What Does a Field Marketing Manager Do?

I’ve been a B2B Field Marketing Manager for years at a major tech company. It’s a very vibrant position that requires close collaboration with the sales organization. So, what does a successful Field Marketing Manager do?

A Field Marketing Manager is responsible for the demand generation in a sales territory. They have to develop a marketing strategy aligned with regional sales strategies. Moreover, they’re responsible for managing agencies and to collaborate with channel partners.

The existing part is that a Field Marketing Manager works very closely with the sales organization. Together with sales, you are developing marketing strategies that will make a significant impact on the business.

The work that you do is tangible and you see the impact fast. After helping sales to acquire new customers, you can talk to the customer and help to write customer success stories. It’s great to hear first hand how your product is delivering business value for other organizations and society.

The field marketing manager plans field marketing campaigns and ensures staff carry them out or they delegate responsibilities which include: Planning field marketing events, including choosing locations, materials and staff for assignments. Ensuring staff brings necessary tools and equipment for a field display.

The 7 top skills Field Marketing Managers need to master!

What does a field marketing manager do?

A field marketing manager has a variety of responsibilities that cover both the execution of marketing activities and the administrative work that keeps the department operating. Besides consulting on or running searches for new hires, the field marketing manager oversees team members, providing assignments and assessing performances. The field marketing manager may also work with other management staff on organizational planning. The field marketing manager plans field marketing campaigns and ensures staff carry them out or they delegate responsibilities which include:

What is a field marketing manager?

A field marketing manager is a mid- or senior-level staff member who oversees the field marketing department. Field marketing managers often have at least a bachelors degree in marketing, as well as professional experience in junior marketing roles. A field marketing managers team works toward a variety of marketing goals, including:

Field marketing manager salary

A field marketing manager should possess both hard and soft skills in order to identify the best approach for marketing initiatives and motivate their staff to execute their vision. Important skills for a field marketing manager include:


As a manager-level position, a field marketing manager may use their analytical skills to assess marketing data and reports from staff in order to identify the best approach for field marketing activities.


The ability to convey information clearly to others is essential as a field marketing manager. Besides using communication skills to ensure staff understands their responsibilities and your expectations, if the field marketing manager is present at a field marketing event, clear communication with customers can help to sell the companys product.


A confident nature is beneficial to a field marketing manager both at the office and in field settings. Confidence makes a field marketing manager better equipped to sell their plans, both to senior staff and members of their team. It is also crucial when taking part in a field marketing exercise, as confidence allows a marketer to be more convincing to passersby.


Having a creative mind is a valuable skill for a field marketing manager because it allows them to identify unique approaches when creating field demonstrations. From designing visual elements to present with the field team to planning out presentations by field marketers, creativity is a crucial skill for providing a field marketing team with all the tools and support they need to succeed when on the job.


As a managerial position, its important for a field marketing manager to get the most out of their staff to maximize the teams production. An effective leader may get to know their staff to learn how they can motivate each employee and they may inspire their team to provide their full effort at all times to produce the best results.


Field marketing is a career that requires workers to put themselves in settings where they engage strangers, often in settings where someone wouldnt normally stop and listen to a pitch. An outgoing nature can make it easier for a field marketer to approach potential customers.


As the head of the field marketing team, a field marketing manager has strong decision-making skills to assess all the options available, weighing the pros and cons of each and identifying the best course of action. A manager listens to the suggestions of staff and understands their staff may have a better proposal for a strategy, but also can take decisive action when necessary.


Organizational skills can help a field marketing manager maintain orderly records with both physical documents and digital files. This prevents files from getting lost, and provides easy access to any important documents when needed, saving time. Organization can also be important when preparing for an event. When sending a team into the field, its important to make sure they have everything they need because it isnt easy to replace items once at the event.

Tips for a career as a field marketing manager

If youre interested in a career as a field marketing manager, these tips may help you succeed:


What do you do in field marketing?

7 field marketing strategies for 2022
  • Host virtual events for your audience. …
  • Experiential marketing. …
  • Create customized content experiences. …
  • Build and nurture a “street team” …
  • Increase your reach through partner marketing. …
  • Take sampling online. …
  • Combine account-based marketing with intent-based marketing.

Is field marketing a good career?

Marketing is a good major because it’s extremely versatile and may lead to a variety of high paying, in-demand careers, with great job satisfaction and opportunities for on-going education. Marketing majors may pull in $50k to $208k a year. The Top 10% of earners pulled in over $208,000!

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