

The actors who portray lawyers on television may not accurately depict what it’s like to practice law after graduating from law school. If you’re thinking about going to law school because you were inspired by a lawyer in a movie or on television, it’s likely that their portrayal of the profession doesn’t accurately reflect what law school or getting a law degree will actually be like.

8. Starting salary

It’s crucial to be aware that as a recent law school graduate working as an attorney, you’ll probably put in 60 to 80 hours per week at a lower starting salary than you might anticipate. You could make a good living as an attorney, but it might not be possible for you to do so right away. After working in the industry for three to five years, it’s typical to earn the average lawyer salary.

9. You want to be high profile

In actuality, few lawyers—if any—achieve high-profile status right away. Being a high-profile attorney typically requires years of experience in a field of law with a lot of stress as well as networking to gain access to potential clients. Even with these measures in place, you might not become well-known without a significant case that receives media attention, which is uncommon.

10. Parental influence

If your parents are attorneys themselves or had a specific career path in mind for you, you may want to please them or want to follow in their footsteps, but think about whether attending law school is something you actually want to do. Consider everything that is associated with this field, including high student loan debt and demanding coursework and post-graduation hours, to name just a few. You should only consider going to law school if you’re serious about the field because it’s a huge commitment.


Why do I want to go into law?

Law students and attorneys are in a unique position to assist individuals, groups, corporations, and organizations with their legal problems as well as find solutions to a wide range of challenging issues. It is a privilege to uphold the rule of law, and as a lawyer, you will be an advocate for this important public good.

Why did you want to become a lawyer?

Lawyers are in a unique position to assist people, groups, and organizations with their legal issues as well as to advance the general welfare. Public interest attorneys fight for legal causes that benefit society as a whole and assist those in need of legal representation who might not otherwise be able to afford lawyers.

What are the benefits of going to law school?

There are many benefits of law school that go beyond even working as a lawyer, including:
  • Development of desirable skills. …
  • Learn how to review contracts. …
  • Provide you with a foundation for further education. …
  • Social change opportunities. …
  • Make you a competitive applicant. …
  • Development of soft skills.

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