What Is a Company Description? (Plus Key Elements and Tips)

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When you start a company, you ideally want it to grow. If you’re seeking business funding to scale your business or an initial investment to get your business off the ground, you’re going to need a business plan. Putting together a business plan can be an intimidating process that involves a lot of steps and writing — but breaking it down piece by piece can help you accomplish this seemingly insurmountable task.

A company description (sometimes referred to as an “about me” or “bio” section) is defined as a general overview of your company as well as who you are as a business owner. Anyone who reads your company description should get a clear idea of what your business does as well as the hole you’re working to fill.

How to Write Company Description for your Business Plan?

Key elements to include in a company description

Here are some key elements to include your business description:

What is a company description?

A company description is an overview or summary of a business. Its an important part of a business plan that often briefly describes an organizations history, location, mission statement, management personnel and, when appropriate, legal structure. Whether youre writing the company description for the biography of your organizations website and social media pages or seeking support from investors, an interesting business description is helpful for promoting your business.

A business description is most relevant when starting a company but is often effective when maintained regularly as a business grows. Depending on the complexity of your business plan, it may be a brief paragraph or several pages long. When writing a business description, its important to consider your target audience. Here are some intended audiences you might want to attract when creating an engaging description of your organization:

Tips for writing an effective company description

Below is a list of tips to consider when writing your companys business description:

Business description examples

While your company description is likely to vary depending on your specific business needs and circumstances, here are some examples you can reference when crafting your own:

Example 1: Targeting investors

The expert staff of Liaison Professionals, Inc. possesses a broad range of experience. From aiding presidents, as well as federal, state and local officials, to overseeing parliamentary procedures and treaties and assisting clients in the private sector, our team provides clients with a wealth of experience, personal perspective and the ability to assemble effective public-private partnerships.

Example 2: Targeting prospective employees

Customer-Oriented Marketing provides digital marketing solutions for businesses worldwide, including digital advertising campaigns, search engine optimization best practices and social media posting to improve its clients positioning across the internet. Our fully remote team also offers digital marketing services to the higher education industry, including universities, community colleges and other professional educational institutions.

Example 3: Targeting customers

Mediterranean Dream provides you with scrumptious family recipes from yia-yias native Greece, which shes perfected since moving to the United States with her husband and three children in 1975. With a love for cooking and her eldest sons passion for wine, together, the family opened their first restaurant in 1989 in Orange County as a small eight-table eatery. Over the years, with much critical acclaim, our philosophy has remained true to its roots by serving the finest Mediterranean cuisine with the freshest ingredients.


What should I write in company description?

Provide your business’s basic information

Include the basics of your business, such as the origin, name, location, business structure, management, number of employees and hours of operation. It can also be helpful to categorize your business in a specific industry to provide context for the reader.

How would you describe your company?

Here are the steps for creating your own business descriptions:
  • List your brand values. …
  • Describe what value you provide to customers. …
  • Describe your goals. …
  • Describe your customers. …
  • Determine your audience. …
  • Decide on a structure. …
  • Compose your description.

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