What is a Marketing Executive? Common Duties, Average Salary and Needed Skills

Marketing executives are usually part of a larger marketing team whose aim is to raise awareness of new products, brands and services via campaigns and projects. Executives tend to be involved in practical rather than strategic ways but they’re often involved in multiple aspects of a campaign. As a result, they’re likely to have a lot of responsibility and need to juggle many priorities.

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Responsibilities of a marketing executive

A marketing executives responsibilities can vary depending on the industry they work in and the organization they work for. However, the following are a few of the most common duties that most marketing executives perform across all industries:

What is a marketing executive?

A marketing executive is a professional who is primarily responsible for developing and implementing marketing campaigns that promote a companys products or services. They may also work to promote an event or campaign for an organization. This role includes several different responsibilities including planning, participating in public relations, organizing events, developing products, performing research and advertising. Marketing executives may work exclusively for one company as part of their marketing department or may work for many organizations to complete various marketing projects and goals. Common industries for marketing executives include retail, media and finance; however, a marketing executive can work in nearly any industry.

The average salary of a marketing executive

When reviewing salary averages, however, it is important to note contributing factors, like geographic location, place of work, experience and education levels. For example, marketing executives in Tampa Bay, Florida, make an annual average of $115,883—more than twice the national average. Additionally, having more education as well as more experience in the industry can also greatly increase your earning potential as a marketing executive.

Skills of a marketing executive

There are several skills needed to be a good marketing executive. The following are a few of the most important skills required for a successful career as a marketing executive:

Communication skills

Marketing, in general, is a form of communication used to communicate to the target audience what a particular product or service can offer them. As a marketing executive, you must have excellent communication skills as well as an understanding of how to effectively communicate with a variety of people. From creating copy to composing scripts for a radio ad to developing social media posts, marketing executives must constantly communicate with others and do so successfully.

Interpersonal skills

These professionals are often the head of a team that is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies. As such, marketing executives must be able to effectively interact and work well with others to ensure proper communication. Common interpersonal skills needed by marketing managers include listening skills, resolution skills and practicing appreciation for team members.

Customer skills

A large part of a career as a marketing executive is ensuring customer satisfaction. Marketing executives may be hired by outside companies to provide marketing services that have a certain outcome. For these jobs, marketing executives must make sure that their clients are happy with the progress and that the marketing campaigns meet the organizations goals and speak to its vision. Additionally, understanding customers and what makes them happy is also a component of creating a successful marketing campaign. Studying target audiences and determining how to provide the best customer service to this audience can improve the success of a marketing campaign and increase an organizations sales.

Creativity skills

Marketing executives must constantly be developing new and different ways to market products and services to their target audience. Without creativity, marketing strategies can become stale and may no longer bring about the desired results.

Copywriting skills

Marketing executives often participate in a variety of types of copywriting through the course of a marketing campaign. For example, a marketing executive may write copy for a website, compose social media posts, develop topics of discussion for a TV interview and/or create copy for print advertising. Knowing the fundamentals of effective copywriting and how to attract customers through the written and spoken word is an important skill needed to be a successful marketing executive.

Analytical skills

Marketing executives are often required to conduct field research related to the product or service they will be marketing. They may also need to analyze how a current marketing strategy is performing based on a variety of metrics. Other marketing executive tasks that require analytical skills include analyzing demographics and consumer preferences, conducting consumer services, performing financial analyses and staying abreast of industry trends.

Technology skills

There are several different forms of technology that marketing executives often use throughout the course of their days. These include social media, project management software, analytical software and presentation software. Knowing how to use technology that is important in the marketing process can help marketing executives stay up-to-date with the competition as well as increase overall productivity.

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