What Is a Mechanical Engineering Consultant?

Mechanical engineering technology is an exciting field. Although the path to becoming a consultant doesnt always take the same route, you can be assured you will need a variety of skills and experience. Mechanical engineering technology takes math skills, mechanical skills, creativity, and communication along with work experience. Lets see else you need in order to shine your brightest.

One needs to undertake a degree program in Mechanical Engineering Technology to become a consultant in the field. The interesting aspect in taking the program is the involvement of hands-on activities like designing, testing, and manufacturing mechanical engines, tools, and machines. As such, this is a program that would appeal to anyone who has ever wanted this kind of working environment and experience.

A mechanical engineering consultant is an engineer that specializes in project design and analysis. These highly skilled professionals help in the creation, repair and improvement of mechanical systems and machines.

What is Consulting Engineering?

What do mechanical engineering consultants do?

The primary job duty of mechanical engineering consultants is to offer their expertise to clients and help develop plans for a project. Their other job responsibilities may include:

What is a mechanical engineering consultant?

A mechanical engineering consultant is an engineer who advises clients on projects that require mechanical engineering expertise. Professionals use mechanical engineering to design and repair machines that produce power, such as generators, turbines, air conditioners, heaters and internal combustion engines. Consultants may help with team coordination, project planning and troubleshooting issues that may arise with one of the aforementioned machines.

How to become a mechanical engineering consultant

If you are interested in the development and engineering of machines, a career as a mechanical engineering consultant may be right for you. To become a mechanical engineering consultant, consider following these steps:

1. Earn a bachelors degree

Becoming a consultant first requires that you earn a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from an accredited university. For full-time students, this can take at least four years. Courses for mechanical engineers can include design, physics, electronics as well as engineering. You may also want to consider taking business management courses to learn about project management.

2. Build a network

Professional networks are the connections you have with other professionals. Building a network provides many benefits including:

3. Gain experience

Begin applying for job roles as a mechanical engineer. Working as a consultant requires that you have a few years of professional work experience to help you provide expertise on projects. Try to explore positions in your area. You may also contact your network connections to find career opportunities or references.

4. Obtain a professional license

If you want to be a consultant, you may need to get a professional license as a mechanical engineer. State licensing programs issue these professional engineering licenses. You can check with your state to find the guidelines in your area. After gaining a license, you can become a professional engineer (PE).

Getting a license requires a bachelors degree and four years of experience working with a professional engineer. After four years of employment, you may need to take and pass two exams that test your understanding and application of mechanical engineering. Having a license can advance career opportunities for you and may make you more credible to clients.

5. Create a portfolio

Consultants can work in firms, engineering companies or start their own consulting business. As you gain professional experience, consider creating a portfolio of designs and projects you work on. This can help show future clients and employers the quality of your work.

Frequently asked questions

To decide if a career as a mechanical engineering consultant is right for you, you may want to consider the answers to these frequently asked questions:

What is a mechanical engineer consultants work environment like?

Mechanical engineering consultants most commonly work in an office setting. However, their job can require these professionals to visit project sites to evaluate progress. Mechanical engineering consultants are usually full-time employees who have a set schedule of work hours.

What skills does a mechanical engineering consultant need?

Mechanical engineer consultants are highly skilled professionals who need a variety of hard and soft skills to help them succeed in their roles. Heres a list of skills that mechanical engineers can benefit from:

How much do mechanical engineering consultants earn?

What is the job outlook for a mechanical engineering consultant?


What do engineering consultants do?

To put it simply, engineering consultants have the responsibility of providing engineering advice and technical solutions for projects. This can involve the coordination of teams, preparing project documentation, preparing project budgets, and designing project plans.

Do engineering consultants make good money?

The salaries of Engineering Consultants in the US range from $19,612 to $527,930 , with a median salary of $95,900 . The middle 57% of Engineering Consultants makes between $95,900 and $239,663, with the top 86% making $527,930.

Can engineers work as consultants?

It’s very common for engineers to be interested in consulting. It’s a professionally demanding, well-compensated job which opens many doors in business and beyond. Another popular field is finance.

What do engineering consultants charge?

The typical consultant, who has been in the profession for less than 15 years, reported an hourly rate of $167 an hour. Those with 35 or more years of experience reported the highest median hourly rate of $172, only modestly more than those with less experience.

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