Wayfair Software Engineer 2022 interview questions

Wayfair is an American e-commerce company that deals with furniture and house goods. It is known for its sophisticated interview process, which may see you going for a few rounds. Also, expect behavioral and situational questions if you intend to work for them. This article will make your work easier by discussing some of those questions. Take a look.

Wayfair Interview question – Board, Tiles

Describe the most difficult problem you had to solve in your last job.

Try to talk about a problem that is at least somehow relevant for the new role you try to get with Wayfair. If you apply for an IT job, talk about a difficult coding puzzle you had to solve, or a tricky software issue you had to address in a short time.

If you apply for customer service position, you can talk about facing some ethical issue, or dealing with a troublesome customer, or anything else. In a warehouse job you may refer to a problem with stock organization, or having to replace a colleague on a shift, or trying to meet some unrealistic demand for expedition time, etc.

You should talk either about a problem that you successfully solved (and give credit to people who helped you solve the problem), or one which you failed to solve, but learned an important lesson while trying to solve it.

Wayfair Coding Interview Questions

Youll face coding interview questions during two Wayfair interview rounds — Technical Screen and the On-site. During the on-site, the coding round is conducted over Codility. Your coding style, comprehension, speed, testing, and communication will be tested here.

Here are a few Wayfair coding interview questions for practice:

  • Given: An array of weights and a target weight Task: Check if the array contains two values that are equal to the target weight
  • Given: Integers M and NTask: Create an MxN matrix with elements in the range [1, MxN], such that the average of any subarray of any row is an integer
  • Given: Two stringsTask: Find the longest common substring
  • Given: Two non-negative integers represented as stringsTask: Return the sum of the numbers as a string
  • Write a method that takes an array string as input and converts it into file format
  • Check if the given graph is strongly connected
  • Note: Software Engineers and Senior Software Engineers can also expect some SQL interview questions at Wayfair. These will be based on concepts such as JOINS, GROUP BY, HAVING CLAUSE, which you will have to apply on a given data set.

    For more coding interview questions and solutions, visit the Problems page.

    2. Technical Screen

    You can expect system design and coding interview questions during this interview round at Wayfair. The test is conducted over Karat, a technical assessments platform that provides a fully tooled IDE to candidates.

    Apart from Karat, the company also utilizes other assessment tools, depending on the requirement of the role (like if you need to work on a case study). Either way, the recruiter will brief you about it so that you can be prepared for the interview questions.


    How do I prepare for a wayfair interview?

    There are a number of things you should do to give yourself the best shot at crushing your Wayfair case study interviews.
    1. Familiarize yourself with Wayfair’s business model. …
    2. Read recent news articles on Wayfair. …
    3. Familiarize yourself with e-commerce metrics. …
    4. Practice answer-first communication.

    How long is wayfair interview process?

    How long does the Wayfair interview process last? The interview process can take 1-2 weeks to complete. After completion, the company will send you an offer letter and perform a background check.

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