What Does a Bar Manager Do? (Plus Salary and Skills)

A bar manager or supervisor wears many hats. They know their bar inside out. They’re shrewd businesspeople. They’re empathetic people managers. It’s a complicated job that takes an impressive set of skills and a bar management guide can come in handy. So we asked the bar managers we know for the bar manager duties they think are most important. And here they are!

Let’s take a look at what bar managers do in bar manager jobs, what a bar manager makes, and how many hours they typically work.

What is a Bar Manager? Bar managers are tasked with keeping their bars running smoothly by handling day-to-day operations, as well as managing resources and employees, and creating a safe, on-brand environment for staff and guests.

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How to become a bar manager

While this profession doesnt have set requirements for employment, it helps to have certain credentials to improve your chances of getting the job. Use these steps to become a bar manager:

1. Pursue a relevant certificate or degree

After earning a high school diploma, consider earning a relevant vocational certificate or degree, such as one in hospitality, business or management. These credentials can help you learn and develop your skills, giving you the knowledge to succeed in this profession. While community colleges and vocational schools offer an associate degree, four-year universities have bachelors degree programs.

As a prospective bar manager, you can also attend bartending school. This type of school offers a bar management education along with a traditional curriculum. While not required, attending bartending school may improve your candidacy and help strengthen your application for a job at a major bar, hotel chain or restaurant establishment.

2. Gain entry-level experience

Many bar managers have experience working as a bartender or server at a bar or restaurant establishment. The foodservice industry can provide you with the soft skills you can use in your future role as a bar manager. This experience can also demonstrate your abilities and help you impress prospective employers.

3. Earn a license or certification

Some geographic locations may require you to obtain an alcohol service or food-handling license, certification or permit. While these requirements may vary, they often involve passing a background check and a training course on how to serve alcohol and handle food responsibly. Even if youre not required to earn one of these credentials, having them can improve your candidacy, provide you with relevant knowledge and improve your credibility in this profession.

What does a bar manager do?

A bar manager oversees the overall operations of a bar. They manage employees, ensure proper customer service and create a fun and safe environment for all patrons. A bar managers specific duties often depend on the amount of customers and staff each bar has. For example, if they work at a large establishment, they may not have a lot of front-of-house duties. They may also receive help from an assistant bar manager. If they work for a smaller bar, they often maintain regular contact with the bars customers and staff members. Here are some of a bar managers common duties:

Average salary

Bar managers often work in a loud environment when the establishment has an overflow of customers. They may work for an independent bar, a small, local brewery, a regional brewery or a national or multinational brewery. They often have long hours—given a bars operating times—and often work weekends.

Bar manager skills

As a bar manager, its important to have certain skills to help you perform your duties effectively. Here are some common skills for bar managers:


What is the role of a bar manager?

Selects and purchases liquor and other supplies. Oversees staff, including bartenders and barbacks, and, in some cases, bouncers, wait staff, and/or kitchen staff as well. Hires, trains, promotes, and, when necessary, disciplines or fires staff.

Is bar manager a good career?

Becoming a Bar Manager is a great way to earn some extra cash or if you should choose, it can be a lucrative career. Before you can be considered for employment you will have to obtain the relevant license. That license is called the Personal License.

What is the role of bar manager in a hotel?

Directs, implements and maintains BAR service within the Hotel, and ensure that customers are served promptly & courteously. Additionally oversee hygiene and safety regulations. Motivate & lead the departments to work as part of the wider hotel team in order to promote a positive image of the Hotel at all times.

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