What Is an Augmented Product? Elements, Examples and Tips

a product enhanced by the addition of related services and benefits, eg. installation, warranty, maintenance and repair services, etc.

Three Levels of a Product Explained

Elements of augmented products

The following are a few characteristics that all appealing augmented products have in common:

What is an augmented product?

An enhanced product is one that has extra features or services that set it apart from other sellers’ comparable goods. For instance, businesses might include enhanced product incentives that a customer receives when purchasing a product. These may include extra services offered by businesses like auto dealerships, which frequently offer incentives like free car washes or new tires for customers who purchase their vehicles.

Every product includes its fundamental, true, and enhanced selves. Here are the other two features that comprise a product:

Examples of augmented products

There are various versions of augmented products that draw in new customers and motivate existing ones to keep buying products. Here are a few examples companies can use:

Tips for creating effective augmented products

Here are some pointers for developing a successful augmented product:

Research your ideal audience

It’s critical for businesses to conduct market research to identify their target consumers and their needs before developing an effective augmented product. Think about setting up a focus group to find out what features they want in a product. This might enable you to come up with a list of suggestions and use them to create an enhanced product based on their requirements.

Consider your budget

Product augmentation often relies on your marketing budget. If you have a tighter budget, you can add services to your products that might not cost you any more money. Offering a free warranty upgrade with the purchase of a product, for instance, may not result in additional costs for your business but adds value for the customer.

Determine feasibility

Your company may have several concepts for an enhanced product, but it’s crucial to ensure that you have the staff to carry them out. Your enhanced product might attract new and repeat customers who might need devoted staff. For instance, it might be advantageous to hire and train additional staff members to handle the increased workload if you want to offer additional computer service repairs to customers who purchase new laptops.

Use social media

When creating an augmented product, you can advertise it on social media. Think about publishing details on the value your enhanced product adds and how consumers can get it. Social media marketing can also drive online traffic to your augmented product, which might persuade more people to buy it.

Benefits of offering augmented products

Some benefits of creating effective augmented product include:

Brand engagement

If an enhanced product is valuable and practical for customers, it might boost brand engagement online. Brand engagement fosters communication, builds authority, and ultimately improves client satisfaction. An enhanced product can boost brand engagement in a variety of ways, such as by increasing social media comments and shares or customer email lists for marketing.

Customer loyalty

In interactions between customers and businesses, loyalty is important because it enables businesses to create a loyal customer base and boost sales. Customers who are happy with a product are more likely to purchase it and recommend it to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. If you include customer testimonials in your marketing campaigns, loyal customers may promote your brand and decide to become lifelong consumers, which enhances the reputation of your brand.

Increased sales

Businesses benefit from augmented products because it enables them to develop and grow. An increase in sales may also open up new business opportunities for your company, like a rise in public recognition. Additionally, it might increase revenue, enabling your business to add more positions.


What is the augmented product model?

A product augmentation is the addition of new features to an existing product. Other examples include discount coupons for future purchases and refund guarantees. An augmented product is produced when a free recipe book is given away with the purchase of a kitchen appliance like a crockpot. More expensive purchases often come with enhanced augmentation.

What is actual product and augmented product?

The augmented product is any non-physical parts of the product. The augmented product typically includes things like a warranty and customer service. The augmented product can be a crucial tool for customizing your offering to satisfy the needs of particular customers.

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