What Is Inclusive Marketing? (With Examples and Benefits)

Inclusive marketing is marketing that considers diversity in all forms. This includes age, appearance, ethnicity, and gender identity. As well as language, socio-economic status, religion/spirituality, and physical/mental ability. It’s about recognizing that your audience is made up of different groups of people.

Black-ish, grown-ish actor and Gen Z activist Yara Shahidi was in Auckland, New Zealand, on October 3. On October 3, 2019, in Auckland, New Zealand, at the Aotea Center, The Power Of Inclusion Summit 2019 will take place. In order to create momentum for a future in which representation and inclusion are the new screen industry standards, The Power of Inclusion is a global summit where international and local voices share their stories, experiences, and expertise. With assistance from The Walt Disney Studios, the New Zealand Film Commission and Women in Film and Television International are hosting the Power of Inclusion summit. (Image courtesy of Michael Bradley/Getty Images for the New Zealand Film Commission)

Inclusive marketing is the future of marketing. Include inclusivity in your brand’s design as you strive to expand it and win over devoted customers. It’s the right move to make. And based on expanding market trends, creating an inclusive brand will soon move from being a “nice to do” to being a “must do.” ”.

Right now, Gen-Z is 25% of the U. S. population and 48% diverse. The generation following Gen-Z, Generation Alpha, is anticipated to be even more diverse. The average size of a woman in the U. S. is now between a 16 and 18. Additionally, more than 40% of women today are the only or main provider for their families.

The practice of marketing to what was once regarded as “normal” or to the “masses” will soon be a thing of the past. People are beginning to realize that they do not need to simply “accept” that the brands they want to engage with will ignore or underserve their needs as more companies begin to successfully cater to the needs of diverse and niche consumers. MORE FOR YOU.

Be aware that consumers aren’t just taking your word for it as we get closer to 2021 and beyond. Instead of just being a brand that is saying the right things to get their attention and their hard-earned money, they want to see evidence that you are an inclusive brand they can trust.

It will be crucial for you to make sure your work isn’t superficial from an inclusivity standpoint as we move forward with the year. You cannot expect that changing your photography and including more voices from different backgrounds in your marketing will suffice.

The importance of inclusive marketing

How to implement inclusive marketing

You can use the following detailed instructions as a guide when putting your inclusive marketing campaign into practice:

1. Consider your target audience

Before implementing a marketing strategy, you frequently try to determine your target market. It’s crucial to take into account the demographic information you want your marketing campaign to contain when determining the target market for your campaign. You can choose the strategies and tactics you’ll employ to market to them once you’ve determined who you’re marketing a product, program, or service to. This can assist you in most effectively and efficiently developing a comprehensive marketing strategy with a greater likelihood of success.

2. Gather opinions

It may be helpful to solicit feedback from people to find out whether they think your plan appears inclusive in order to create the most accurate and appropriate inclusive marketing plan. You can hold focus groups to get feedback on the marketing strategy or to compare it to other diverse and inclusive marketing strategies you’ve seen in the past. Understanding how inclusive a marketing strategy is based on public opinion is crucial because these groups frequently consist of the target audience for your marketing efforts.

3. Outline a plan

A thorough plan for launching your marketing campaign can be made once you are certain it has accurately represented everything you wanted it to. You can create a timeline for the launch in this plan, which will include information such as when to wrap up photo shoots or designs, when to hold status update meetings, and when specific items should be prepared. You can give this comprehensive strategy to all campaign participants so that everyone is informed and kept up to date.

What is inclusive marketing?

Professionals use the inclusive marketing technique to include diversity in their marketing materials, such as advertisements and promotions. When practicing inclusive marketing, you take into account diversity in all of its manifestations, including appearance, age, ethnicity, race, marital status, religion, physical and mental ability, and socioeconomic status. This tactic highlights how a business understands that its audience consists of various ethnic and cultural groups, and it makes an effort to represent them all. Because the majority of people use products like food, clothing, technology, and automobiles on a daily basis, inclusive marketing is frequently seen in advertising for these products.

Benefits of inclusive marketing

Utilizing inclusive marketing in your campaigns has a number of advantages, both for the general public and a specific company. These benefits may include:

Examples of inclusive marketing

You can use the following examples of inclusive marketing strategies as a model for your own:

Example 1

A car dealership creates a commercial to promote the newest sports cars it has added to its lot and runs it on all locally broadcast TV stations. The marketing team selects six locals, including men and women from the ages of 18 to 75, to play characters who test drive sports cars when casting actors to play the characters in the advertisement. By doing this, the car dealership demonstrates that anyone, regardless of age or gender, can drive a stylish sports car if they so choose, encouraging those who are interested to visit their dealership.

Example 2

A nail polish manufacturer wants to promote a new line of quick-drying polish on social media. The company’s marketing department wants to stage a photo shoot to capture images of people applying the polish and showing off their manicures so they can have content to share on social media. It employs females between the ages of 10 and 80 who are from a variety of races to serve as models to display the capabilities and nail polish colors. This sends the message that any type of woman can wear the new nail polish, regardless of their appearance or age.

Example 3

For the upcoming season, a theme park makes a television commercial to promote its unique birthday party packages. To demonstrate the various birthday party packages, they film a number of recent events, including gatherings for kids, teens, and adults. This enables the amusement park to highlight the broad demographic that their party packages serve and assures the audience of the advertisement that they will likely have a cozy, welcoming space if they decide to host a birthday party there.

Tips for using inclusive marketing effectively

You can read the following suggestions to keep in mind when using inclusive marketing:


What are the six principles of inclusive marketing?

Salesforce defines the six principles of inclusive marketing as:
  • Start with tone.
  • Be intentional with language.
  • Ensure Representation.
  • Consider context.
  • Avoid appropriation.
  • Counter-stereotype.

How do I make my marketing inclusive?

  1. Take a look at your customers. …
  2. Celebrate more than the “major” holidays. …
  3. Be thoughtful about visuals. …
  4. Use inclusive language. …
  5. Avoid stereotypes and appropriation. …
  6. Know the difference between diversity and inclusion. …
  7. Bake inclusion into your overall marketing strategy.

How important is inclusivity in marketing?

By looking past preconceived notions of gender, age, race, income, sexual orientation, language, location, and religion (among other things), inclusive marketing aims to reach a larger audience of potential customers and increase sales.

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