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Digital selling is the ongoing process of leveraging digital channels to find, engage and connect with prospective buyers. The goal is to build relationships on digital platforms and turn online connections into offline sales conversations.

The modern buyer is savvy in their approach to identifying potential suppliers. Salespeople who effectively apply digital selling techniques digitally touch the buyer many times. The process requires a mindset shift to use these digital channels to provide value, develop trust and build relationships with buyers.

Sales professionals who are successful at digital selling have a LinkedIn profile that uses customer-centric messaging to address the specific challenges their prospects face. Additionally, a digital sellers’ profile consistently leverages digital assets, which include videos, case studies, research reports, testimonials, podcasts and others. These content assets serve to deliver value to the prospective buyer.

Digital selling professionals establish a regular sales cadence so that their approach is consistent, authentic and effective in engaging the modern buyer to start more sales conversations.

Digital sales refer to selling through a form or multiple forms of digital media. In digital sales, companies use virtual channels to contact prospects, provide education about products or services offered and offer solutions that meet prospects’ needs.

What is Digital Sales and Why Should You Care About It Right Now?

Why are digital sales important?

People are becoming more connected to the digital world as technology advances and help individuals to find out anything they want about products or services online. This often influences consumers in some way when they choose to purchase a product or service, which means it is essential for you or your business to transition into digital sales to meet the needs and wants of todays consumers.

Here are some additional reasons why digital sales are important:

What are digital sales?

Digital sales refer to selling through a form or multiple forms of digital media. In digital sales, companies use virtual channels to contact prospects, provide education about products or services offered and offer solutions that meet prospects needs.

How to approach a digital sales transition

Embracing the digital sales concept may help to enhance the connection between you and your customers. Here are some steps you may take to transition into digital sales:

1. Enhance your content marketing strategy

The best way to enhance your content marketing strategy for digital sales is to research your audience thoroughly and to deliver content that resonates with your audience based on the research you do. Try to focus on content that is educational, helpful, motivational or inspirational to engage your audience. You should also aim to develop content that is concise and to the point to make it easy for your audience to read or scan.

Lastly, try to make sure your content is shareable throughout a variety of digital platforms.

2. Improve your personal branding

Digital platforms like social media and business networking sites make it possible for your business to share personal information about your story and why you do what you do. Your digital presence is completely up to you and you may use your digital presence to reflect positively on you and your business by actively engaging with your audience.

When you start digital sales, your audience may research you and your brand before buying your products and services. If they like your personal brand you developed, then they may be more willing to become a customer.

3. Establish a targeted network through social media

The best way to establish a targeted network through social media is to engage with your audience by responding to their comments, asking for their feedback and posting helpful content for them to view and share. When you provide value to your target audience on social media, you allow them to become part of your growing prospect list.

4. Use your network for social selling results

Individuals in your network are more likely to keep you in mind for referrals and they may provide you with positive feedback on social media and other digital platforms. Your success in transitioning into digital sales may depend on your ability to use testimonials, buyer reviews and user ratings that your network may assist you with to establish your credibility.

When a member of your network or a prospect reviews your products and services for others to see, they are introducing your business in a more personalized way that is more likely to be accepted and be taken seriously.

Another way to transition into digital sales is to partner with someone in your network that shares a similar audience but is not a competitor. The strategic partnership you forge should allow you to reach audiences you may not have had the chance to reach otherwise.

5. Nurture your network by using personalized marketing

Building new relationships with your target audience through digital channels is an essential part of transitioning into digital sales, but it is also important to nurture the relationships you have built by continuing to make them feel valued.

An effective way to nurture your network is to pay attention to what they share, like or comment on, and to continue sharing status updates with content they are interested in. You may also keep in touch with your network and prospects by sending relevant and helpful content to them individually every once in a while.

What is the difference between digital sales and digital marketing?

Digital sales and marketing are closely related to one another but they have different methods that allow them to reach the goal of generating revenue. Here are some of the key differences between digital sales and digital marketing:


What does a digital sales rep do?

The digital salesperson performs the role of a traditional salesperson but utilizes the internet and online tools like email and social media to make a sale.

What are examples of digital sales channels?

Here are five primary digital sales channels to consider with a digital commerce strategy:
  • Customer Portals. …
  • Channel Partner Portals. …
  • Guest Checkout (B2C) …
  • Marketplaces. …
  • Native Mobile Apps.

What should I know about digital sales?

Top 5 Things to Know About Digital Sales and Marketing
  • The Right Digital Marketing Provides Unprecedented Data. …
  • Sales Teams Are No Longer the Hunters; Buyers Are Doing The Hunting Themselves. …
  • Content and SEO Go Hand in Hand. …
  • Digital Marketing Facilitates the Sale. …
  • It’s All Mobile.

What are digital sellers?

In much the same way, digital selling is about using social media platforms for your business (social selling), as well as a variety of other digital tools, and processes, to sell and ultimately drive revenue.

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