A Definitive Guide to Business Anthropology

Simply, business anthropology is the use of anthropological constructs, theory, and methods to study its three subfields: organizations, marketing and consumer behavior, and design. Just as there are many definitions of “anthropology,” there are many definitions of the anthropology of business.

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Characteristics of business anthropology

The main characteristics of business anthropology are:

What is business anthropology?

The term “business anthropology” refers to the application of anthropologically-specific ideas and methods to the resolution of various business problems. It is a field of study that examines how businesses interact with various governmental and civil society institutions and fit into the societies in which they operate. However, its overall goal is to explore new opportunities and develop new theoretical frameworks in addition to solving problems.

It accomplishes this by adopting a holistic approach to the relationship between a company and its customers, examining every aspect of the company’s ecosystem, including its investors, suppliers, regulatory agencies, competitors, and the general business environment in which the company operates. Understanding how people interact with different organizations, which typically refers to for-profit ones, can be useful for other institutions as well, including museums, educational facilities, and hospitals. Current research in the field generally relates to:

Why is anthropology important in business?

The need to understand a wide range of potential customers in order to find the best way to appeal to them and sell them a company’s goods or services is driving the ongoing expansion of anthropology’s role in business. The following are some of the main factors that make anthropology relevant to business:

How do business and anthropology overlap?

A company’s primary goal is to make money for its shareholders, and the best way to do that is typically by upholding high standards for the customer experience and brand representation. Employing anthropologists, businesses are able to assess the needs, desires, and perspectives of both current and potential customers. Companies can then use the information gathered to create goods and services that best meet the needs of the general public, convincing customers to choose them over rivals.

The following are some of the key anthropological abilities and procedures that are pertinent to businesses:


What do business anthropologists do?

A corporate anthropologist essentially combines conventional anthropology with business, which is what they do. In other words, they thoroughly research customers and products, as well as the interactions between workers, customers, and products.

How does anthropology apply to business?

Additionally, anthropologists use their expertise to comprehend organizational culture and enhance workflow and productivity. Studying your “insides” results in more efficient operations, healthier work environments, greater creativity, and contented and productive workers.

What is the main meaning of anthropology?

Business anthropology, to put it briefly, is a practice-focused academic field in which anthropologists use anthropological theories and methods to recognize and address actual business problems in daily life.

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