What Is Sales Support? (Definition, Duties and Salary)

Most companies make a mistake to pay high salaries to sales representatives and expect them to achieve unattainable targets miraculously. The whole blame is put on the sales representative when he fails to meet the impossible goals assigned to him. This is a very unhealthy way of boosting your sales. You might be able to get results, but this strategy will not be useful in the long run.

The answer to this question is sales support. You are required to provide sufficient sales support to your sales reps to make them work efficiently. Make sure that you are providing neither too great nor too little sales support. The right amount of sales support can help in the growth and productivity of your sales team.

Sales support can refer to a role, department or set of tools and resources. It is typically deployed in sales organizations to help offload administrative tasks from frontline sellers and managers to improve their productivity.

The Power of Sales Support

What does a sales support specialist do?

A sales support specialist, also called a sales customer support specialist, is someone who helps the sales team in obtaining and maintaining customers by handling administrative tasks. Their major role is to handle customer complaints and questions, ensure on-time processed orders and schedule any meeting or appointments for the sales team. They also have other duties and responsibilities, which include:

Perform customer service

A positive customer service experience for a consumer is vital in obtaining their loyalty and increasing brand reputation. Sales support specialists work directly with the consumers to assist them in any way they can. This can look like answering their questions, addressing any concerns, changing or canceling orders immediately upon request or following up with them once theyve received their order to determine their satisfaction.

Manage administrative tasks

Customer service is a large role in being a sales support specialist, along with managing administrative tasks for the sales team. This responsibility can look like performing data entries for metrics and sales figures, removing unusable data from the system, managing an organized and accessible filing system for everyone on the team to use and reporting any unusual activity they might encounter in the database to their manager.

Create and process order information

A sales support specialist is the primary point of contact for the sales team and clients, so theyre heavily involved with processing orders. Processing order information can look like putting in the order information on time to the system so the delivery can reach the customer on time. It can also look like expediting rush orders or alternating sales and shipping information as needed. The process begins when a customer places an order and ends when the package arrives at the customers shipping address.

Generate a list of leads

For sales representatives, lead generation is where they can lose most of their time, which is why the helpers are an asset. The sales support specialist can take over this task so the representatives can focus on creating strategies and pitch sales. Finding, filtering and qualifying potential customers for the sales team to contact is how the helpers can generate leads. They can search for leads through:

What is sales support?

Sales support is a professional who provides a variety of functions to assist sales representatives or sales teams, allowing them to focus on selling and closing deals. The functions can vary depending on the industry, company and sales team. A specialist in sales support helps their clients in all aspects of the buying process. They answer questions the consumer may have, help track the clients packages and manage correspondences between clients and the sales team.

Productive sales support is important because it helps build successful businesses and increases brand reputation. Customer satisfaction primarily stems from effective customer service, which is a large part of sales support, so the more effective a sales support team is, the happier customers can feel. Satisfied customers may also tell others about it, which may increase a brands reputation.

Salary for a sales support representative

A job description for a sales support representative may vary depending on the duties, qualifications and experience the employer requires. They are most likely are going to include details of the roles responsibilities, education and experience requirements, skill preferences and requirements to do the job. Here is a sample job description that can help you learn what to expect from a position as a sales support representative:

We are looking for a detail-oriented and analytical sales support specialist to assist our sales team with clerical and administrative duties to gather and keep customers.

Our ideal candidate is someone with professional experience whos passionate and has extensive knowledge about sales and best customer service practices. We want someone who works well in a team setting and is ready to help the sales team as necessary. The overall goal is to ensure that the sales team is running efficiently and keeping customers happy.




What are the responsibilities of a sales support?

What is a sales support role?
  • Generating initial leads.
  • Filtering and qualifying those leads.
  • Monitoring customer accounts for potential sales opportunities.
  • Researching new sales opportunities and reporting them to upper sales management.
  • Scheduling training and management of sales reps.

What is customer sales and support?

10 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service and Increase Sales Performance
  1. Clarify Your Mission and Break the Mission into Specific Goals. …
  2. Solicit Feedback From Customers. …
  3. Respond Quickly. …
  4. Cross-Sell at Every Turn. …
  5. Provide Educational and Appropriate Knowledge. …
  6. Create Referrals Through an Incentive.

What is the difference between sales and sales support?

Sales Support Specialist Responsibilities:

Answering customer inquiries, scheduling meetings, and sales appointments, and following up with customers about their order status. Compiling a daily list of sales leads, delegating leads to the sales department, and providing sales data and guides to the sales department.

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