What Is an Air Force Logistics Planner? (With Duties and Salaries)

Before any mission is carried out, a carefully thought out plan must be in place. Responsible for precise planning and organization, Logistics Plans specialists ensure that equipment and people are where they need to be when they need to be there. A crucial job, these experts consider all possible aspects, phases and contingencies while working in conjunction with other organizations to make sure every mission is safe, successful and goes according to their plan.

How do we transform you from a raw recruit to an expert Airman in this field? From hands-on experience to college credit toward a degree, the path begins here.

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Air Force Logistics Planners are Airmen who wear a variety of hats. They are responsible for developing, evaluating, monitoring, and supervising all things logistics.

Logistics Plans – 2G0X1 – Air Force Careers

What are their main responsibilities?

Logistics planners have a multitude of responsibilities that change based on their specific role, unit and military base. There are two primary assignments that the Air Force assigns to logistics professionals. Duties change between these two main functions and include:

Deployment operations

One assignment that the Air Force can assign to these logistics professionals includes deployment operations. They coordinate and distribute deployment assignments to military members at their base location. Some deployment operation duties include:

Base plans and programs

The second assignment for logistics professionals includes managing and coordinating base plans and programs. This can help a base prepare for emergency and warfare operations. Some plan and program duties these professionals perform include:

What is an Air Force logistics planner?

Air Force logistics planners develop, plan, execute and supervise military logistics operations. These logistics professionals coordinate material reserve planning, develop third-party contracts, plan expeditionary training and create onward movement plans for Air Force and other military branches. Some agencies that support logistics planner operations include:

Job requirements for logistics planners

Prior to joining the Air Force or of the logistics planner profession, there are a few requirements for individuals to meet before joining. Those requirements include:

Training requirements for logistics planners

Logistics planners first complete Basic Military Training, which helps individuals develop their fitness skills and learn basic military concepts. After they complete this training, logistics planners attend a four-week training course that educates them about planning functions. Some common subjects in this training program include:

Salary and job outlook

Review this list of civilian equivalent roles to help you understand more about your job opportunities after you transition from the military. For the most up-to-date Indeed salary information, please click on the links below:

Primary duties: Couriers distribute packages or documents to companies, individuals and government agencies. They collect packages from customer locations, transport them according to the distribution instructions and deliver them to specified final destinations. These professionals lift packages according to safe lifting techniques, request final customer signatures and communicate with package senders to ensure proper final delivery.

Primary duties: Civilian logistics planners coordinate shipment and distribution processes for a company. They review customer orders, monitor order fulfillment operations and contact shipping companies to deliver customer goods to their final destination. These professionals communicate with company customers, negotiate logistics contracts and collaborate with logistics departments to ensure timely delivery of consumer products or materials.

Primary duties: Dispatchers map delivery driver routes and serve as a logistics liaison for customers and drivers. They monitor driver locations and adjust delivery routes as needed to improve delivery timelines. These professionals research delivery areas, collaborate with logistics departments and foster strong professional relationships with drivers and customers.

Primary duties: Procurement managers monitor the procurement of supplies, goods, materials and services for an organization. They train procurement associates, create procurement strategies and negotiate supplier contracts. Managers also monitor supplier quality concerns, communicate with production personnel and take part in industry meetings to learn about industry trends.

Primary duties: Supply chain managers coordinate supply chain activities for an organization, including planning, manufacturing and delivery. They evaluate current strategies, identify improvement opportunities and implement supply chain modifications to improve efficiencies and reduce company expenditures. These professionals also train supply chain associates, present business growth opportunities and contact potential suppliers for price quotes.

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What does a logistical planner do?

What Is a Logistics Planner? A logistics planner coordinates all aspects of a company’s shipping operations and transport needs. These strategic experts most often find jobs in the manufacturing and freight industries, but may also work on individual projects.

How much does a logistics planner in the Air Force make?

Average U.S. Air Force Logistics Planner yearly pay in the United States is approximately $54,980, which is 7% below the national average.

Is logistics a good job in the military?

Logistics specialists manage procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military materiel, facilities, and personnel. They develop, evaluate, monitor, and supervise logistics plans and programs including war readiness materiel, deployment, and personnel.

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