What Is a Resume Objective? 42 Examples for Different Industries

A complete guide to writing a job-winning career objective + resume objective examples for all professions and industries!

You’ve just finished writing your resume, but something seems off. There’s work experience, education, skills, and contact details… But nothing to connect the dots. How will the recruiter know why you want this job?

Yep, it means it’s time to add a resume objective. A well-written career objective will prove to the recruiter that you’re just the candidate they’ve been waiting for. Even when you’re just starting out. And you came to the right place to learn how to write one.

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In the next two sections, we’ll explain when exactly you should use a resume objective and how to write yours step by step. Everything you need to know about how to start a resume with an objective.

What are your objective?
  • I will speak at five conferences in the next year.
  • I will read one book about sales strategy every month.
  • I will work with a coach to practise my networking skills by the end of this month.

What are some examples of objectives?

How is a resume objective different from a resume summary?

While a resume summary can provide employers with an overview of your previous work experience, a resume objective focuses on your future career goals. Here are some of the biggest areas where resume objectives and resume summaries differ:

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective, also referred to as a career objective, is a short statement that introduces your skills and career goals to potential employers. It usually appears at the top of a resume to help you distinguish yourself from other candidates. A well-written resume objective can highlight your ambitions and why you are qualified for a specific role. It can also help potential employers visualize your career goals and how you may be able to grow within their company.

Tips to write an effective resume objective

Here are some tips to help you write an effective resume objective:

Examples of resume objectives by experience level

Resume objectives can highlight your skill set and qualifications, no matter your experience level. Here are some examples of effective resume objectives for different levels of experience:

Entry-level resume objective examples

“Seeking an entry-level position in a high-level professional environment where I can apply my strong marketing skills and training as a graphic designer to develop effective campaigns.”

“Hardworking and dedicated college graduate with a background in computer science seeking an entry-level position with a startup tech company where I can grow my career.”

“Self-motivated and adaptable individual looking for an entry-level salesperson position where I can use my communication skills and gain experience in the field.”

“Hardworking professional with a high school diploma seeking an entry-level position as a receptionist where I can contribute to the success of the business while gaining experience in a professional workplace environment.”

Mid-level resume objective examples

“Junior-level project manager with experience managing accounts and working directly with clients. Seeking an opportunity to move up to a senior-level position with a growing company.”

“Accomplished sales representative looking for a leadership position where I can showcase my communication and team management skills.”

“Successful marketing manager with five years of experience seeking a position with an international agency to continue refining my skill set.”

“Results-driven and dedicated sales professional with over four years of experience working in the automotive industry. Seeking a management position with a reputable dealership where I can use my leadership and customer service skills to help the company grow.”

Senior-level resume objective examples

“Experienced CEO, well-versed in managing effective teams and maintaining profitable businesses. Seeking an opportunity to work with a fast-growing company in the technology sector.”

“Resourceful individual with over 15 years of experience leading diverse teams and managing successful projects. Looking for a senior-level position with an international manufacturing company.”

“Professional business development manager with over 16 years of experience building customer relationships. Looking for the opportunity to partner with a retail company to increase community engagement and lead a team of young sales professionals.”

“Proactive and self-motivated management expert with over 14 years of experience leading teams in a business environment. Hoping to secure a senior-level management position in the finance sector.”

Examples of resume objectives for different industries

Tailoring your resume objective to the specific industry you want to work in can help you show employers why you are the best candidate for the role you are applying for. Here are some examples of resume objectives crafted for different industries:

Technology resume objective examples

“Licensed CCNA professional looking to grow as an IT technician with an innovative startup company.”

“Certified network engineer experienced in building and maintaining complex systems. Looking to provide my services to a company interested in decreasing downtime, reducing costs and improving network performance through detailed maintenance and optimization practices.”

“Recent graduate with a bachelors degree in computer science looking to use my experience building responsive and scalable landing pages to develop websites for a wide variety of businesses.”

Construction resume objective examples

“Reliable construction worker with over five years of experience operating heavy machinery. Seeking an opportunity to work with a dedicated team and further improve my skills in masonry.”

“CDL licensed contractor with over 12 years of experience seeking a position with a respectable company where I can apply my project management skills and knowledge of the industry to develop quality projects.”

“Hardworking, dedicated individual seeking a construction position that allows me to utilize my exceptional physical labor and equipment operation skills to keep jobs running smoothly.”

Sales resume objective examples

“Experienced sales representative with established client relationships. Seeking to increase leads and generate sales for a local telecommunications company.”

“Sales manager with eight years of experience in strategic growth, leadership and digital marketing. Looking to relocate and help a growing company acquire new business, build stronger client relationships and increase revenue.”

“Highly motivated sales professional seeking a management position where I can contribute my leadership skills, sales techniques and knowledge of market research to develop a strong sales team.”

Management resume objective examples

“Organized and results-driven project manager with over 30 years of experience leading cross-functional teams. Looking to offer my skills to a growing corporation with the opportunity to further my career.”

“Experienced manager committed to developing teams and helping professionals achieve their career objectives. Looking to offer my services to a results-driven company that wants to expand their productivity and capabilities.”

“Product manager with five years of experience in consumer goods looking for an opportunity to use my experience with a well-known global company in the retail industry.”

Finance resume objective examples

“Detail-orientated accountant with five years of experience looking to bring my strong organization and data-analysis skills to a large firm.”

“Certified public accountant with experience in financial auditing. Seeking an opportunity to assist a growing company in developing the best practices for accounting.”

“Reliable and detail-orientated bank teller with two years of experience in accounting and record-keeping. Seeking a long-term position with a financial institution where I can continue to refine my skill set and grow in my career.”

Healthcare resume objective examples

“Dedicated, licensed registered nurse trained to work with patients from all backgrounds. Looking to gain more experience with a reputable healthcare provider.”

“Certified nursing assistant experienced in working with older adults in nursing facilities and hospitals. Looking for an opportunity to expand my skill set by applying my training and experience to work with a wide variety of people in an outpatient facility.”

“Empathetic and detail-orientated medical assistant with experience working in a fast-paced hospital setting. Seeking an opportunity to serve patients in critical care units by providing excellent care and thorough medical documentation.”

Marketing resume objective examples

“Marketing professional with over 12 years of experience working on campaigns for national and international brands. Seeking a position with a well-known marketing agency where I can use my background in digital marketing and data analytics to drive results.”

“Outgoing and charismatic brand ambassador with over three years of experience working with local and national companies. Looking to partner with a company to increase prospective customers, generate brand awareness and build a dedicated community of fans.”

“Creative graphic designer with strong problem-solving skills and an eye for detail. Seeking an opportunity to work with multiple clients to develop new branding materials and assets.”

Customer service resume objective examples

“Experienced customer service representative looking to apply my strong communication and organization skills in a receptionist role for a local business.”

“Dedicated and caring customer service professional with experience working in retail. Eager to work with a large organization to improve the customer experience, increase retention rates and develop systems to better serve consumers.”

“Experienced server with over six years of experience working for high-end restaurants and banquet halls. Looking to apply my skills to a growing restaurant to help retain and attract customers.”

Education resume objective examples

“Certified middle school teacher with eight years of instructional experience. Seeking a position that allows me to use my passion for science education to help students learn in a fun and creative environment.”

“Experienced high school educator seeking a full-time English teacher position where I can use my advanced classroom management strategies and creative lesson planning skills to increase student engagement and enhance their learning experience.”

“Academic professional with over 14 years of experience developing educational policies and guidelines. Looking for an administrative position in your school district where I can use my background to increase parents engagement in school activities and improve students academic performance.”

Human resources resume objective examples

“Forward-thinking human resources manager looking to join a progressive and fast-growing company where I can use my skills to provide administrative support and organizational structure.”

“Business administration graduate with three years of experience working in a human resources department. Seeking an opportunity to apply my exceptional multitasking and organizational skills to provide effective management of a companys resources.”

“Performance-driven professional seeking a human resources position with a local company where I can apply my excellent planning and organization skills.”


What are some examples for objectives?

6 Examples of Objectives
  • Education. Passing an exam is an objective that is necessary to achieve the goal of graduating from a university with a degree.
  • Career. Gaining public speaking experience is an objective on the path to becoming a senior manager.
  • Small Business. …
  • Sales. …
  • Customer Service. …
  • Banking.

How do I write my objectives?

Here are some key tips to keep in mind when you are writing down the Objectives:
  1. Objectives should be inspirational and easy to remember. …
  2. Objectives should be qualitative. …
  3. Objectives should be actionable and achievable in a quarter. …
  4. Objectives should provide business value. …
  5. Objectives should not be easy.

What is career objective example?

Career Objective Examples for Freshers

Seeking a challenging position in a reputed organization where I can learn new skills, expand my knowledge, and leverage my learnings. To get an opportunity where I can make the best of my potential and contribute to the organization’s growth.

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