what is a senior reactor operator with job requirements and salary

One of the most important and coveted positions in the nuclear industry is that of Senior Reactor Operator (SRO). The SRO is responsible for operating and monitoring a nuclear reactor, ensuring that safety protocols are being followed and that the plant is running efficiently. This role requires a high degree of technical expertise, as well as a thorough understanding of the physics of nuclear energy, the engineering of nuclear power plants, and the regulations governing their operation. It also requires excellent interpersonal skills, as the SRO must be able to effectively collaborate with other personnel in the facility. This blog post will discuss the job requirements and salary expectations for SROs, as well as provide insight into the rewards and challenges of the position.

How much does a Senior Reactor Operator make in the United States? The average Senior Reactor Operator salary in the United States is $118,665 as of October 27, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $105,799 and $129,062.

Become a Power Plant Operator in 2021? Salary, Jobs, Education


Reactor operators must possess at least a high school diploma to work in the industry. You might think about getting more education to position yourself as a more marketable candidate. You might want to get your bachelor’s in engineering or physical science if you want to advance to the position of senior reactor operator. Although you might not require a college degree if you have at least a year of experience as a licensed reactor operator.


Working in this role requires a specialized set of skills. Here are a few you may want to develop:


Before applying for a senior-level position, those without a license must have 18 months of operator experience. You can gain knowledge of this sector in addition to beginning your career as an unlicensed reactor operator by working as a plant manager or a plant staff engineer.

Senior Reactor Operator Salary in New York

The average Senior Reactor Operator salary in New York is $127,327 as of October 27, 2022, but the range typically lies between $113,522 and $138,484 per year. Salary ranges can vary significantly depending on the city and a number of other crucial factors, such as education, credentials, additional skills, and the amount of time spent in your field.

25% $113,522 10% $100,954 90% $148,641 75% $138,484 $127,327 50%(Median)

Percentile Salary Location Last Updated
10th Percentile Senior Reactor Operator Salary $100,954 NY October 27, 2022
25th Percentile Senior Reactor Operator Salary $113,522 NY October 27, 2022
50th Percentile Senior Reactor Operator Salary $127,327 NY October 27, 2022
75th Percentile Senior Reactor Operator Salary $138,484 NY October 27, 2022
90th Percentile Senior Reactor Operator Salary $148,641 NY October 27, 2022

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. – Buffalo, NY

GSE Workforce Solutions – Oswego, NY

Pfaudler Company – Rochester, NY

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  • What Does a Senior Reactor Operator Do

    Many senior reactor operators need to possess specific skills in order to carry out their duties. We were able to identify the most typical competencies for a person in this position by reviewing resumes. We found that many resumes listed dexterity, problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail.

    What is a Senior Reactor Operator ?

    The only person at a nuclear power plant who can directly change appreciable amounts of reactor reactivity is a reactor operator, also known as a nuclear reactor operator, who is in charge of directly operating a nuclear reactor from a control panel. The nuclear reactor operator holds a position of great responsibility and may be required to start up a nuclear reactor, shut down a crucial nuclear reactor, check on the status of the reactor, or deal with a nuclear reactor casualty. All reactor operators must possess a license or other qualification recognized by

    Source: Wikipedia (as of 04/18/2019). Read more from Wikipedia


    What does a senior reactor operator do?

    A senior reactor operator is qualified to operate nuclear reactor controls and instruct others to operate controls. The senior watch stander in a control room, a senior reactor operator is in charge of directing the operation of the nuclear reactor as desired (within the bounds of regulatory requirements).

    What do high end earners make as power plant operators?

    Power plant operators make an average of $80,850 per year in salary. Wages typically start from $48,610 and go up to $110,590.

    What does a nuclear reactor operator do?

    Nuclear power reactor operators control nuclear reactors. Control rod adjustments affect how much electricity a reactor produces. They keep an eye on cooling systems, turbines, generators, and reactors and adjust controls as necessary. Operators start and stop equipment and record the data produced.

    What level of education must at least one of the reactor operators on an operating site at all times have?

    the equivalent of a high school diploma is typically required for power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers. Employers, however, might favor personnel with a college or vocational school degree. Operators and dispatchers of power plants receive demanding, extensive on-the-job training and technical instruction.

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