What Is Brand Recognition? (Definition, Importance and Tips)

It’s no secret that developing a name brand pays off in hard dollars. You can charge more for your product or service, build client loyalty and get new clients more cheaply. In addition, a recognized brand allows you to recruit top talent, giving you the most important upper hand over your competitors—just ask Google. Check your inbox Weve just sent you your first lesson. Sign up for our free, 7-day email course and learn to build the perfect brand identity. Well also send you creative tips, trends, resources and the occasional promo (which you can opt-out of anytime). Zionks! Looks like something went wrong.

Brand recognition is the extent to which a consumer can correctly identify a particular product or service just by viewing the product or service’s logo, tag line, packaging or advertising campaign. Brand recognition can also be triggered via an audio cue, such as a jingle or theme song associated with a brand.

What is Brand Recognition | Example of Brand Recognition

Why is brand recognition important?

Finding ways to make your brand recognizable and memorable is an important step in the marketing process. Having strong brand recognition can:

What is brand recognition?

In marketing, brand recognition, also known as aided brand recall, refers to how well a consumer can correctly identify a specific brand after viewing its logo, tagline, packaging or advertising campaign. You can also test brand recognition after a customer listens to a jingle or theme song associated with the brand.

In order to establish brand recognition, a consumer must have prior knowledge of the brand. This means a company needs to repeatedly advertise a specific visual or auditory experience so that consumers can learn to recall them. For example, a company may use the same jingle at the end of every radio or television advertisement so that customers begin to associate the jingle with their brand. Eventually, consumers may immediately recognize the companys brand just by hearing the jingle.

How is brand recognition measured?

Companies often invest a lot of time and money in advertisements and marketing campaigns to create brand recognition. To determine how successful these advertisements and marketing campaigns are, you can conduct market research studies that measure brand recognition. This often involves hosting an experiment where you test a focus groups brand recognition by administering both aided and unaided recall tests.

What is an aided recall test?

In an aided recall test, researchers use clues such as products, logos or other marketing materials to help participants recall memories they have of a specific company. Researchers may prompt participants to share their knowledge of a specific product, what factors influence their buying decision and what feelings they associate with a specific brand.

What is an unaided recall test?

In an unaided recall test, researchers do not provide participants with any clues about the specific product or brand. Instead, they may ask members of the focus group to recall a recent advertisement they saw or heard from a specific company to determine how effective a particular campaign was at building brand recognition.

Brand awareness vs. brand recognition

While brand recognition refers to a consumers ability to correctly identify a company based on visual or audio cues, it is only a small part of what establishes brand awareness. Companies achieve brand awareness when consumers connect with a company or a product on a personal or emotional level. Cultivating a strong sense of brand recognition among consumers can lead to brand awareness.

Tips for improving brand recognition

Here are some ways you can improve brand recognition for your company or organization:


What is brand recognition example?

8 strategies to develop brand recognition
  1. Get the basics (name & logo) right. — …
  2. Tell a good story. To everyone. …
  3. Share content often and generously. — …
  4. Go where your clients are. Physically. …
  5. Interact, engage and make it fun. — …
  6. Be part of something bigger. …
  7. Build a community. …
  8. Create magical experiences.

What is brand recognition and why is it important?

Brand recognition is the extent to which a consumer can correctly identify your brand based on visual indicators such as logo and colors. For example, if you see the Dunkin Donuts pink and orange letters up ahead, before even making out the words, you’d automatically recognize it as Dunkin Donuts.

What does better brand recognition mean?

Here are the 5 levels of brand recognition and how you can build your business to improve it:
  • Brand rejection. If someone associates your brand with something negative, they will purposely avoid your product. …
  • Brand non-recognition. …
  • Brand recognition. …
  • Brand preference. …
  • Brand loyalty.

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